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1.1 This is a school area; please don’t ______ your horn while passing by.
(A) stir
(B) honk
(C) spot
(D) spread
2.2 To our surprise, the champion runner was ______ by an unknown competitor in the last lap, and lost the race.
(A) undertaken
(B) overcome
(C) overdone
(D) overtaken
3.3 Susan’s father has a very ______ attitude towards children’s education.
(A) terrified
(B) aware
(C) conservative
(D) recovery
4.4 The policeman showed great ______ when he saved the child from the burning house.
(A) harmony
(B) courage
(C) depression
(D) mission
5.5 Their company is planning to give a prize to the ______ who sells the most cars next month.
(A) fireman
(B) salesman
(C) sportsman
(D) spearman
6.6 The building is full of the ______ works of well-known artists, which have been donated by local people.
(A) tranquil
(B) deliberate
(C) meditative
(D) exquisite
7.7 Did you know that the clock tower is the tallest structure on that school’s ______?
(A) campus
(B) celebration
(C) capacity
(D) composition
8.8 As an old saying goes, “A quiet ______ sleeps in thunder.”
(A) nonsense
(B) conscience
(C) scholarship
(D) proficiency
9.9 The woman showed ______ to the hungry beggar and decided to let him have dinner with her family.
(A) royalty
(B) mercy
(C) nerve
(D) cruelty
10.10 In modern warfare, soldiers usually use guns instead of ______.
(A) swords
(B) interruption
(C) motivations
(D) loyalty
11.11 When Tina saw her boyfriend, a smile ______ across her face.
(A) resided
(B) vanished
(C) crept
(D) tightened
12.12 The building is regularly ______ by a fire-safety officer.
(A) organized
(B) inspected
(C) poked
(D) celebrated
13.13 Mom, would you please ______ me an egg? I am so hungry!
(A) pin
(B) drag
(C) boil
(D) ignore
14.14 After you finish the process of checking-in, the clerk will ______ labels to your luggage.
(A) attack
(B) attain
(C) afford
(D) attach
15.15 Those candidates are required to declare the ______ of their campaign funds.
(A) mixtures
(B) pride
(C) similarity
(D) sources
16.16 The company provides customers with a wide ______ of products that are finely designed.
(A) capacity
(B) variety
(C) occasion
(D) vacancy
17.17 It’s ______ to tell your teacher what you really think about the issue.
(A) alone
(B) alright
(C) aloud
(D) alike
18.18 Something must be done to prevent the spread of mad cow ______.
(A) system
(B) disease
(C) direction
(D) depression
19.19 Fill in the blanks with ______ phrases or words.
(A) proud
(B) appropriate
(C) associate
(D) ambitious
20.20 At first, he hesitated and seemed somewhat ______ to answer the question, but finally did so.
(A) unwilling
(B) obedient
(C) insistent
(D) related
21.21 It is widely believed that the President is going to ______ re-election.
(A) sink
(B) seek
(C) seize
(D) sigh
22.22 Our teacher asked us to make sentences with these ______.
(A) photos
(B) properties
(C) pavements
(D) phrases
23.23 Tommy’s ______ loosened as he ran down the street.
(A) shoestrings
(B) necklace
(C) raincoat
(D) socks
24.24 I didn’t own the house; actually, I was just a ______ there.
(A) tenant
(B) citizen
(C) resident
(D) villager
25.25 A common ______ at a funeral is saying prayers before people bury the deceased.
(A) secret
(B) rumor
(C) ritual
(D) solution
26.26 One quarter of the present million residents in Vancouver are of Asian ______.
(A) iron
(B) origin
(C) sense
(D) basis
27.27 Ever since the 9/11 Attack, my American friend Eric has lived in ______ fear of being attacked.
(A) contented
(B) consistent
(C) constant
(D) conditional
28.28 There wasn’t enough water to ______ the ship.
(A) keep
(B) blow
(C) float
(D) creep
29.29 The company ______ its employees to be able to deal with emergent situations.
(A) considered
(B) avoided
(C) struggled
(D) trained
30.30 The novel written by the popular author has been ______ into more than fifty-five languages.
(A) transferred
(B) interfered
(C) translated
(D) interpreted
31.31 The book is now issued in seven ______.
(A) volunteers
(B) volumes
(C) victories
(D) victims
32.32 The man was sentenced to three years in prison for child ______.
(A) abuse
(B) absence
(C) abolishment
(D) abandon
33.33 The pianist gave an ______ performance; the audience applauded loudly.
(A) entranced
(B) evident
(C) excellent
(D) economic
34.34 I cannot stand your ______ talk about women any more.
(A) vulgar
(B) suburban
(C) delight
(D) devoted
35.35 If you want to join the club, you may need to pay the ______ fee of two thousand dollars.
(A) logic
(B) membership
(C) sense
(D) motivation
36.36 Facts have proven that the development and ______ of the region need cooperation among countries.
(A) particularity
(B) paragraph
(C) perfection
(D) prosperity
37.37 After the speaker finished his talk, he made a quick ______ from the room.
(A) exit
(B) glance
(C) entrance
(D) vanishing
38.38 They took their seats just as the curtain on the ______ was raised and the play began.
(A) theater
(B) stage
(C) dormitory
(D) playground
39.39 Tony ______ across the ocean as the sun slowly set.
(A) gazed
(B) picked
(C) sought
(D) stretched
40.40 Mentally exhausted after the exam, Suzie had a ______ look on her face.
(A) passionate
(B) vacant
(C) sparkling
(D) sprightly
41.41 The fact that her daughter hadn’t come home by two a.m. caused her mother great ______.
(A) consideration
(B) observation
(C) regard
(D) anxiety
42.42 As a parent, I felt a mixture of ______ when I saw my daughter in her wedding gown.
(A) sympathies
(B) concepts
(C) emotions
(D) expressions
43.43 According to the judge, there wasn’t enough evidence to ______ such a charge.
(A) support
(B) encourage
(C) afford
(D) function
44.44 As is known to most people, that businessman’s views had been very ______ in shaping government policy.
(A) inflectional
(B) infuriating
(C) informative
(D) influential
45.45 In order to lose weight, she only had a thin ______ of bread for breakfast.
(A) host
(B) bowl
(C) slice
(D) drop
46.46 The child was blowing ______ in her drink with a straw.
(A) couples
(B) bubbles
(C) pimples
(D) nobles
47.47 The temple is always filled with the smell of ______.
(A) breeze
(B) breath
(C) incense
(D) campus
48.48 When the fire alarm went off, the guard tried to use water and ______ to put out the fire.
(A) headline
(B) foam
(C) discount
(D) budget
49.49 The mysterious lake sitting high on the mountaintop is ______ by heavy mist all year round.
(A) surrounded
(B) filtered
(C) sweated
(D) required
50.50 He likes to ______ but is careful enough to stop before he loses too much.
(A) overeat
(B) adopt
(C) gamble
(D) battle
51.51 We are under great ______ to accept the agreement.
(A) treasure
(B) pressure
(C) torture
(D) future
52.52 She was dressed in blue from ______ to toe.
(A) thumb
(B) ear
(C) top
(D) bottom
53.53 The ______ of wild animals is an important issue in politics.
(A) motivation
(B) conservation
(C) relation
(D) conversation
54.54 The ______ announcement will offer more information about our services.
(A) favorite
(B) following
(C) fantastic
(D) confusing
55.55 After Sam woke up, he just couldn’t ______ who had taken him home.
(A) rebuild
(B) resell
(C) refresh
(D) recall
56.56 A fire broke out in the ______ area last night.
(A) athletic
(B) apart
(C) downtown
(D) economic
57.57 I heard my little sister ______ her dissatisfaction in front of the doctor.
(A) memorizing
(B) muttering
(C) mattering
(D) matching
58.58 It has rained for weeks, so we are ______ for some sunshine.
(A) purchasing
(B) registering
(C) stretching
(D) longing
59.59 I was asked to ______ the trip, but I messed it up.
(A) hasten
(B) found
(C) collect
(D) organize
60.60 Rachel nearly ______ her little sister in the eye with the pencil.
(A) peeked
(B) poked
(C) spotted
(D) posed
61.61 The young man was forced to leave his ______ for political reasons.
(A) balloon
(B) homeland
(C) bottom
(D) lamp
62.62 When the train started, my wife stood on the ______ waving to me.
(A) lantern
(B) platform
(C) plate
(D) layer
63.63 I can’t start the car. I think there must be something wrong with the ______.
(A) garbage
(B) engine
(C) custom
(D) athlete
64.64 When I entered the kitchen, I saw my mother filling the ______ with hot water.
(A) thread
(B) flame
(C) teakettle
(D) stove
65.65 Sam watered the flowers and told his wife to do ______.
(A) likely
(B) pair
(C) simply
(D) likewise
66.66 All of the employees are pleased to have found a ______ way to promote their products.
(A) meaningless
(B) workable
(C) irritable
(D) insensibl
67.67 I was taking a walk in the park when all of a ______ someone grabbed me.
(A) terror
(B) fright
(C) sudden
(D) scare
68.68 When he came back from work, he was exhausted and lay on the ______.
(A) pillow
(B) pilot
(C) pity
(D) poison
69.69 All of a sudden, a stone ______ him on the back of the head.
(A) stroked
(B) struck
(C) stuck
(D) stamped
70.70 To tell the truth, I was ______ to pay another $20,000 on the car.
(A) resulted
(B) created
(C) useless
(D) reluctant
71.71 Mr. Peterson, who holds ______ as chairman, is too busy to travel with his family.
(A) service
(B) office
(C) ministration
(D) operation
72.72 Because of his parents’ persuasion, the criminal decided to ______ to the police.
(A) surround
(B) suspect
(C) survive
(D) surrender
73.73 Actually, women were denied the right to ______ until after many years of hard struggle.
(A) vanish
(B) violate
(C) vibrate
(D) vote
74.74 Tom’s ______ does not allow him to invite girls to his room.
(A) landlady
(B) labor
(C) host
(D) pet
75.75 During our childhood, we often helped with the ______ on the farm.
(A) heat
(B) history
(C) harvest
(D) height
76.76 Andrea was ______ with the answer given by her husband.
(A) consumed
(B) promised
(C) outwitted
(D) contented
77.77 As is known to us, Taiwan has developed economic ______ with Japan.
(A) ties
(B) lies
(C) mice
(D) pies
78.78 I hope that one day the ______ of “equal opportunities for all” can be applied to the whole world.
(A) context
(B) concept
(C) consideration
(D) complex
79.79 I don’t think he can fit everything into his busy ______.
(A) record
(B) curtain
(C) schedule
(D) diary
80.80 My sister tried to cram the winter coat into her small ______.
(A) teakettle
(B) lawn
(C) pocket
(D) suitcase
81.81 The speaker made a ______ statement in response to the question presented in the meeting.
(A) brick
(B) brief
(C) brutal
(D) blended
82.82 The director just changed some names and added a few characters, but ______ the film is a true story.
(A) specifically
(B) essentially
(C) originally
(D) particularly
83.83 Gradually, the public has lost ______ in the government.
(A) residence
(B) potential
(C) faith
(D) meditation
84.84 The president of that country is a ______ and no one dares to speak against him.
(A) translator
(B) dictator
(C) vendor
(D) decorator
85.85 I don’t know the man well enough to form an ______ of his abilities.
(A) estimate
(B) establishment
(C) esteem
(D) explosion
86.86 It is believed that the use of atomic energy(原子能)will influence the lives of future ______.
(A) dedications
(B) generality
(C) generations
(D) originality
87.87 In poetry the red rose is often a ______ for love.
(A) similarity
(B) document
(C) metaphor
(D) memory
88.88 On seeing the picture, he formed a(n) ______ of his hometown in his mind.
(A) thought
(B) image
(C) collection
(D) duty
89.89 Since I was six years old, I’ve been ______ about baseball.
(A) pleasure
(B) passionate
(C) proud
(D) present
90.90 When it started to rain, those hikers found the ______ to the cave to take shelter.
(A) pattern
(B) product
(C) entrance
(D) relation
91.91 This employee often has ______ ideas about how to solve problems in our company.
(A) political
(B) calm
(C) constructive
(D) puzzled
92.92 I don’t like coffee or tea. Would you please give me a bottle of ______ water?
(A) mental
(B) mineral
(C) minimum
(D) mixture
93.93 Before making the speech, Celina drank a glass of red wine to calm her ______.
(A) strength
(B) nerves
(C) envies
(D) concerns
94.94 The plants in my garden need watering, but I can’t be ______ to do it today.
(A) discouraged
(B) disapprove
(C) bothered
(D) defended
95.95 A: How may I help you? B: I’d like to have a cup of coke with lots of ice ______ in it.
(A) cubes
(B) bags
(C) clubs
(D) tubes
96.96 My aunt is not used to living in Taiwan because of its hot and sunny ______.
(A) climate
(B) source
(C) temperature
(D) scene
97.97 She really is grateful to uncle Peter for making all the funeral ______ for her family.
(A) arrangements
(B) agreements
(C) assessments
(D) astonishments
98.98 On entering the kitchen, I could smell the heavy ______ of mouth-watering dishes prepared by my mother.
(A) spirit
(B) fragrance
(C) aspect
(D) essence
99.99 It sometimes takes a lot of ______ to do something you’ve never done before.
(A) nerve
(B) emotion
(C) influence
(D) pressure
100.100 After it was discussed for several hours at the meeting, we found more details of the project ______.
(A) existed
(B) elected
(C) expanded
(D) emerged