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1.1.Tourists often remark that Taiwan is a beautiful island worthy of visiting; that is a nice ________.
(A) complaint
(B) compliment
(C) compromise
(D) complement

2.2.Jane enjoys traveling, and she always travels with great ________.
(A) entertainment
(B) enormousness
(C) enthusiasm
(D) enthronement

3.3.From a traveler’s ________, I have to admit that the city has superfluous amount of new statues and monuments.
(A) assumptive
(B) anticipative
(C) prescriptive

4.4.If you arrive in Skopje before 2014, expect to see quite a bit of construction as the city is currently undergoing a massive ________.
(A) transformation
(B) transaction
(C) confirmation
(D) confrontation

5.5.The passage read by the tour guide is an ________ from a longer work.
(A) excess
(B) excerpt
(C) exception
(D) exemption

6.6.During the trip, whenever Sarah does not understand what the tour guide says, she always ________ her hand and asks questions.
(A) arises
(B) rises
(C) arouses
(D) raises

7.7.Shall we ________ it will not rain tonight, and plan the outdoor party?
(A) resume
(B) assume
(C) consume
(D) subsume

8.8.________ and you will overcome these difficulties.
(A) Persecute
(B) Predominate
(C) Persevere
(D) Preserve

9.9.My friend did not ________ his dream to be a tour leader.
(A) relinquish
(B) distinguish
(C) furnish
(D) astonish

10.10.The manager made it clear that he intended to ________ down some new rules to enforce workplace discipline.
(A) lied
(B) laid
(C) lay
(D) lie

11.11.Internet technology has nowadays ________ time and space.
(A) coincided
(B) collapsed
(C) collaborated
(D) consisted

12.12.We must not allow our creative protest ________ to into physical violence.
(A) defect
(B) betray
(C) resist
(D) degenerate

13.13.The young man ________ to dazzle everyone by scoring 25 points and handing out 7 assists, leading the team to victory.
(A) proceeded
(B) provided
(C) devolved
(D) precancelled

14.14.Human knowledge is now in the process of being ________ into always-available digital formats.
(A) convicted
(B) condescended
(C) converted
(D) confronted

15.15.If you require an ________ response to a current incident, please telephone our switchboard on 101.
(A) immature
(B) inconvenient
(C) immigrant
(D) immediate

16.16.Taipei, Taiwan’s ________ capital city, is one of CNN’s top ten New Year Eve destinations.
(A) vicious
(B) vibrant
(C) vigilant
(D) vicarious

17.17.Being a tour guide, one needs to be more concerned about the major important matters instead of spending too much time ________ on issues.
(A) sensible
(B) voluble
(C) effusive
(D) frivolous

18.18.Father always takes his ________ vacation in July so the family can go abroad together.
(A) ambient
(B) ambivalent
(C) annual
(D) ancillary

19.19.The document was finally proved ________ and accepted by the court.
(A) authentic
(B) confident
(C) dubious
(D) fragile

20.20.Applicants who do not have strong computer skills will not be as ________ as those who do.
(A) compensative
(B) comprehensible
(C) comprehensive
(D) competitive

21.21.Let’s continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is ________.
(A) preemptive
(B) redemptive
(C) emotive
(D) promotive

22.22.When traveling in Switzerland, you may see some high mountains ________ covered by ice and snow.
(A) desperately
(B) imminently
(C) perpetually
(D) radically

23.23.Our tour guide was ________ that we felt hesitant to complain to her about the hotel service.
(A) so a sweet lady
(B) such a sweet lady
(C) so such sweet
(D) such sweet

24.24.What ________ our tour guide has provided!
(A) a useful information
(B) an useful information
(C) useful information
(D) useful informations

25.25.I believe the trip I took last summer was ________ interesting than yours.
(A) very much
(B) so much
(C) much
(D) much more

26.26.By the time he receives this letter I am writing, I ________ around the country.
(A) may be traveling
(B) travel
(C) had traveled
(D) am traveling

27.27.The dispute over who should be the leader ________ before we got there.
(A) has been settled
(B) had been settled
(C) settled
(D) will settle

28.28.Our tour leader speaks English and French well, and ________.
(A) so does our tour guide
(B) so our tour guide can
(C) neither does our tour guide
(D) nor can our tour guide

29.29.Tourism usually brings much-needed money to developing countries. ________, it provides employment for the local people.
(A) However
(B) Therefore
(C) Furthermore
(D) For instance

30.30.If Jane had won the race, she would have been given a free trip to England; in other words, ________.
(A) Jane won the race
(B) Jane got a free trip
(C) Jane gave a free trip
(D) Jane lost the race

31.31.Tourist: Excuse me. Where’s the check-in ________ for American Airlines? Worker: It’s in Terminal 2. This is Terminal 1.
(A) carrel
(B) barrier
(C) counter
(D) concord

32.32.Worker: If you’re on an international flight, I believe you have to check in three hours before your flight. Tourist: And for ________ flights? Worker: On those flights you have to check in one and a half hours before.
(A) domestic
(B) country
(C) neighboring
(D) foreign

33.33.Worker: Can I see your ticket and your passport, please? Tourist: Sure. Here’s my passport, and here’s my ________.
(A) paper
(B) e-ticket
(C) boarding pass
(D) online purchase

34.34.Worker: Excuse me, sir. One of your bags is overweight. I’m going to have to charge you for the excess weight. Tourist: I see. How much ________ do I have to pay? And can I pay by credit card? Worker: 30 dollars, sir, and yes, we do accept credit cards.
(A) cash
(B) over
(C) extra
(D) additional

35.35.Dihua Street is a great place to purchase traditional Chinese foods which ________ great gifts, and many shops will seal purchases for plane travel.
(A) making
(B) make
(C) makes
(D) made

36.36.National Taiwan Museum ________ way back in 1908 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.
(A) builds
(B) built
(C) is built
(D) was built

37.37.The second floor explores aboriginal culture, ________ visitors about the aboriginal tribes so important to Taiwanese history.
(A) teaches
(B) taught
(C) teaching
(D) is taught

38.38.You can carry a cell phone with you ________ you go but you can’t do this with your PC.
(A) however
(B) whichever
(C) wherever
(D) whatever

39.39.With special rates and ________ breakfasts for two, our Bed & Breakfast packages are the perfect way for you to relax and recharge.
(A) complimentary
(B) compulsory
(C) condescending
(D) commodious

40.40.Anything that gives travelers a taste of the local culture or a personal greeting upon arrival ________ the favorable experience of an airport and the city or country where it’s located.
(A) is available for
(B) adjusts to
(C) adds to
(D) gets over

41.41.During our journey through the desert, our food, clothes, and other possessions ________ a team of pack animals.
(A) were mailed to
(B) were enforced to
(C) were transported by
(D) were kept by

42.42.Last year, I wanted to go trekking in the Gobi Desert, but my doctor did not allow me to because I was not in very good ________.
(A) enjoyable figure
(B) physical shape
(C) social mind
(D) careful attention

43.43.Several new government policies are scheduled to ________ today.
(A) take effect
(B) avoid contact
(C) go over
(D) work off

44.44.Most people will tell you that using a phone at the table is not polite while simultaneously ________ to being guilty of having used their phone at the table.
(A) conducted
(B) admitting
(C) disappoint
(D) explanatory

45.45.Online classes ________ enabling teachers and students to communicate, even when they are across the world from each other.
(A) take care of
(B) make up
(C) make an appointment to
(D) hold the promise of

46.46.Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman was upset about the arrangement for his Rubber Duck installation ________ in Keelung.
(A) in show
(B) on display
(C) in sail
(D) for touring

47.47.Hand soaps ________ in restrooms in public venues have been found to contain exceedingly high numbers of viable bacteria.
(A) provide
(B) providing
(C) are provided
(D) provided

48.48.He got up ________ to watch the first ray of the rising sun.
(A) as earliest
(B) enough early
(C) very earlier
(D) early enough

49.49.The Flight 506 to Amsterdam, scheduled to depart at 11:30 a.m., has been delayed ________ a big fog.
(A) on account of
(B) in case of
(C) by way of
(D) aware of

50.50.________ allowing people to buy single shoes, once a season the single shoes bank gives unwanted single shoes to members for free.
(A) Before
(B) On the contrary
(C) By taking chance
(D) In addition to

51.51.Many people, when traveling in Southeast Asia, try to avoid the monsoon season as it is ________ to travel around.
(A) very harder
(B) much harder
(C) too harder
(D) so harder

52.52.This tour group got a special promotion fare, which requires one stop-over in Japan for about two hours with ________.
(A) a connecting flight
(B) a non-stop flight
(C) a direct flight
(D) a daily flight

53.53.There are many small and practical ways you can ________ energy and help protect the environment.
(A) conserve
(B) observe
(C) deserve
(D) serve

54.54.Only on Sundays ________ without paying.
(A) they could visit the museum
(B) you will visit the museum
(C) can you visit the museum
(D) we will visit the museum

55.55.Twins aren’t always twice as nice; they have much higher risks of being born ________ and having serious health problems.
(A) preliterate
(B) premature
(C) prejudiced
(D) prescribed

56.56.A: Excuse me, sir. We are going to leave early tomorrow morning for our flight schedule. Shall we have an early breakfast arrangement for my group? B: ________
(A) Sure. The breakfast is not available in the morning.
(B) What time do you want to have breakfast?
(C) How long does it take from the hotel to the airport?
(D) Sure. May we serve your people now?

57.57.It is always a good idea to buy ________. If you get sick or lose one of your possessions while traveling, the insurance company will pay your medical expenses or give you money.
(A) medicines
(B) travel guide
(C) duty free goods
(D) travel insurance

58.58.A national bird survey is to be conducted around the New Year’s Day holiday to both celebrate the new year and ________ public awareness about wildlife protection.
(A) raise
(B) switch
(C) divide
(D) arise

59.59.Soon all our natural resources will be used up if we do not ________ our levels of consumption.
(A) calcify
(B) multiply
(C) generate
(D) reduce

60.60.A: I see your company has invested in some new machinery. B: ________
(A) Yes, they are cutting down on new machines.
(B) Yes, and it’s already up and running.
(C) Yes, they are interfering with other machines.
(D) Yes, it is taking advantages in a short time.

61.61.The group leader carefully reminds the group that no agricultural products ________ into the USA territory.
(A) are required
(B) are claiming
(C) are allowed
(D) are bringing

62.62.A: How many countries are you going to visit when you go on vacation to Asia? B: ________
(A) Korea is the country I love best.
(B) Unfortunately I don't have much time left.
(C) Sure, many countries in Asia have wonderful cultures.
(D) Not very many. I don't have a lot of money.

63.63.A: My husband and I are leaving for Paris. We are taking a second honey moon. B: ________
(A) Oh, nice! Business or pleasure?
(B) How romantic. Paris is a beautiful city.
(C) Well, that’s the great thing about Paris.
(D) Sounds like you are a little busy.

64.64.At the end of the train there is an open ________ car where you can stand and smell the jungle, listen to the birds, and breathe in the sweet Asian air.
(A) primary
(B) installation
(C) observation
(D) moderation

65.65.If you are not delighted with your purchase, you can take the goods back to your retailer who will ________ you the purchase price.
(A) deliver
(B) refund
(C) exchange
(D) inform

66.66.Many tourists arriving in Japan naturally ________ their sightseeing in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, not far from the international airports where they arrive.
(A) commence
(B) embrace
(C) navigate
(D) resemble

67.67.When it comes to catching the bad guys, a ________ camera is a police officer’s best friend.
(A) medium
(B) protection
(C) surveillance
(D) treasure

68.68.A census analysis published in 2011 showed that almost all of the city’s population increase since 2000 can by ________ an increase in residents between the ages of 20 and 35.
(A) be responsible for
(B) be accounted for
(C) be popular with
(D) be important for

69.69.China Airlines said yesterday it will work with U.S. based GE Aviation to improve the carrier’s fuel efficiency ________ the volatile nature of fuel prices.
(A) in light of
(B) in spite of
(C) in proportion of
(D) in need of

70.70.Some retailers, desperate for sales and customer loyalty, have begun training their employees in the art of ________ with customers.
(A) playing
(B) cheating
(C) bargaining
(D) persuading

71. It is my first visit to the land where I was born, where most people have hair and eyes like mine, where I’m about as tall (or as short) as everyone else. Still, I am a foreigner, laowai. I left Taiwan in 1974, when I was an eight-month-old infant, to (71) by an American family in Detroit. Taipei, (72) about one hundred miles from the southeast coast of China, is a crowded landscape of skyscrapers, Buddhist temples, and weaving traffic. I’d never wanted to visit Taiwan or my (73) family before, but here I am, feeling as if I never want to leave, magically (74) to a place and people I’d never known. Later, I’ll look back and wonder if this intense sense of (75) was a dream, an illusion of desire.
(A) bringing up
(B) taken to live
(C) be raised
(D) being taken care

(A) located
(B) mapped
(C) carried
(D) placed

(A) economical
(B) biological
(C) premiere
(D) revolutionary

(A) similarly
(B) assimilating
(C) interesting
(D) uninterested

(A) losing
(B) missing
(C) longing
(D) belonging

76.You might think that a good tour guide needs to have a PhD in Art History or a family that dates back for seven generations in the area. Neither could be further from the truth. If you are reading this, you already have the best quality in a tour guide: curiosity. A good tour guide always wants to know about his/her surroundings and to learn about new things. Besides, a good tour guide also possesses the following qualities. A good tour guide is sensitive to the needs of others. Although he/she can be as gregarious and funny as Robin Williams, or as knowledgeable as a professor, neither talent will make for a great experience unless the tour guide is sensitive enough to realize when someone’s feet hurt. In other words, a good tour guide needs to be aware of the needs and limitations of his/her guests and to realize when they are tired, hungry, bored or simply unable to do the things they have signed up for. A good tour guide is well organized. He/She always has plans, back up plans and contingency back up plans to help deal with unforeseen problems and complications. Being organized also means that a guide does not forget to meet someone or show up in the wrong place. He/She also knows when the museums, parks, restaurants and other attractions are open, and stays current on all local events so that he/she can suggest lots of things to do and see. A good tour guide is knowledgeable about the local area. This includes places to go, places to eat, things to do, museums, and local attractions. A good tour guide always puts together a collection of local attraction brochures and keeps them with him/her. He/She also sends such materials to his/her guests before they arrive so that they can tell him/her what they are interested in seeing and doing.
【題組】76.The best title for this passage is ________.
(A) Things to Be in Your City
(B) Job as a Tour Guide
(C) Qualities of a Good Tour Guide
(D) Practice and Perfect Your Tours

77.【題組】77.The sentence “Neither could be further from the truth” in the first paragraph implies that ________.
(A) a good tour guide needs to have a PhD in Art History
(B) a good tour guide needs to have his/her family living in an area for several generations
(C) a good tour guide needs to have both a PhD in Art History and residence in an area for generations
(D) a good tour guide needs to have neither a PhD in Art History nor residence in an area for generations

78.【題組】78.The word “gregarious” in the second paragraph means ________.
(A) obsequious
(B) convivial
(C) concerned
(D) ludicrous

79.【題組】79.The phrase “make for” in the clause “neither talent will make for a great experience” means “ ________ ”.
(A) contribute to
(B) take into consideration
(C) move toward
(D) bear down on

80.【題組】80.As indicated in this passage, the best quality of a good tour guide is ________.
(A) being sensitive
(B) being organized
(C) being knowledgeable
(D) being curious