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100 年 - 領隊英語#18046 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1.It is not my cup of tea!
(A) I must obey the instructions.
(B) I don’t like it.
(C) I am not good at making tea.
(D) It is not my imagination.

2.2.The prosperity of __________ tourism is related to the policy of our government.
(A) domestic
(B) duplicated
(C) dumb
(D) detour

3.3.We should __________ all the possibilities when solving this problem.
(A) negate
(B) ponder
(C) attack
(D) project

4.4.He runs away with the idea, and the other faculty members do not agree.
(A) They blame him for his irresponsibility.
(B) They do not accept his hasty conclusion.
(C) They turn down his unexpected invitation.
(D) They reject his application.

5.5.She can speak English and French with __________.
(A) faculty
(B) future
(C) facility
(D) frailty

6.6.The waiters will show you where to bed down.
(A) The waiters will tell you the place that you may put your beddings.
(B) The waiters will ask for your assistance later.
(C) The waiters will tell you where you may stay tonight.
(D) The waiters will provide everything you need.

7.7.Mr. Jones has got the hang of being a tour guide.
(A) Mr. Jones quit his job.
(B) Mr. Jones needs our help now.
(C) Mr. Jones met some strangers on his way home.
(D) Mr. Jones has learned the skills of being a tour guide.

8.8.I like those stamps, but __________.
(A) I would not like to cost lots on money to buy them
(B) I would rather buy something else
(C) they would spend much money
(D) they would waste much money

9.9.Mr. Brown was the president, and now Mr. Bean steps into his shoes.
(A) Mr. Bean stamps on Mr. Brown’s feet.
(B) Mr. Brown orders Mr. Bean to try his own shoes.
(C) Mr. Bean has replaced Mr. Brown.
(D) Mr. Bean offends Mr. Brown.

10.10.Our parents 【were high on】 love and patience, and therefore we followed their instructions willingly.
(A) rejoiced
(B) transcended
(C) valued
(D) taught

11.11.The 【rustic】 scenery appealed to him so much that he bought a house there.
(A) rural
(B) deserted
(C) urban
(D) beautiful

12.12.Due to the impending disaster, we have to __________ our flight to Bangkok.
(A) provide
(B) cancel
(C) resume
(D) tailor

13.13.His face looks like __________.
(A) a toad
(B) of a toad
(C) with a toad
(D) that of a toad

14.14.His conclusion seems to 【insinuate】 that we can visit Russia very soon.
(A) report
(B) imply
(C) deny
(D) affirm

15.15.The tour guide __________ him into buying some expensive souvenirs.
(A) persuaded
(B) dissuaded
(C) suggested
(D) purified

16.16.The mobs were 【mollified】 when he gave a speech.
(A) wiped out
(B) attended
(C) pacified
(D) angry

17.17.We all felt __________ when the manager got drunk.
(A) embarrassed
(B) embarrassing
(C) being embarrassed
(D) been embarrassed

18.18.The travel agent __________ he delay.
(A) astonished at
(B) astonished
(C) apologized
(D) apologized for

19.19.He will tell you as soon as he __________.
(A) knows
(B) has known
(C) will know
(D) is knowing

20.20.He devoted himself to __________ poor children.
(A) be taught
(B) teaching
(C) teach
(D) teaching with

21.21.She is not so stupid __________ not to understand that.
(A) so
(B) with
(C) as
(D) for

22.22.The interpreter talked as if he __________ how to fly like a bird.
(A) knew
(B) would know
(C) had known
(D) has known

23.23.Gaga: Let’s go Dutch. Melody: __________
(A) Are you so rich as to pay for all of us?
(B) We had better go to Germany.
(C) Do you really want to pick it up?
(D) Good idea!

24.24.Neither you, nor I, nor he __________ in Mr. Brown’s class.
(A) am
(B) is
(C) are
(D) be

25.25.The wedding anniversary is worth __________.
(A) being celebrated
(B) celebrating
(C) of celebrating
(D) celebrated

26.26.Wulai(烏來) is a famous hot-spring __________.
(A) resort
(B) mansion
(C) pivot
(D) plaque

27.27.I found myself __________ an airplane.
(A) in broad
(B) on board
(C) abroad
(D) with boarding

28.28.You must check the __________ date of your passport. You may need to apply for a new one.
(A) explanatory
(B) exploratory
(C) expiry
(D) expository

29.29.__________ there is a holiday, we always go hiking.
(A) During
(B) Whatever
(C) Whenever
(D) While

30.30.Bonnie signed up __________ dancing classes in the Extension Program.
(A) on
(B) in
(C) for
(D) about

31.31.After the plane touches down, we have to remain in our seats until we __________ to the gate.
(A) pass by
(B) stop over
(C) take off
(D) taxi in

32.32.Our __________ wants to reserve a table for dinner tomorrow.
(A) alcoholic
(B) client
(C) gambler
(D) retailer

33.33.If you’re travelling to the United States, you may need a __________.
(A) vicar
(B) villa
(C) vista
(D) visa

34.34.Do not be afraid to eat with your hands here. When in Rome, do __________ the Romans do.
(A) for
(B) as
(C) of
(D) since

35.35.The __________ of Liberty, a gift from France, is erected in New York Harbor.
(A) Statuette
(B) Stature
(C) Status
(D) Statue

36.36.Before the plane leaves the ground, we must a video related to flight safety.
(A) glance
(B) look
(C) notice
(D) watch

37.37.What shall we do __________?
(A) after a dinner
(B) after dinner
(C) after we dinner
(D) after the dinner

38.38.I am so happy that Nick is coming to visit us. Please tell him to make himself __________ home.
(A) inside
(B) in
(C) on
(D) at

39.39.Would you like to order a/an __________ or refer to the a la carte menu?
(A) complex meal
(B) singular meal
(C) set meal
(D) united meal

40.40.The newlyweds are on their __________ tour.
(A) blossom
(B) bosom
(C) begotten
(D) bridal

41.41.__________ there is more than one Paris in the world, there’s really only one Paris in the world. It is the capital of France.
(A) Although
(B) Already
(C) However
(D) And

42.42.Please don’t order so much food! __________ for the last two months.
(A) Earned much weight was I
(B) I have been putting on weight
(C) My weight has put on
(D) My weight was gaining

43.43.This group of people would like to stay in __________ hotels. They need to be five star hotels.
(A) convenient
(B) leisure
(C) luxurious
(D) public

44.44.Is there any problem __________ my reservation?
(A) in
(B) of
(C) to
(D) with

45.45.Do not draw attention to yourself by __________ large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.
(A) display
(B) displayed
(C) displays
(D) displaying

46.46.I enjoyed the stay here. Thank you very much for the __________.
(A) hospital
(B) hospitality
(C) hostilities
(D) hostel

47.47.Jessica’s customers complained because they had to pay twice for their __________.
(A) accommodation
(B) acculturation
(C) accusation
(D) assimilation

48.48.__________ , I will try to correct it.
(A) If I’ve done a mistake
(B) If I’ve done wrongly
(C) If I’ve done something wrong
(D) If I’ve done something mistake

49.49.If I cancel the trip, will I __________?
(A) be refunded
(B) refund
(C) refunded
(D) refunding

50.50.William Faulkner was a Nobel __________.
(A) laurel
(B) launder
(C) laureate
(D) lavator

51.51.Client: I would like to change 500US dollars into NT dollars. Bank clerk: Certainly, sir. Please complete this form and make sure __________.
(A) you jot down the capital appreciation
(B) you put the full name in capitals
(C) you visited the capitals of other countries
(D) you vote against capital punishment

52.52.An __________ gambler will have a hard time when deciding to stop this bad habit.
(A) introvert
(B) invidious
(C) inveterate
(D) innocuous

53.53.Hotel clerk: I’m sorry, could you spell that for me, please? Guest: Yes, certainly. __________.
(A) It’s three days counting from today
(B) It’s S-M-Y-T-H
(C) It’s Sunday next week
(D) It’s 100US dollars

54.54.Guest: You have answered my questions thoroughly. Thank you very much. Hotel clerk: You are welcome. __________
(A) It’s been my address.
(B) It’s been my intention.
(C) It’s been my pleasure.
(D) It’s been my thinking.

55.55.A: Have you seen my iPod? I can’t find it anywhere. B: Don’t worry. __________.
(A) It will approach eventually
(B) It will come out eventually
(C) It will turn up eventually
(D) It will turn out eventually

56.【題組】 Even though American social relations are complex, hard to form, and hard to maintain, I managed to 【56】 the gap, and I was able to have close friendships with some Americans. For 【57】 , the first semester I attended college, I became friends with one of the American students who used to attend math class with me. We used to study together, go to parties together, and he used to help me a lot with my English. 【58】 he transferred to another university, we always keep 【59】 with each other. From my experience, I have come to understand that Americans are generally verbal and long, silent periods are 【60】 to them. I think conversations make a friendly atmosphere among people.
(A) bridge
(B) expand
(C) separate
(D) reveal

(A) effort
(B) example
(C) possibility
(D) truth

(A) After then
(B) Even though
(C) Not even
(D) Only if

(A) an eye
(B) head down
(C) in touch
(D) nose clean

(A) sensible
(B) suitable
(C) pursuable
(D) uncomfortable

61.【題組】 In Japan, guests have to 【61】 their shoes at the entrance of any Japanese-style accommodation. Slippers are 【62】 inside, except on the tatami matting, so bring thick socks if the weather is cold. Seating in the room is on cushions called zabuton arranged around the low table. In the 【63】 season, there may be a blanket around the table. You slip your feet under the blanket for the 【64】 of a kotatsu electrical heating unit. The futon bedding is laid out on the floor. It 【65】 consists of a mattress, sheets, a thick cover, and extra blankets if needed. A thin yukata robe is provided. In cold weather it is supplemented by a tanzen gown worn over it.
(A) exchange
(B) replace
(C) remove
(D) wear

(A) wear
(B) wearing
(C) wore
(D) worn

(A) spring
(B) summer
(C) autumn
(D) winter

(A) electrification
(B) vitamin
(C) warmth
(D) wave

(A) extremely
(B) ordinarily
(C) privately
(D) sensitively

(A) dependent
(B) disconnected
(C) repellent
(D) preferred

67.【題組】 Destinations can be cities, towns, natural regions, or even whole countries. The economies of all tourist destinations are 【66】 to a significant extent on the money produced by tourism. It is possible to 【67】 destinations as natural or built: Natural destinations 【68】 seas, lakes, rivers, coasts, mountain ranges, desert, and so on. Built destinations are cities, towns, and illages. A resort is a destination constructed mainly or completely to serve the needs of tourism, 【69】 Cancun in Mexico. Successful destinations are seen to be unique in some way by those who visit them. Climate is one of the 【70】 that etermines this uniqueness. Not surprisingly, temperate and tropical climates attract the greatest number of visitors.
(A) amplify
(B) classify
(C) signify
(D) verify

(A) concern
(B) consist
(C) include
(D) involve

(A) so on
(B) so so
(C) such as
(D) so that

(A) conclusions
(B) specializations
(C) superstitions
(D) features

71.【題組】 In the early 1900s, large numbers of Neanderthal skeletons were found in the Dordogne region of southern France. And scientists decided that they finally had enough information to say what a Neanderthal Man looked like. They gave the job of rebuilding a Neanderthal Man to a French scientist called Marcellin Boule. After studying the bones for many months, Boule began writing reports that described the Neanderthal Man as looking more like an animal than a human being. A curved spine, he said, stopped the Neanderthal Man from standing upright and forced it to hold its head forward. Nor could it fully extend its legs. And, like a monkey, it could pick up and hold things with its feet. In 1957, however, British scientists looked again at the skeleton Boule had studied. And they decided that most of Boule’s ideas were wrong. The Neanderthal’s feet could not hold things, and its spine was not curved. Neanderthals could stand upright, but the skeleton Boule had studied had arthritis. And when they calculated the size of the Neanderthal’s brain, they decided that it was as large as the brain of early Homo sapiens.
【題組】71. Which century is mentioned in this passage?
(A) the 18th century
(B) the 19th century
(C) the 20th century
(D) the 21st century

72.【題組】72.What is this passage mainly about?
(A) The French scientist’s rebuilding of the Neanderthals
(B) The study of the Neanderthal skeletons in the 1900s
(C) The corrected knowledge on the Neanderthals
(D) The similarities between the Neanderthals and the monkeys

73.【題組】73.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “upright” in the passage?
(A) curved down
(B) toward the right
(C) leaning backward
(D) straight up

74.【題組】74.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage about Marcellin Boule?
(A) He was praised for rebuilding the Neanderthal Man in the early 1900s.
(B) He was a French scientist who wrote reports about the Neanderthal Man.
(C) His ideas were later overturned by other scientists.
(D) He described the Neanderthals as more like monkeys than mankind.

75.【題組】75.What can be inferred from this passage?
(A) Most of the Neanderthals had illnesses such as arthritis.
(B) The Neanderthals were probably related to human beings.
(C) Many Neanderthals could act both as monkeys and as human beings.
(D) The brain size of the Neanderthals grew larger from 1900to 1957.

76.【題組】 The McDonald’s hamburger company is going into the airline catering business. A Swiss charter plane will be painted in the McDonald’s colors, some cabin staff will wear McDonald’s outfits, and the inflight food, instead of the customary cold collation, will be Big Macs and chicken McNuggets. The service will be introduced on April 1, which initially led some people to suspect an April Fool trick, but the company and its Swiss airline collaborator, Crossair, confirmed yesterday that the project is no hoax. It will serve charter routes from Geneva and Zurich to popular European holiday resorts. In line with the McDonald’s practice of prefixing products with “Mc”, the 161-seater MD83jet will be known officially as the McPlane. Its fuselage will be painted to depict the McDonald’s golden arches, and the cabin seats will be upholstered in bright red leather. McPlane’s interior will seek to create the atmosphere of a McDonald’s high street outlet, complete with “Have a nice day” greetings from the cockpit. However, it is uncertain if the cabin drinks trolley would be replaced by a milkshake dispenser. Chips, or “fries” as McDonald’s call them, have been ruled out because of the danger of using a deep-fat frier.
【題組】76. What is the best title for this passage?
(A) McDonald’s and the charter plane fuselage
(B) The external and internal design of McPlane
(C) McDonald’s in the airline business
(D) The types of McDonald’s food in the air

77.【題組】77.Which type of McDonald’s food will not be seen on McPlane?
(A) Chips
(B) Big Macs
(C) McNuggets
(D) Coke

78.【題組】78.Why did some people doubt the reality of this report?
(A) The food on board will be the regular customary collation.
(B) Swiss airline and Crossair acknowledged this trick.
(C) Only one plane will be related to McDonald’s.
(D) The service will begin on April Fool’s Day.

79.【題組】79.What does a “high street” mean?
(A) a principal street
(B) a countryside street
(C) a very crowded street
(D) a colorful street

80.【題組】80.According to the passage, who will be greeting the passengers with “Have a nice day”?
(A) the passengers
(B) the flight attendants
(C) the pilot
(D) the ground staff