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1.This is ____ book.
2.Mary is my English teacher. She teaches _________.
(A) Chinese
(B) English
(C) French
(D) Italian
3.I like to fly. To be a ________ is my dream.
(A) sailor
(B) soldier
(C) pilot
(D) farmer
4.An F-16 war jet is an ________.
(A) ship
(B) car
(C) train
(D) airplane
5.Which of the following has the fastest speed?
(A) a taxi
(B) a bicycle
(C) a ship
(D) an airplane
6.If you want to fly to another place, where do you go to take the airplane?
(A) the railway station
(B) the bus station
(C) the airport
(D) the harbor
7.The airplane is about to leave. It is taking _______.
(A) on
(B) off
(C) in
(D) by
8.The airplane is arriving into the airport, it is ________.
(A) landing
(B) enjoying
(C) laughing
(D) joking
9.I like to read. Reading is my _______.
(A) fear
(B) hobby
(C) money
(D) sorry
10.Lady GaGa is our favorite singer. We are her _______.
(A) enemy
(B) parent
(C) fans
(D) lovers
11.Wang Chien-ming (王建民) is a baseball _______.
(A) catcher
(B) batter
(C) manager
(D) pitcher
12.To play an online computer game, you need to get _______ first.
(A) wired
(B) mad
(C) wind
(D) used to
13.If you spend too much time on surfing websites during your working hours,you may be ______ by your boss.
(A) promoted
(B) fired
(C) neglected
(D) hugged
14.Being fired means you ___________.
(A) keep you job
(B) change your job
(C) lose your job
(D) like your job
15.Some people make a lot of money but contribute little in their job. They are_______.
(A) big mouths
(B) poker faces
(C) good fighters
(D) fat cats
16.If you choose the right numbers and win a lottery, you will become a_______.
(A) rich man
(B) poor man
(C) good man
(D) bad man
17.A clock will tell you what _________ it is.
(A) distance
(B) problem
(C) time
(D) temperature
18.You are my teacher, I am your _______.
(A) colleague
(B) mentor
(C) superior
(D) student
19.A library is a place full of _______.
(A) boots
(B) food
(C) books
(D) cooks
20.I want to go shopping. I am going to a ________.
(A) restaurant
(B) toilet
(C) supermarket
(D) department store
21.I _______ the book yesterday.
(A) readed
(B) read
(C) was readed
(D) reading
22.She enjoys _________ movies.
(A) watching
(B) to watch
(C) watches
(D) to watching
23.I used _______, but not anymore.
(A) to smoking
(B) to smoke
(C) smoke
(D) smoking
24.I quit _______.
(A) smoking
(B) to smoke
(C) to smoking
(D) smoke
25.If I _______ you, I would buy it.
(A) am
(B) is
(C) are
(D) were
26.If I had had money, I would __________ to the United States.
(A) go
(B) have gone
(C) be going
(D) had gone
27.27. She called me last night when I __________ a shower.
(A) take
(B) taking
(C) am taking
(D) was taking
28.It __________ for three days.
(A) rained
(B) has rained
(C) rains
(D) had rained
29.I am taller than you are; you are ______ than I am.
(A) stronger
(B) richer
(C) shorter
(D) fatter
30.The _________ of Taiwan is around 23 millions.
(A) population
(B) size
(C) climate
(D) culture
31.If you want to pass the examination, you’d better work ____.
(A) as usual
(B) lighter
(C) harder
(D) funnier
32.He has his hair _______.
(A) cut
(B) to be cut
(C) cuts
(D) cutting.
33.To be a good pilot, you need to be _______.
(A) rich
(B) generous
(C) cautious
(D) fun
34.Two plus two is _______.
(A) fore
(B) for
(C) four
(D) foul
35.Two minus two is _______.
(A) zoo
(B) soul
(C) zero
(D) zeal
36.When you have a toothache, you see a _______.
(A) artist
(B) banker
(C) dentist
(D) butcher
37.The examination is not hard ______.
(A) at best
(B) at least
(C) at last
(D) at all
38.I look forward to your _______ the examination.
(A) pass
(B) past
(C) pasted
(D) passing
39.I _______ from Taiwan and I am happy to be with you.
(A) comes
(B) came
(C) to come
(D) come
40.I have done my _______ to help you.
(A) good
(B) better
(C) the better
(D) best