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1.1 Susan won a_____ because of her excellent academic performance. She doesn’t have to find a part-time job to pay her way through college.
(A) scholarship
(B) trophy
(C) uniform
(D) proposal

2.2 We feel great sympathy for the abused child, who has got_____all over.
(A) affections
(B) ornaments
(C) bruises
(D) ruins

3.3 Some people believe that it is possible to_____ colds by drinking a lot of orange juice every day.
(A) protect
(B) project
(C) predict
(D) prevent

4.4 The price of each new product is _____by its production cost and market value.
(A) reiterated
(B) yearned
(C) determined
(D) inverted

5.5 What_____ to me about the movie “King Kong” is the director’s innovative use of special visual effects.
(A) appeals
(B) delivers
(C) detects
(D) attracts

6.6 The team won the game with_____ . The game was finished in 10 minutes.
(A) care
(B) courage
(C) difficulty
(D) ease

7.7 Last Saturday, I went to Yo-Yo Ma’s concert. His cello music was so beautiful that it left a deep_____ on me.
(A) impression
(B) facility
(C) sympathy
(D) recreation

8.8 No one can tolerate his _____attitude. He always disregards others’ opinions, considering himself the most intelligent in class.
(A) hesitant
(B) flexible
(C) arrogant
(D) inspirational

9.9 This is a great country for tourists because it offers a wide range of_____ , such as water sports, historic sites, shopping malls, and wonderful food.
(A) attractions
(B) interests
(C) developments
(D) subjects

10.10 I wonder how she can_____ that guy and live under the same roof with him. He is a good-for-nothing.
(A) look forward to
(B) stand up to
(C) put up with
(D) pull over

11.11 Let’s try to discuss this calmly. I don’t want to get into an_____ with you.
(A) evolution
(B) argument
(C) encounter
(D) improvement

12.12 After a baby is born, its parents will have to apply for a copy of the birth_____ .
(A) certificate
(B) diploma
(C) license
(D) permit

13.13 The dead body found in a deserted house has not been_____ yet. The police are searching for clues to find out who the victim is.
(A) identified
(B) motivated
(C) predicted
(D) retreated

14.14 Mr. Johnson always puts on a very_____ face whenever his students fail to answer the questions correctly.
(A) aboriginal
(B) barren
(C) solemn
(D) eloquent

15.15 It is hard to imagine how people did laundry before_____ was invented.
(A) lotion
(B) detergent
(C) conditioner
(D) shampoo

16.16 The new health drink boasts a low fat content, which makes it_____ to girls who want to lose weight.
(A) attractive
(B) energetic
(C) optimistic
(D) sensitive

17.17 This accused official awaits decision from the jury on whether he is legally_____ to run for the governor.
(A) edible
(B) eligible
(C) pitiful
(D) powerful

18.18 Representatives from the two countries spent two weeks trying to_____ for trade cooperation, but neither side was willing to give the other country more benefits.
(A) account
(B) compensate
(C) negotiate
(D) compete

19.19 When Picasso’s paintings were_____ in the National Palace Museum, the museum was swarming with people.
(A) exploited
(B) exhibited
(C) expressed
(D) excelled

20.20 Because garlic extract is now_____ in tablet form, we do not have to eat raw garlic to stay healthy.
(A) available
(B) frequent
(C) internal
(D) technical

21.21 Not satisfied with the salary, Bill considered either getting a higher-paid job or asking for a _____.
(A) leave
(B) raise
(C) favor
(D) vision

22.22 The foundation has_____ a campaign against smoking and appealed to public support.
(A) discouraged
(B) prohibited
(C) launched
(D) mourned

23.23 When there are so many important things to be done, why does she insist on so many_____ details?
(A) petty
(B) vital
(C) significant
(D) essential

24.24 Most people enjoy wearing_____ clothes rather than formal outfits when they are on vacation.
(A) average
(B) casual
(C) mutual
(D) slight

25.25 The government _____a special force to the jungle to rescue hostages.
(A) dispatched
(B) attached
(C) scratched
(D) dispersed

26.26 Some people suggest that a bigger portion of the lottery money be used on social_____ to help those in need.
(A) accord
(B) earnings
(C) reputation
(D) welfare

27.27 The audience asked the speaker to_____ a few terms used in the talk which seemed too abstract for them to follow.
(A) absorb
(B) clarify
(C) finance
(D) imply

28.28 You should develop your ability of judgment._____ just makes you a yes-man whom no one will take seriously.
(A) Dancing to others’ tune
(B) Cutting each other’s throat
(C) Giving the devil his due
(D) Making both ends meet

29.29 Helen has changed so much in her teens that you_____ recognize her.
(A) cannot seldom
(B) can scarcely
(C) hardly cannot
(D) can almost

30.30 Jim seemed to be in a good mood,_____he snapped at me angrily when I asked him to join us.
(A) so
(B) for
(C) yet
(D) and

31.31 _____is harvested will be put away for the coming winter.
(A) Whatever
(B) That
(C) Which
(D) It

32.32 I don’t love John at all. He is the_____ person that I would marry.
(A) least
(B) unlikely
(C) last
(D) impossible

33.33 There are three water parks in this city. The biggest one is right under your feet, the others_____ on the other side of the city.
(A) to be
(B) being
(C) are
(D) be

34.34 Don’t punish Jason for breaking the glass; it is an accident. He is not_____.
(A) the blame
(B) blaming
(C) for blame
(D) to blame

35.35 I don’t have time to go jogging and play basketball now. I _____exercise a lot when I was in high school.
(A) was used to
(B) used to
(C) am used to
(D) have gotten used to

36.How to live longer is a topic that has fascinated mankind for centuries. According to a landmark study of nearly 7,000 adults in the United States, women can 36 seven years to their lives and men eleven to twelve years by following seven simple health practices:(1) Don’t smoke.(2) If you drink, do so only 37 .(3) Eat breakfast regularly.(4) Don’t eat between meals.(5) Maintain normal weight.(6) Sleep about eight hours a night. (7) Exercise regularly. Cutting calories may be 38 most significant life-style change you can make. Experiments have shown that in laboratory animals, a 40 percent calorie reduction leads to a 50 percent 39 in longevity. “Eating less has a more profound effect 40 the aging process than does any other life-style change,” says a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center. “It is the only factor we know of in laboratory animals that is an anti-aging factor.”
(A) add up to
(B) come up with
(C) make up to
(D) put up with

(A) extremely
(B) frequently
(C) habitually
(D) moderately

(A) one another
(B) one of the
(C) the other
(D) the single

(A) admission
(B) deduction
(C) extension
(D) production

(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) for

41.Several men wanted to marry Atalanta because of her great hunting and wrestling ability. She devised a method to 41 , saying that she would marry anyone who could beat her in a foot race. She knew no man could do it. Many tried and 42 . Finally, a man called Melanion planned a way to 43 her. He brought three golden apples with him to the race. As they 44 , he threw one golden apple a time. She stopped to pick them up one by one. Therefore Melanion crossed the finish line ahead of her. She married him.
(A) pick them up
(B) put them off
(C) stand them up
(D) turn them on

(A) cried
(B) lost
(C) ran
(D) succeeded

(A) defeat
(B) encourage
(C) forgive
(D) irritate

(A) fought
(B) hunted
(C) raced
(D) wrestled

45.45 Ann: You have a black eye! What happened? Joe: I walked into a door. Ann: Ouch! That must have hurt. Joe:_____
(A) It did.
(B) Bless you.
(C) I sure do.
(D) Nobody was hurt.

46.46 Joseph: Oh, my goodness, the traffic is crawling. Lisa: There must be an accident ahead. Joseph: We’re running out of time. Lisa: I know. Why don’t we_____ ? Joseph: That sounds like a good idea.
(A) run a car rental store
(B) take a different route
(C) speed up
(D) crawl across the street

47.47 A: We went camping in the mountains last week. B: Oh, really? Did you have fun? A: _____But during the trip, we had a flat tire.
(A) It was awful.
(B) We had a great time.
(C) We were in time.
(D) We had a terrible time.

48.48 Stranger: Excuse me. Does this bus go to Taipei 101? Pedestrian: Yes. Stranger:_____ Pedestrian: It depends. Sometimes two buses come at the same time, and sometimes I have to wait for ages.
(A) How long does it take to get there?
(B) How often does it run?
(C) Is there a long queue?
(D) How much is the fare?

49.49 A: How soon can you return the magazine to me? B: _____Is it ok with you? A: Sure. My brother needs it for his class report next month.
(A) I’m afraid not.
(B) Two chapters a day.
(C) In about two weeks.
(D) I don’t think so.

50.50 Lisa: Mmm. This is delicious! What kind of juice is it? Daisy: Bitter melon. Lisa: Bitter melon! _____, right? It’s not bitter at all! Daisy: That’s because I added lots of honey, a bit of pineapple and some apples.
(A) You’re kidding
(B) Let’s drink it
(C) That’s too bad
(D) We like vegetables