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1.We'll get to school on time; in fact we're ________ there now.
(A) by no means
(B) far from
(C) as good as
(D) few and far between

2.A good salesman is never ________ for words.
(A) at all costs
(B) at a loss
(C) at first sight
(D) at long last

3.He would not say yes or no, but ________ .
(A) beat about the bush
(B) kept his figers crossed
(C) made a point
(D) talk turkey

4.Now that both their parents died in the accident, what will _______ the two kids?
(A) agree with
(B) become of
(C) fall through
(D) run away with

5.In the presence of all the ridicule and criticism he just ______ and tried to show that he didn't care about them.
(A) lost his temper
(B) passed away
(C) bit his lips
(D) ran a risk

6.______ a new car requires careful driving at moderate speeds.
(A) Breaking away
(B) Breaking in
(C) Breaking off
(D) Breaking up

7.I really don't know what has ______ such great changes in our society.
(A) brought about
(B) brought out
(C) brought to
(D) brought up

8.She fainted in the heat, but the doctor soon ______ .
(A) brought her to
(B) carried her out
(C) set her on
(D) took her in

9.She spent the summer ________ on her American history as she was to teach that in the fall.
(A) breaking through
(B) brushing up
(C) coming down
(D) hanging around

10.This TV program, _____, will introduce you to different species of animals in Africa.
(A) here and there
(B) by and large
(C) to and fro
(D) in and out