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1.1 The _______ of touring in this city is that it’s very pricey.
(A) convenience
(B) downside
(C) confusion
(D) opportunity
2.2 Seeing the rise of new media technology, many people predict newspapers will soon be _______ .
(A) widespread
(B) prevalent
(C) obsolete
(D) accessed
3.3 Am I _______ to compensation if my ferry is canceled?
(A) asked
(B) entitled
(C) qualified
(D) requested
4.4 It is the high season, and I’m not sure whether the hotel could provide enough _______for the whole group.
(A) vacation
(B) locations
(C) recommendation
(D) accommodations
5.5 Due to the delay, we are not able to catch up with our_______ flight.
(A) connecting
(B) connected
(C) connect
(D) connectional
6.6 _______of the death penalty say it is an important tool for preserving law and order in the society.
(A) Components
(B) Respondents
(C) Opponents
(D) Proponents
7.7 Even though John has returned from Bali for two weeks, he is still_______ the memories of his holidays.
(A) missing
(B) forgetting
(C) savoring
(D) remembering
8.8 The park does not allow pets;_______ , we would have brought our puppy with us.
(A) unless
(B) therefore
(C) likewise
(D) otherwise
9.9 This traveler’s check is not good because it should require two _______by the user.
(A) insurances
(B) accounts
(C) signatures
(D) examinations
10.10 Shelly has adhered_______ a low-fat diet for over two months and succeeded in losing 12 pounds.
(A) on
(B) at
(C) in
(D) to
11.11 Violent video games have been_______ for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violence towards women.
(A) influenced
(B) acclaimed
(C) decided
(D) blamed
12.12 My car wouldn’t start this morning, and then I realized the battery was_______ .
(A) empty
(B) low
(C) weak
(D) dead
13.13 Recently, extreme weather and climate events in the form of heat waves, droughts and floods seem to have become the norm rather than the _______. 
(A) condition
(B) objection
(C) exception
(D) question
14.14 Many _______users of mobile phones would get anxious and panic once the phone is missing.
(A) friendly
(B) familiar
(C) heavy
(D) careful
15.15 After looking at the map, Tom suggested that we_______ heading east.
(A) continue
(B) continued
(C) have continued
(D) are continuing
16.16 In 2060, people over 65 will account _______more than 41 percent of the population in Taiwan.
(A) for
(B) no
(C) in
(D) at
17.17 Despite his effort to combat fear of height, the dip and turn of the roller coaster still_______ Jeff.
(A) excited
(B) terrified
(C) convinced
(D) stimulated
18.18 We have seen a marked increase in the number of visitors to the theme park, but cannot understand why the total income indicates_______ .
(A) a demand
(B) a decline
(C) a distinction
(D) a disruption
19.19 The Union has filed a protest _______behalf of the terminated workers.
(A) for
(B) in
(C) on
(D) at
20.20 Paul didn’t go to the baseball game yesterday;_______ , he went fishing.
(A) not to mention
(B) instead
(C) in that case
(D) moreover
21.21 The manager lacked coordination and communication skills; likewise, his crew was altogether_______ .
(A) disciplined
(B) disjointed
(C) dismayed
(D) discriminated
22.22 The chemicals in these cleaning products can be_______ to our health.
(A) hazardous
(B) hapless
(C) rueful
(D) pitiful 代號:4601 頁次:4-2
23.23 It took us no time to clear _______at the border.
(A) costume
(B) costumes
(C) custom
(D) customs
24.24 Good luck for your interview today. I’ll keep my fingers _______and wish you the best.
(A) bent
(B) crossed
(C) pointed
(D) knitted
25.25 Our new neighbors next door will have a _______party this weekend.
(A) homecoming
(B) homebasing
(C) housewarming
(D) housemoving
26.26 Aliens who overstay their visas would be_______ back to their country of birth.
(A) deported
(B) discharged
(C) departed
(D) disclaimed
27.27 Computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time; _______, their quality is improving.
(A) indeed
(B) in short
(C) therefore
(D) meanwhile
28.28 Stay calm and clear-minded. I’m sure you’ll have no problem_______ the exam.
(A) to pass
(B) passing
(C) pass
(D) passed
29.29 Sorry, we don’t have these shoes in size seven. They are out of _______. Would you like to try a different style?
(A) order
(B) business
(C) stock
(D) sale
30.30 A: How often do you eat out? B: _______
(A) Five times a week.
(B) For thirty minutes.
(C) Every one hour.
(D) In a second.
31.31 A: Sir, you just triggered the security alarm. Are you carrying any metal item? B:
(A) No, I have emptied all my coins from my pockets.
(B) No, I didn’t pull the trigger.
(C) Yes, it’s a very sensitive detector.
(D) Yes, you can never be too careful.
32.Recently a cheating scandal has rocked the world: Lance Armstrong, an American professional road racing cyclist, finally admitted that he had used performance-enhancing drugs in his seven Tour de France wins. In the past, he persistently denied the 32 of doping, even under oath, and persecuted former close associates who went public 33 him. Now, he confesses his years of denial as “one big lie” for keeping up a fairy tale image: a hero who overcame cancer, a winner of the Tour repeatedly, and a father with a happy marriage and children. Armstrong’s cheat has rekindled the long-term debate on 34 performance-enhancing drugs should be accepted in sports. On one side, it is argued that these drugs’ harmful health effects have been overstated, and using drugs is part of the 35 of sports much like improved training techniques and new technologies. On the other side, it is argued that these drugs are harmful and potentially fatal, and that athletes who use them are cheaters who gain an unfair 36 and violate the spirit of competition.
(A) implementation
(B) exploitation
(C) persecution
(D) allegation
(A) for
(B) upon
(C) over
(D) against
(A) how
(B) lest
(C) whether
(D) which
(A) evolution
(B) satisfaction
(C) cooperation
(D) distribution
(A) viewpoint
(B) advantage
(C) share
(D) control
37.37 Jennifer is very good with specific details, but she doesn’t always get the_________ .
(A) big frame
(B) big image
(C) big picture
(D) big book
38.38 Do they have a _________plan if it rains tomorrow and they can’t go hiking?
(A) convenience
(B) contingency
(C) continuous
(D) constituent
39.39 The past years have seen many_________ in the telecommunications industry, such as the development of phones that can receive e-mail and images.
(A) innovations
(B) invitations
(C) instructions
(D) installations
40.40 Joe works around the clock. He’s really_________ to make money and get ahead in the company.
(A) deluded
(B) driven
(C) disappointed
(D) depressed
41.41 Most of my friends don’t eat meat. _________we always go to vegetarian restaurants when we go out for dinner.
(A) Because
(B) As a result,
(C) If
(D) When
42.42 We decided to take our vacation during the winter this year_________ we realized that we could save a lot of money that way.
(A) till
(B) then
(C) so
(D) because
43.43 When you stay in a hotel, what basic_________ do you think are necessary?
(A) activities
(B) capabilities
(C) facilities
(D) abilities
44.44 Airport limousine service, valet parking service, and concierge service are some of the most poplar items among our_________ .
(A) car services
(B) guest services
(C) sales services
(D) retail services 代號:4601 頁次:4-3
45.45 The “Ambassador” is centrally located in Hsinchu, a few minutes by car from the station. It offers a_________ view of the metro Hsinchu area.
(A) panoramic
(B) pacific
(C) pastoral
(D) premodern
46.46 I would like to _________my American Express card, please.
(A) choose this to
(B) charge this to
(C) chain this to
(D) change this to
47.47 Guest: I have made a reservation for a suite overnight. Clerk: Yes, we have your reservation right here. Would you please fill out this _________form and show me your ID?
(A) reimbursement
(B) registration
(C) refund
(D) registrar
48.48 He’s got a new job in Paris. He has been_________ there for three months.
(A) live
(B) lived
(C) living
(D) life
49.49 As Tim has no experience at all, I _________he is qualified for this job.
(A) describe
(B) deliberate
(C) develop
(D) doubt
50.50 How _________you feel if your best friends from high school mistook you for someone thirty years older at the reunion?
(A) would
(B) would have
(C) will
(D) will have
51.51 Taiwan Mountain Tea and Red Sprout Mountain Tea are _________subspecies of the island. They were discovered in Taiwan in the 17th century.
(A) inscribed
(B) indigenous
(C) incredible
(D) industrial
52.52 A group of young students has taken the _________through social media to organize a rally against the austerity plans.
(A) invitation
(B) initiative
(C) instruction
(D) inscription
53.53 Wild Formosa Sika deer became_________ due to extensive hunting of the animal during the Dutch colonization period.
(A) extinct
(B) excite
(C) exact
(D) explicit
54.54 Many emerging countries are facing economic uncertainty after the _________with former union.
(A) making up
(B) breaking up
(C) setting up
(D) taking up
55.55 Would you please pick up the groceries from the store _________your way home?
(A) on
(B) in
(C) through
(D) of
56.56 Releasing the prisoners for fear of overcrowding might_________ the current rule of law.
(A) understand
(B) undermine
(C) underdevelop
(D) underfund
57.57 Getting _________the city in a foreign country can be tricky as many locals don’t speak English or welcome foreigners.
(A) around
(B) up
(C) with
(D) along
58.58 Your detailed _________is as follows: leaving Taipei on the 14th of June and arriving at Tokyo on the same day at noon.
(A) item
(B) identification
(C) itinerary
(D) inscription
59.59 _________you listen to the conclusion, you should continue to take notes as completely as possible.
(A) But
(B) Whether
(C) How
(D) As
60.60 Many people engage in risky tasks only for personal satisfaction—they are _________only with their self-esteem.
(A) concerned
(B) contained
(C) complained
(D) completed
61.61 The term rites of passage was introduced by the Flemish anthropologist Arnold van Gennep in 1090 to describe the _________ that make important transitions in people’s lives.
(A) cemeteries
(B) certainties
(C) celebrities
(D) ceremonies
62.62 With the same consumption of fuel, this motorbike goes _________that one.
(A) as twice fast as
(B) twice fast as
(C) as fast as twice of
(D) twice as fast as
63.63 One of the most important parts of these activities is for students to share the _________of a group discussion with the rest of the class.
(A) lowlights
(B) brightlights
(C) highlights
(D) headlights
64.64 Still to come _________BBC World News, our Paris correspondent will update us on the Euro crisis.
(A) by
(B) on
(C) through
(D) in
65.65 Many people have made “getting in shape” one of their new year_________ .
(A) recreations
(B) revolutions
(C) revelations
(D) resolutions
66.66 Upon _________to the plan, the organizers are to set out the procedures.
(A) agreeing
(B) agree
(C) agreed
(D) agreeable
67.67 Client: Are there any direct flights to Paris? Clerk: No, you would have to_________ in Amsterdam.
(A) transfer
(B) transport
(C) translate
(D) transform 代號:4601 頁次:4-4
68.68 Client: Could you give us a table_________ ? Waiter: Certainly. Follow me, please.
(A) with the window
(B) to the window
(C) through the window
(D) by the window
69.69 Pineapple cakes and local teas are some of the most popular _________of Taiwan.
(A) sights
(B) souvenirs
(C) services
(D) surprises
70.70 A _________breakfast of coffee and rolls is served in the lobby between 7 and 10 am.
(A) complete
(B) complimentary
(C) continuous
(D) complicate
71.71 The hotels in the resort areas are fully booked in the summer. It would be very difficult to find any_________ then.
(A) vacations
(B) visitors
(C) views
(D) vacancies
72.72_________ on the board for more than two decades, the president knows all the details necessary to persuade the new members.
(A) Having served
(B) Serving
(C) Services
(D) Served
73.73 On occasions of loss and grief, we should use the most appropriate words to express our_________ .
(A) considerations
(B) contemplations
(C) condolences
(D) complacency
74.74 _________the use of personal pronouns such as he or she, it can be used to refer to an entire idea or concept that is comprehensive and complex.
(A) In order to
(B) In reference to
(C) In contrast to
(D) In speaking to
75.75 Steve created quite _________when he introduced that controversial idea at the advisory meeting.
(A) a stock
(B) a stare
(C) a stir
(D) a star
76.76 This sleek and sophisticated design might be _________to some of you who don’t believe in the aesthetics of products.
(A) an eye opener
(B) a can opener
(C) an ear opener
(D) a beer opener
77.Mount Rushmore is perhaps one of North America’s most distinguished and famous landmarks, right after the Statue of Liberty. It features the busts of four U.S. Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. This place has an interesting story. First, a New York lawyer named Charles
(E) Rushmore visited the Black Hills in 1885. He asked a local the name of the granite mountain before them. Since the peak had no name, the man replied humorously, “Mount Rushmore.” The name has never been changed since! In 1923 state historian Doane Robinson suggested carving some giant statues in South Dakota’s Black Hills. However, the formations chosen, known as the Needles, were too fragile, and the sculptor, Mr. Gutzon Borglum, decided to use the granite mountain instead. Born in a family of Danish Mormons in Idaho in 1867, Borglum studied art in Paris and enjoyed moderate fame as a sculptor after remodeling the torch for the Statue of Liberty. Borglum chose the presidents “in commemoration of the foundation, preservation and continental expansion of the United States.” President Calvin Coolidge dedicated the memorial in 1927. At this very moment, near this mountain, there is another colossal monument in progress: the Crazy Horse Memorial, to honor this courageous Indian leader. In this way, history is preserved, as big as the heritage is, to be shared with everyone in an attractive way.

【題組】77 What is the second paragraph mainly about?
(A) A brief history of Mount Rushmore.
(B) The geographical features of Mount Rushmore.
(C) Other attractions near Mount Rushmore.
(D) A comparison between Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty.
78.【題組】78 What does “in progress” imply about the Crazy Horse Memorial in the last paragraph?
(A) It is better than the other monuments.
(B) It will change to an Indian name.
(C) It is still under construction.
(D) It gives more fun to the tourists.
79.【題組】79 Mr. Gutzon Borglum .
(A) was an unknown artist before he carved the giant statues
(B) suggested carving some statues in South Dakota’s Black Hills
(C) chose the subjects for his sculptures
(D) was a sculptor from France
80.【題組】80 The four U.S. presidents featured in Mount Rushmore do NOT include .
(A) Jefferson
(B) Coolidge
(C) Roosevelt
(D) Washington