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1.1 As a classical music prodigy, Mozart from the age of six wielded extraordinary power over his _____, moving them to delight and enthusiasm.

2.2 An emphasis on apprenticeships and _____education means more workers with useful skills, rather than thousands of unemployed people with useless degrees.

3.3 A man_____ of being in possession of drugs was stopped and questioned by customs officers. They later found 135 kilograms of cocaine in his suitcase.

4.4 International cooperation recently resulted in a _____on a drug trafficking ring that has been operating for years in Asia, leading to more than 50 arrests.

5.5 In ancient Athens, the death penalty was_____ on anyone caught cutting down an olive tree, which was considered sacred.

6.6 For those who wish to make a duty-free purchase when traveling, they should take extra _____ to make sure that the items meet the security requirements for their countries.

7.7 In the US, if someone goes to a party at your house, and then tries to drive home drunk, you could be held_____ for the injuries he or she gets in an accident.

8.8 Brian was almost finished with the report when the copy machine _____. It was then that his co-worker had stepped in to help him fix it.

9.9 Inspecting import shipments as _____as possible was named a security priority for many countries in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, 2001.

10.10 As a step to push for a smoke-free country by 2025, the duty-free limit for bringing cigarettes into New Zealand _____ to 50 since November 2014.
(B)being reduced
(C)to have reduced
(D)has been reduced

11.11 The prison guards were instructed to isolate the prisoners who were causing problems by keeping them in_____ confinement.

12.12 It’s good practice to keep your e-mails_____ and easy to read when corresponding with your business partners. No one has the time to read long e-mails nowadays.

13.13 Since the police found no_____ signs of forced entry into the apartment, they concluded that the robber was someone close to the family.

14.14 We were pleased to hear that you’re interested in our products, but there are one or two points that need further _____ before we can move on to the next phase.

15.15 Taipei 101 was officially classified as the world’s tallest building in 2004, and remained such_____ the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.

16.16 As a(n)_____ for us to work harder, the principal announced that any class that raises $5,000 or more for charity on school fair would receive free pizza and ice cream.

17.17 After receiving over three hundred resumes, the human resources department must now_____ all of the potential candidates to find the ideal person for the position.

18.18 The Watsons are looking for a babysitter to pick up and supervise their kids aged 6 and 3, _____, on Monday and Friday.

19.19 It’d help in getting through the airport security and customs much more quickly by making our goods easily_____ for inspection.

20.20 Statistics shows that more than 70 percent of Taiwanese passport holders are now using e-passports equipped with _____ that make forgery difficult.

21.21 Rules and restrictions on traveling with money will_____ by country around the world. Travelers are advised to check those laws and regulations before they fly.

22.22 The combined population of the cities of Hualien, Chiayi, and Pintung is far less than_____ .
(A)the city of Tainan
(B)that of the city of Tainan
(C)people in the city of Tainan
(D)those of the city of Tainan

23.23 A big loss when spread among thousands of millions of people, causes only moderate or inconsequential pain for individuals, but where risks are concentrated, the results can be_____ .

24.24 I hate it when people call themselves _____when what they’re really trying to do is launch a start-up and then sell or go public; they are unwilling to do the work it takes to build a real company, which is the hardest work in business.

25.25 According to MIT experts, machines today are still struggling to match human dexterity and skills: for example, folding laundry is simple for people but_____ for robots.

26.26 After almost 30 years living in Boston, novelist Ha Jin still has a Chinese accent; strangers often treat him like a new_____ .

27.27 Soon morning will break ; there is the beginning of day in the night sky, not yet the pale light of _____,but night is certainly losing its darkness.

28.請依下文回答第 28 題至第 31 題 For more than a decade the people who run professional baseball in the US have argued that the game was 28 to be an athletic competition and becoming a financial one. The gap between rich and poor in baseball was far greater 29 in any other professional sport, and widening rapidly. At the opening of the 2002 season, the richest team, the New York Yankees, had a payroll of $126 million 30 the two poorest teams, the Oakland A’s and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, had 31 of less than a third of that, about $40 million.




32.請依下文回答第 32 題至第 35 題 He had expected the nursing home to be a cozy little building where a handful of old people quietly spent their last days with the comforting help of dutiful nurses. Instead, the building Daan led him to was huge. Three stories with several wings branching out from the central block in the middle of a well-tended park, provided with plenty of trees and flowers and patches of garden no doubt meant to dress the place up to look like a well-to-do country house or a luxury health spa. But nothing could disguise the institutional bulk of the “home” or the endless comings and goings of cars and vans and buses and bikes and various vehicles of a clinical type, and the people—patients, visitors, medical staff—who thus arrived and left. In fact, not a home in any honest sense of the word but a busy hospital for the treatment of the legion of ailments, failings, accidents, and calamities, including the final requirement of death, that afflict the elderly, senior citizens, those in the autumn of their years.
【題組】32 People who live in this nursing home are_____ .

33.【題組】33 At first glance, this nursing home looks like_____ .
(A)a health resort for the wealthy
(B)a zoological park where a lot of visitors come and go
(C)a well-organized government office building
(D)a shelter for the sick and poor

34.【題組】34 What can’t people find in this “home”?
(A)Skilled medical care
(B)Vehicles such as cars, vans, buses, and bikes
(C)Family members living together
(D)Small gardens with trees and flowers

35.【題組】35 This image of the “home” is apparently not what the visitor have expected, because it is_____ .

36.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題 About 28 percent of airports around the world are using biometric technology as part of their airport security, which 36 airports to streamline the screening process using machines that can verify identities by scanning faces, irises, or fingerprints. Advocates say the technology could make boarding passes 37 . While advocates of the technology say that automating some of these processes would free up security personnel to 38 monitoring travelers for suspicious behavior, other experts like Barnett worry that screeners will become too dependent on the technology and it will only serve to 39 their senses. European airports have been much quicker to embrace the biometric technology than American airports. However, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security does 40 use the technology for checking employees into some areas and for travelers enrolled in its PreCheck program.


(A)do away with
(B)pick up
(C)watch out for
(D)focus on

(B)gear up
(D)back down


41.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 
Are you one of the millions of people who call themselves a chocoholic? Do you get weak in the knees when you walk past a chocolate shop? Do you fall victim to midnight chocolate cravings? Don’t worry, there’s no judgment here. 

Chocolate does indeed feel addictive, and here’s why: When we eat sweet or high-fat foods, our brains get as happy as our taste buds. Sugary and fatty foods cause the brain to release serotonin, which helps stabilize our moods and ward off depression. And because these foods activate the pleasure centers in the brain, studies show that people can become dependent on sugar and fat in their food. 

But does chocolate fit the true definition of addictive? Let’s look at the science. Three components make up addiction—an intense craving, a loss of control over the object of that craving, and the continued use of that object despite negative consequences. Studies show people can exhibit these behaviors with certain foods. The studies even showed similar brain activity between drug addicts and participants presented with chocolate milkshakes. However, these situations are extreme and don’t account for the majority of the population. 

Another study conducted in 1994 on some chocolate lovers showed interesting results. Participants were given packets to eat whenever they experienced a chocolate craving. Some packets contained chocolate, some white chocolate (which does not contain the active elements of chocolate), and some a tasteless capsule filled with cocoa. By scientific reasoning, if chocolate is indeed addictive, the capsules with cocoa should be enough to fill the chocoholic need. They didn’t. Participants chose the white chocolate over the capsules, even though it contained none of the compounds of regular chocolate. 

The general consensus is that we crave and seek out chocolate simply because it tastes really, really good—not because it’s addictive. In a weight-obsessed culture, many of us have learned to see it as a forbidden pleasure, which makes us want it more. And that’s why it feels so very addictive.

【題組】41 Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A)How Addicted To Chocolate Are You?
(B)Does Chocolate Addiction Really Exist?
(C)How To Deal With Your Chocolate Cravings
(D)What Your Cravings Are Trying To Tell You

42.【題組】42 According to the passage, what did the 1994 study find?
(A)Male participants showed less interest in chocolate.
(B)Most food preferences are produced by experience.
(C)Subjects preferred white chocolate to the cocoa capsules.
(D)There was a connection between chocolate and depression.

43.【題組】43 Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage about chocolate cravings?
(A)It is the taste of chocolate that people crave.
(B)Cultural influences play some role in the cravings.
(C)Many people find it hard to resist chocolates.
(D)Chocolate is the most sought after snack in the US.

44.【題組】44 What can be concluded from the third paragraph?
(A)It’s possible to be addicted to chocolates.
(B)There is no treatment for food addictions.
(C)Substances in chocolate can cause negative mood.
(D)No one knows how common food addiction is.

45.【題組】45 What will the paragraph following this passage most likely discuss?
(A)Strategies to eliminate chocolate from daily diet.
(B)Healthy ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
(C)Where to find the best doctor for drug addictions.
(D)How to order white chocolate with wholesale prices.

46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 Elephant ivory has been exported from Africa and Asia for hundred of years. Throughout the colonization of Africa, ivory was removed to be used for piano keys, billiard balls and other 46 of exotic wealth. World wars and the subsequent economic depressions caused a pause in this luxury commodity, but increased prosperity in the early 1970s saw a 47 . Japan, relieved from its exchange restrictions imposed after World War II, started to buy up raw ivory for the production of hankos—the name seals. 48 this period, most name seals had been made from wood with an ivory tip, carved with the signature. But increased prosperity 49 the formerly unseen solid ivory hankos in mass production. By the 1970s, Japan 50 about 40% of the global trade; another 40% by Europe and North America, often worked in Hong Kong, which was the largest trade hub, with most of the rest remaining in Africa.


(A)Not until
(B)Shortly after
(C)All over
(D)Prior to

(C)had seen
(D)to have seen