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1.1.Our hotel provides free __________ service to the airport every day.
(A) accommodation
(B) communication
(C) transmission
(D) shuttle

2.2.Rescuers from many countries went to the __________ of the earthquake to help the victims.
(A) capital
(B) refuge
(C) epicenter
(D) shelter

3.3.Tourists enjoy visiting night markets around the island to taste __________ local snacks.
(A) authentic
(B) blend
(C) inclusive
(D) invisible

4.4.Mike forgot to save the file and the computer __________ suddenly. It was a real disaster.
(A) broke up
(B) was broke
(C) was plugged in
(D) crashed

5.5.Expo 2010 __________ in Shanghai, China from May 1 to October 31, 2010.
(A) will hold
(B) will be holding
(C) will be held
(D) is holding

6.6.Although the unemployment rate reached an all-time high in mid-2009, it has fallen for four __________ months by ecember.
(A) consecutive
(B) connecting
(C) continual
(D) temporary

7.7.__________ has become a very serious problem in the modern world. It’s estimated that there are more than 1 billion overweight adults globally.
(A) Depression
(B) Obesity
(C) Malnutrition
(D) Starvation

8.8.Living in a highly __________ society, some Taiwanese children are forced by their parents to learn many skills at a very young age.
(A) compatible
(B) prospective
(C) threatened
(D) competitive

9.9.There is clear __________ that the defendant committed the murder of the rich old man.
(A) research
(B) evidence
(C) statistics
(D) vision

10.10.If Scott had studied hard enough, he __________ the midterm exam. Now he has to burn the midnight oil to pass the final exam.
(A) would pass
(B) will pass
(C) have passed
(D) would have passed

11.11.John has to __________ the annual report to the manager before this Friday; otherwise, he will be in trouble.
(A) identify
(B) incline
(C) submit
(D) commemorate

12.12.Millions of people are expected to __________ in the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo.
(A) participate
(B) adjust
(C) emerge
(D) exist

13.13.It is said that there are only a few lucky days __________ for getting married in 2010.
(A) elated
(B) available
(C) elected
(D) resentful

14.14.Tom was __________ from his school for stealing and cheating on the exams.
(A) exempted
(B) expelled
(C) exported
(D) evacuated

15.15.Many customers complained that they had difficulty assembling the M-20 mountain bicycle, because the instructions in the manual were not __________ .
(A) implicit
(B) explicit
(C) complex
(D) exquisite

16.16.There are eight __________ for the Academy Award for the best picture this year.
(A) attendants
(B) nominees
(C) conductors
(D) producers

17.17.Our company has been on a very tight __________ since 2008.
(A) deficit
(B) management
(C) budget
(D) debt

18.18.Please remain __________ while the plane takes off.
(A) seated
(B) sitting
(C) sat
(D) seating

19.19.Mary is __________ divorce because her husband is having an affair with his secretary. 

(A) controlling to
(B) filing for
(C) calling for
(D) accustomed to

20.20.I want to make a/an __________ with Dr. Johnson tomorrow morning. I think I’ve caught a cold.
(A) reservation
(B) arrangement
(C) meeting
(D) appointment

21.21.Since the economy is improving, many people are hoping for a __________ in salary in the coming year.
(A) raise
(B) rise
(C) surplus
(D) bonus

22.22.The birth rate in Taiwan was at a/an __________ low last year.
(A) record
(B) recorded
(C) recording
(D) accordingly

23.23.I need some __________ for taking buses around town.
(A) checks
(B) exchange
(C) change
(D) savings

24.24.All my friends are recommending the movie, Avatar; __________, I am too busy to see it.
(A) but
(B) therefore
(C) so
(D) however

25.25.Remember to __________ some sunscreen before you go to the beach.
(A) drink
(B) scrub
(C) wear
(D) move

26.26.These ancient porcelains are very __________ and might break easily, so please handle them carefully.
(A) wicked
(B) infirm
(C) fragile
(D) stout

27.27.The Department of Health urged the public to receive H1N1 flu shot as a __________ against potential outbreaks.
(A) prohibition
(B) preparation
(C) presumption
(D) precaution

28.28.The Ministry of the Interior has decided to __________ telephone fraud.
(A) dismiss
(B) discharge
(C) eliminate
(D) execute

29.29.Our __________ guided around the farm lasted for two and a half hours.
(A) voyage
(B) journey
(C) tour
(D) crossing

30.30.All the __________ on the city rail map are color-coded so that a traveler knows which direction she/he should take.
(A) routes
(B) roads
(C) sights
(D) systems

31.31.We arrived at the airport __________, so we had plenty of time for checking in and boarding.
(A) at the best of times
(B) in our own time
(C) dead on time
(D) in good time

32.32.To use a TravelPass, you have to insert it __________ the automatic stamping machine when you get off.
(A) through
(B) between
(C) off
(D) into

33.33.Guest: What __________ do you have in your hotel? Hotel clerk: We have a fitness center, a swimming pool, two restaurants, a beauty parlor, and a boutique.
(A) facilities
(B) benefits
(C) itineraries
(D) details

34.34.Guest: __________ Hotel clerk: Our standard room costs NT$3,500 per night.
(A) Is room service included in your price?
(B) What is your room rate?
(C) How much do you charge for a luxury room?
(D) Do I have to pay for an extra bed?

35.35.Go to the office at the Tourist Information Center and they will give you a __________about sightseeing.
(A) destination
(B) deposit
(C) baggage
(D) brochure

36.36.Guest: Hello, this is room 205. The faucet in our bathroom is dripping and I can’t turn it off. Hotel clerk: __________
(A) I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ll get it cleaned for you right away.
(B) OK, I’ll have it changed by the electrician.
(C) Is it? I’m sorry, I’ll get it fixed by a plumber.
(D) I do apologize. If you tell me which one, I’ll send someone to open it.

37.37.It’s difficult to find a hotel with a/an __________ room in high season.
(A) occupied
(B) vacant
(C) lank
(D) unattended

38.38.If you’re looking for Greek food in this area, sorry to say, there is very __________ choice.
(A) few
(B) any
(C) much
(D) little

39.39.This express train __________ at 9:30 am every day. You can plan a short walk before that in the itinerary.
(A) is about to leave
(B) will leave
(C) will be leaving
(D) leaves

40.40.Cathedrals, mosques, and temples are all __________ buildings.
(A) religious
(B) natural
(C) political
(D) rural

41.41.If you take a __________ holiday, all your transport, accommodation, and even meals and excursions will be taken care of.
(A) leisure
(B) business
(C) package
(D) luxury

42.42.Tourism has helped __________ the economy for many countries, and brought in considerable revenues.
(A) boast
(B) boost
(C) receive
(D) recall

43.43.The number of independent travelers __________ steadily since the new policy was announced.
(A) rose
(B) has risen
(C) arose
(D) has arisen

44.44.If you want to work in tourism, you need to know how to work as part of a team. But sometimes, you also need to know how to work __________.
(A) separately
(B) confidently
(C) creatively
(D) independently

45.45.Jane completely missed the __________ of what the guest was complaining about.
(A) line
(B) goal
(C) point
(D) plan

46.46.Many restaurants in Paris offer a __________ of snails for guests to taste.
(A) plate
(B) group
(C) chunk
(D) loaf

47.47.Slices of lamb are __________ or fried in butter and served with mushrooms, onions, and chips.
(A) added
(B) mixed
(C) grilled
(D) stored

48.48.Waiter: Are you ready to order, sir? Guest: __________
(A) Your food looks tasty.
(B) OK, I’ll have that!
(C) I don’t eat meat.
(D) I think so. But what is your specialty?

49.49.A kimono is a kind of clothing __________the Japanese wear during special ceremonies.
(A) where
(B) who
(C) when
(D) that

50.50.People __________fireworks to celebrate New Year.
(A) get off
(B) take off
(C) let off
(D) put off

51.51.The caller: Can I speak to Ms. Taylor in room 612, please? The operator: Please wait a minute. (pause) I’m sorry. There’s no answer. May I __________a message?
(A) bring
(B) take
(C) leave
(D) send

52.52.This trip starts __________Easter Sunday and lasts for five days.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) for

53.53.The guest is given a __________after he makes a complaint to the restaurant.
(A) change
(B) profit
(C) refund
(D) bonus

54.54.I’m afraid your credit card has already __________. Would you like to pay in cash instead?
(A) cancelled
(B) booked
(C) expired
(D) exposed

55.55.The __________at the information desk in a hotel provides traveling information to guests.
(A) bellhop
(B) concierge
(C) butler
(D) bartender

56.【題組】 Studies of the brain show that there is a 【56】 basis for general intelligence. The brains of intelligent people use less energy during problem 【57】. The brain waves of people with higher intelligence show a quicker 【58】. Some researchers conclude that differences in intelligence 【59】 differences in the speed and 【60】 of information processing by the brain.
(A) psychological
(B) biological
(C) logical
(D) chemical

(A) spiraling
(B) saving
(C) solving
(D) soaking

(A) reaction
(B) request
(C) remorse
(D) reply

(A) consist of
(B) are made up of
(C) result in
(D) result from

(A) loudness
(B) epic
(C) effectiveness
(D) affection

61.【題組】 For those who travel on a 【61】, flying with a low-cost airline might be an option because you pay so much less than what you would be expected to pay with a traditional airline. Companies such as Ryanair, Southwest Airlines and Easyjet are some good examples. It’s so easy to fly with these low-cost 【62】. From booking the tickets, checking in to boarding the plane, everything has become hassle-free. You only need to book online even if there are only two hours left before departure. You can also just 【63】 the check-in desk and buy the tickets two hours before the plane takes off. Checking in is also easy and quick, and you’re only required to arrive at the airport one hour before departure. But since traveling with these low-cost airlines has been so 【64】, you cannot expect to get free food, drinks or newspapers on board. There is also no classification regarding your seats and the flight attendants, who might be wearing casual clothing as their uniform, won’t certainly serve you. As most of these low-cost airlines are 【65】, you might need to get ready for landing even after you have only gone on board for a few minutes.
(A) schedule
(B) budget
(C) routine
(D) project

(A) forms
(B) means
(C) cruises
(D) carriers

(A) pop in
(B) break in
(C) fill in
(D) come in

(A) inexpensive
(B) inconvenient
(C) inefficient
(D) inappropriate

(A) good-haul
(B) huge-haul
(C) short-haul
(D) long-haul

66.【題組】 “That’s £3.25 altogether,” said a taxi driver. “Keep the change, please,” replied a young lady when she handed over the money to the driver. “Thank you. Have a pleasant stay in York,” said the driver after she received it with delight. This brief dialogue demonstrates 【66】 pleasant the giving and receiving of tipping could be. Tipping has been a common way of showing appreciation to people who have served you. It is the kind of courtesy 【67】 mostly to people who are serving in the travel and tourism industry. But sometimes things might not turn out to be so perfect. People might refuse to tip if they find the service is 【68】. They might have no idea about what would be the appropriate amount for tipping. In some countries, tipping is included in the service when you pay for the bill in a restaurant and that amount will be 10 or 15% of your total bill. 【69】 they like it or not, some people might still be asked to tip or be overcharged 【70】 tipping if there is no stipulation about how much one should tip. In cases like these, tipping might not be an enjoyable experience at all.
(A) why
(B) what
(C) how
(D) which

(A) targeting
(B) targeted
(C) directing
(D) directed

(A) ungrateful
(B) unsatisfactory
(C) undeniable
(D) unexceptional

(A) Whether
(B) Where
(C) What
(D) While

(A) for
(B) from
(C) on
(D) of

71.71. What is the best title for this passage?
(A) The disadvantages of salt
(B) Less salt can mean longer life
(C) How to consume less salt
(D) How to cure heart disease

72.【題組】 Even a small reduction of salt in the diet can be a big help to the heart. A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine used a computer model to predict how just three grams less a day would affect heart disease in the United States. The result: Thirteen percent fewer heart attacks. Eight percent fewer strokes. Four percent fewer deaths. Eleven percent fewer new cases of heart disease. And two hundred forty billion dollars in health care savings. Researchers found less salt intake could prevent one hundred thousand heart attacks and ninety-two thousand deaths every year. According to the U.S. government, the average American man eats, on average, ten grams of salt a day; however, the American Heart Association advises no more than three grams for healthy people. It says salt in the American diet has increased fifty percent since the 1970s, while blood pressures have also risen. Less salt can mean a lower blood pressure. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is leading an effort called the National Salt Reduction Initiative. The idea is to put pressure on food companies and restaurants. Critics call it government interference.
【題組】72.According to the prediction of the study, how many grams of salt less a day can reduce the risk of heart disease?
(A) three
(B) ten
(C) fifteen
(D) eleven

73.【題組】73.Which of the following statement is NOT true?
(A) Eight percent fewer strokes was predicted by the study if people take less salt.
(B) The results of the study were predicted by a computer model.
(C) The study was conducted in New England.
(D) About two hundred forty billion dollars in health care could be saved by eating less salt.

74.【題組】74.Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The average American man eats 10 grams of salt a day.
(B) Less salt could prevent ninety-two thousand deaths a year.
(C) No more than three grams of salt are good for healthy people.
(D) Americans have increased the amount of salt in their diet by fifteen percent since the 1970s.

75.【題組】75.What can be inferred from the last paragraph?
(A) Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s National Salt Reduction Initiative is widely supported by Americans.
(B) The purpose of National Salt Reduction Initiative is to promote gourmet cuisines in New York City.
(C) Mayor Bloomberg is concerned about the health of American people.
(D) Mayor Bloomberg has an ambition to run for the next presidency of the United States.

76.【題組】 Recently, a new type of tourism, or what is called ‘alternative tourism’, has emerged and become more and more popular among people who feel tired of the same old holidays and hope to gain real or authentic experiences from traveling. This new kind of tourism takes the form of individual custom-made or independent holidays that take people to remote and exotic destinations, and cater to their different needs and interests. These holidays are basically designed and arranged at a personal level. They often have different themes and offer a variety for people to choose from. As the market for this new form of tourism has expanded greatly, newer topics and programs will also appear as long as people begin to develop newer interests and needs in the future. But what exactly can people get out of alternative tourism? For ecology-minded people, they can go whale-watching or take a conservation trip to help restore the damaged coastline. For people who like adventure and outdoor activities, the choices could range from mountain climbing, scuba diving, windsurfing, white-water rafting to cycling in the mountains and deserts. For people who simply like to relax and gain a peace of mind, they can spend a week at spa and health resorts to relax and de-stress, or take yoga and meditation lessons at country retreats in India. For people who are fond of culture and heritage, they can visit museums and art galleries in New York, take a weekend break at the Edinburgh International Festival, or tour around France to visit historic castles. Other programs under alternative tourism include holidays that are taken for educational, artistic or religious purposes. These contain learning English on a four-week trip to Australia, learning survival skills in the jungles, learning how to paint or handle dogs during a few days’ holiday, and go on a pilgrimage to holy places and sites. The lists to these different kinds of programs are endless and cater to different customers’ needs and interests. But the messages this emergence of new holidays signals for the travel and tourism industry are that alternative tourism not only reflects the changing faces of tourism, but also brings both challenges and opportunities to the industry.
【題組】76. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) the contents of alternative tourism
(B) the significance of mass tourism
(C) the popularity of alternative tourism
(D) the reasons for the emergence of tourism

77.【題組】77.In paragraph 1, what does the word ‘custom-made’ mean?
(A) It means customers designing their own holidays to meet their own interests.
(B) It means holidays arranged according to different cultural customs.
(C) It means travelers getting the approval from customs officers.
(D) It means holidays designed individually and can vary from person to person.

78.【題組】78.If you plan to go bungee-jumping, what type of tourism does it belong to?
(A) Ecotourism.
(B) Adventure tourism.
(C) Cultural tourism.
(D) Escape tourism.

79.【題組】79.Which of the following holidays can be seen as educational?
(A) A weekend break in a country house for beauty treatments.
(B) A trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
(C) A one-week holiday in Paris on how to cook delicacies.
(D) Riding camels in the Sahara for a six-day holiday.

80.【題組】80.According to this passage, what does the appearance of alternative tourism signify to the travel and tourism industry?
(A) Tourism is about caring for people.
(B) People working in the travel and tourism industry should love their jobs.
(C) Tourism keeps changing and it is both demanding and rewarding.
(D) It is important to learn about different cultures and customs.