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I can't understand why ____ so selfish. He isn't usually like that.


(A)is he 
(B)he is
(C)does he 
(D)he is being

2.You'll like Jill when you meet her. She____ very nice.
(A)isn't being
(C)has had been
(D)is being

3.Which of the following sentences is grammatically CORRECT?
(A)According to a recent survey, about two-thirds of the vegetarian are women.
(B)Ian said that 20% of your grade based on on your class participation.
(C)The amount of land used to produce meat is many times the amount used to produce vegetaables.
(D)Recycle materials are widely used in the construction of roads and bridges.

4.So far, there have been many studies on ____ .
(A)how does somking affect health
(B)what may cause to cancer
(C)how music helps insane people
(D)what is it like to live on the moon

5.You're usually very patient, so why ____ so unresonable about waiting five more minutes?
(A)are you
(B)have you been
(C)are you being
(D)you are


Like many young men and women, Amy is worried about her appearance. ____, she has increased her exercise hours.


(A)To losing weight

(B)As to lose weight 

(C)On the purpose of losing weight 

(D)With a view to losing weight

7.Which sentence is exactly CORRECT?
(A)The waiter greeted us with fluent English.
(B)It is impolite to talk with your mouth full with food.
(C)Before we went there, people had warned us of pickpokets.
(D)Mike went to Europe twice by the time he was fifteen years old.

8.What are the dimensions of the room? It ____ twelve meters by ten meters.
(B)is measured
(C)is measuring
(D)has measured

9.The boy lay there ____, feeling nervous about undergoing an operation.
(D)and stunned

10.You should study ____ .
(A)as possible as you can
(B)as hard as we can
(C)as hard as possible
(D)as hardly as you can