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1.Please choose the correct sentence.
(A) He received a leg injured.
(B) He received a injured leg.
(C) He received a injuring leg.
(D) He received a leg injury.

2.Here are some pencils for you _____.
(A) to write
(B) writing
(C) to write with
(D) writing with

3.If only I _____ enough money, I would buy you that big diamond ring.
(A) have
(B) had
(C) having
(D) would have

4.Would he go to college if he _____?
(A) can
(B) can't
(C) could
(D) might

5.My mom suggests that Michael _____ English.
(A) study
(B) studies
(C) studied
(D) studying
(E) to study

6.If Kevin _____ well last night, he wouldn't be so tired today.
(A) sleep
(B) slept
(C) were sleeping
(D) has slept
(E) had slept

7.So far we _____ nothing from him.
(A) have been heard
(B) have not heard
(C) did not hear
(D) have heard

8.Our city _____ a great deal.It doesn't resemble the one of three years ago.
(A) charges
(B) is charging
(C) has changed
(D) will charge

9.Since then Australia _____ from the rest of the world by vast oceans.
(A) is isolated
(B) had isolated
(C) has isolated
(D) has been isolated

10.It has been many years _____.
(A) whether Mary would come or not
(B) still nobody accepted Mary
(C) since I last saw him
(D) when I met an old friend of mine
(E) to studying