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1.101 No matter how hard I try to influence her, she always ______ she likes.
(A) went her own way
(B) goes her own way
(C) went out of her way
(D) goes out of her way

2.102 What the speaker said ______ with the matter we are discussing.
(A) is highly related
(B) has something to do
(C) has something on his mind
(D) have something to contend

3.103 The shopping mall and the hospital are ______ sides of the road.
(A) belonging into
(B) out of the
(C) on opposite
(D) contacted with

4.104 White has a strong ______ purity in many people’s minds.
(A) associated with
(B) association with
(C) associate to
(D) associating by

5.105 Sam is not a happy man; he always seems to have something ______.
(A) in his mind
(B) on his mind
(C) in control
(D) under control

6.106 Allen could not ______ his fear of the water after he was saved from a car that was sinking into the lake.
(A) find out
(B) straighten up
(C) get over
(D) set out

7.107 ______, Tom came across a former classmate from junior high school and they had a chat.
(A) On his way home
(B) On the back
(C) For the sake of his conscience
(D) In good order

8.108 She ______ her boyfriend’s letter back ______ the envelope before anyone saw it.
(A) stuck…into
(B) slipped…into
(C) turned…into
(D) put…onto

9.109 The children gathered around ______ the statue to listen to the teacher’s remarks.
(A) the base by
(B) the basement from
(C) the base as
(D) the base of

10.110 The neighboring villagers were ______ by the enemy soldiers and many people were severely injured.
(A) under construction
(B) under attack
(C) under consideration
(D) under discussion

11.111 The soldier heard the ______ and immediately prepared to flight.
(A) cry for tears
(B) opening of feast
(C) sound of birds
(D) call to arms

12.112 On Christmas Eve, the child crept downstairs to ______ Santa Claus had already come.
(A) make up
(B) guest what
(C) see if
(D) watch out

13.113 After attending the commencement, Ted went back to his dormitory to pack the remaining______ such as shavers and combs.
(A) without end
(B) odds and ends
(C) at odds
(D) by all odds

14.114 Oil, electricity, water, and sunlight may all ______ sources of energy.
(A) be used to
(B) be used as
(C) be filled with
(D) be covered with

15.115 In the lengthy interview, the actor ______ to be an expert at teaching his fans how to deal with difficulty in life.
(A) laughed at
(B) fogged up
(C) suggested himself
(D) turned out

16.116 Mother Teresa was ______ searching for new ways to help people.
(A) out of
(B) proved of
(C) bad at
(D) active in

17.117 The young lady ______ her primary school teacher on the train.
(A) ran into
(B) ran on
(C) ran off
(D) ran through

18.118 Betty ______ her clothes and ran out to catch the school bus.
(A) wore on
(B) put onto
(C) threw on
(D) took on

19.119 Jay is well-prepared for the contest but there is only ______ for him to win the prize.
(A) every chance
(B) fair chance
(C) excellent chance
(D) one chance in ten

20.120 The middle age man seemed to spend most of his time ______ for his boss.
(A) pulling up
(B) dreaming of
(C) running errands
(D) dashing over

21.121 It seems that we can ______ cancel this trip because of the approaching typhoon.
(A) do with
(B) do without
(C) do nothing but
(D) do our part

22.122 Mother encouraged us not to be afraid of failure but to ______.
(A) take it for granted
(B) take off
(C) take it on the chin
(D) take it into account

23.123 My parents gave me a ______ on my plan to study in America.
(A) thumbs up
(B) huge glance
(C) thumbs onto
(D) huge thunder

24.124 If your car breaks down on the way, you may ______ home for free.
(A) thumb a ride
(B) thumb your nose at
(C) turn thumbs down
(D) turn thumbs up

25.125 During our trip to India, we ______ when seeing the sight of the Taj Mahal.
(A) felt wander
(B) felt wonder
(C) felt boring
(D) felt boiling

26.126 Among all the musicals, I like the Phantom of the Opera ______.
(A) in particular
(B) on occasion
(C) once in a while
(D) on purpose

27.127 Children should be ______ the importance of treating each other in a kind and thoughtful manner.
(A) known as
(B) conscious from
(C) keen as
(D) aware of

28.128 The weatherman forecast ______ throughout the day.
(A) occasional showers
(B) huge rains
(C) additional showers
(D) bonus rains

29.129 Divorce was a selfish decision ______ because now our kids suffer.
(A) on my way
(B) on my knees
(C) on my part
(D) on my own

30.130 Timmy loves to go to the movies and ______ himself ______ the exciting world on the screen.
(A) lost…away
(B) arise…in
(C) lose…in
(D) depart…from

31.131 He was about to take a brief rest when the thought ______.
(A) hit upon him
(B) crossed into his mind
(C) struck to him
(D) fell into his head

32.132 We shouldn’t get carried away when we ______ fear and grief.
(A) lose in
(B) are lost in
(C) lost ourselves
(D) are lost ourselves

33.133 His application for admission to a prestigious university was refused ______ he had failed to acquire an outstanding academic record in senior high school.
(A) because of
(B) in spite
(C) on the basis
(D) according as

34.134 Good teachers can have a big influence on you; ______ to think ______ it, a good teacher can change your entire life.
(A) go…by
(B) make…from
(C) push…around
(D) come…of

35.135 The custom has been ______ from generation to generation in that small mountain village.
(A) turned on
(B) got on
(C) handed on
(D) passed on

36.136 Are you familiar ______ the plants grown in his garden?
(A) to
(B) with
(C) on
(D) for

37.137 As soon as Mrs. White heard the bad news, she ______ burst out crying.
(A) could not help
(B) had no choice but
(C) could not help but
(D) could not bear

38.138 The storekeeper will be able to tell if the leather is artificial ______.
(A) throw a glance
(B) take a glance
(C) exchange glances
(D) at a glance

39.139 When Nancy returned from her trip to Paris, she ______ a ______ talk on all that she had done and seen there.
(A) turned…vivid
(B) gave…vivid
(C) drove…amazing
(D) kept…evil

40.140 Korean people often eat kimchi ______ other dishes.
(A) as good as
(B) in addition
(C) nothing but
(D) together with

41.141 Ten successive rainy days ______ floods in low areas, which were responsible for five deaths.
(A) came about
(B) passed on
(C) brought about
(D) dug in

42.142 Jane is a perfectionist and she always wants to be ______ everything. As a result, she is often stressed out.
(A) getting over
(B) losing herself in
(C) in the control of
(D) in control of

43.143 Even though Sophie is a cheerful person, she may feel sad or lonely ______.
(A) on her mind
(B) at one time or another
(C) in no way
(D) by no means

44.144 If you get your fear ______, you will know how to face and conquer it.
(A) out in the open
(B) on your part
(C) in the process
(D) in particular

45.145 Leonardo DiCaprio became ______ after starring in the movie Titanic.
(A) all the time
(B) all the rage
(C) all nerves
(D) all thumbs

46.146 After the report was published, public attention ______ the problems faced by single parents.
(A) was drawn to
(B) was used to
(C) got hung up on
(D) got rid of

47.147 Popular brands like Quickly, Easy Way, and Happy Cup ______ the ______.
(A) hit…moonlight
(B) hit…market
(C) in…opposite
(D) get over…problem

48.148 The new medicine will ______ at the end of next year.
(A) hit the jackpot
(B) have a sale
(C) hit the market
(D) sell like hot cakes

49.149 The clerk shook the red tea ______ until bubbles appeared. 
(A) odds and ends 
(B) one chance in ten 
(C) up and down 
(D) at one time or another

50.150 Don’t just worry about the problem; ______ to solve it.
(A) take action
(B) carry on
(C) hold on
(D) deal with

51.151 The sudden noise outside interrupted my ______.
(A) meditate
(B) meditative
(C) meditation
(D) meditatively

52.152 In ancient China, the ______ always wore yellow.
(A) emperor
(B) empire
(C) empires
(D) empirical

53.153 Everyone knows that Alan is a very ______ person.
(A) competition
(B) compete
(C) competence
(D) competitive

54.154 Are your ideas ______ of those of the other students?
(A) represent
(B) representative
(C) representatively
(D) represented

55.155 After graduation, many young people go to Taipei in ______ of jobs.
(A) searching
(B) searched
(C) search
(D) searchingly

56.156 The man made a ______ decision, and soon regretted it.
(A) hasten
(B) haste
(C) hastily
(D) hasty

57.157 It was reported that two girls ______ while walking home from the movie theater.
(A) vanishment
(B) vanishing
(C) vanishingly
(D) vanished

58.158 Jimmy felt an enormous sense of ______ when he thought about how he’d treated his wife.
(A) guilty
(B) guiltily
(C) guiltless
(D) guilt

59.159 What’s the ______ of a cat’s claw?
(A) functional
(B) function
(C) functionalist
(D) functionary

60.160 The naughty boy was still under ______ of theft.
(A) suspicious
(B) suspected
(C) suspect
(D) suspicion

61.161 No one likes to work with a badly ______ team.
(A) organization
(B) organized
(C) organize
(D) organizational

62.162 The statue was ______ on top of a large base.
(A) mounted
(B) mount
(C) mounting
(D) mountain

63.163 Some of the employees were late for the meeting for a ______ of reasons.
(A) various
(B) variety
(C) vary
(D) varied

64.164 When you rent an apartment, it is important to select the right ______.
(A) located
(B) location
(C) locating
(D) locator

65.165 Thanks to advances in technology, our city now has greatly ______ communications with all parts of the country.
(A) improvement
(B) improved
(C) improve
(D) improvable

66.166 My ideal spouse is a person who is dependable, ______, and possessed of stable personality.
(A) method
(B) methodical
(C) methodology
(D) methodically

67.167 Polly ______ agreed to stay home and take care of her little brother.
(A) reluctant
(B) reluctance
(C) reluctantly
(D) reluctances

68.168 My mother always ______ right out to the gym after getting off work.
(A) dashed
(B) dash
(C) dashing
(D) dashes

69.169 The story is ______ in the newspaper every day.
(A) continue
(B) continuation
(C) continuing
(D) continued

70.170 The hikers’ clothes were ______ after they walked home in the heavy rain.
(A) soak
(B) soaked
(C) soaking
(D) soaks

71.171 If you want to apply for the visa, you must have the ______ invitation from the country first.
(A) office
(B) official
(C) officially
(D) officious

72.172 If I hadn’t got ______ in the traffic jam, I would have come here earlier.
(A) sticky
(B) sticker
(C) sticking
(D) stuck

73.173 In the desert, camels are often used as a means of ______ or transportation.
(A) conveyance
(B) conveying
(C) conveyable
(D) conveyancing

74.174 Elizabeth found it ______ that she had not been invited to her friend’s party.
(A) insult
(B) insulting
(C) insulted
(D) insults

75.175 The weatherman reports that it will be cloudy today throughout the country with ______ showers in the afternoon.
(A) occasion
(B) occasionally
(C) occasioned
(D) occasional

76.176 We were very impressed by the teacher’s ______ to his students.
(A) devoted
(B) devotion
(C) devotedly
(D) devotional

77.177 This is indeed a good copy of the portrait. The ______ is in the British Museum in London.
(A) original
(B) origin
(C) originally
(D) originality

78.178 Many people feel strong ______ with the place where they grew up.
(A) ties
(B) tied
(C) tie
(D) tying

79.179 The police were accused of ______ those young men.
(A) mistreating
(B) treatment
(C) treating
(D) treatable

80.180 The director’s latest film doesn’t ______ his previous ones.
(A) matched
(B) match
(C) matching
(D) matchless

81.181 My own experience made me much more ______ to the needs of the poor.
(A) sense
(B) sensitize
(C) sensitive
(D) sensitivity

82.182 Polly is a very ______ person, so many people go to her with their problems.
(A) sympathy
(B) sympathetic
(C) sympathize
(D) sympathetically

83.183 Everybody is believed to have an ______ chance.
(A) equal
(B) equally
(C) equality
(D) equalizing

84.184 To tell the truth, I have no ______ of going to the movies with you.
(A) intentional
(B) intention
(C) intentionally
(D) intended

85.185 As Queensland’s vast natural resources were developed, Brisbane grew into a ______ city.
(A) prosperity
(B) prosperous
(C) prosper
(D) prosperously

86.186 Although the artist lived in great poverty, he remained ______ to his principles to the very end.
(A) faith
(B) faithfully
(C) faithful
(D) faithfulness

87.187 Although my house is very small and old, it’s very ______.
(A) comfortable
(B) comforted
(C) comfort
(D) comfortingly

88.188 Why don’t we meet at the ______ to the theater before the show begins?
(A) enter
(B) entrance
(C) entering
(D) entered

89.189 It is reported that the police found the ______ boy in a deserted factory.
(A) wander
(B) wandering
(C) wandered
(D) wanderer

90.190 Suzie decided to break up with David, for he was a man of artful speech and ______ manners, but not much else.
(A) flashing
(B) flashed
(C) flashy
(D) flashily

91.191 Although often ______, the songwriter never lost his confidence and never gave up hope.
(A) discouraged
(B) discouragement
(C) discouraging
(D) discouragingly

92.192 All passengers at the airport are required to show their ______ cards.
(A) identified
(B) identifying
(C) identifiable
(D) identity

93.193 I am ______ as a policeman because of my uniform.
(A) identifiable
(B) identification
(C) identifying
(D) identify

94.194 The plane crash was caused by the pilot’s lack of experience and his limited ______.
(A) capable
(B) capability
(C) incapable
(D) incapacity

95.195 Scientists are ______ with new methods to show the process of global warming.
(A) experiment
(B) experimental
(C) experimentally
(D) experimenting

96.196 My father is busy making ______ for our trip to Europe.
(A) arranging
(B) arranged
(C) arrange
(D) arrangements

97.197 She failed to get the job because she didn’t have the qualifications it ______.
(A) requirement
(B) required
(C) requiring
(D) require

98.198 It was during the 1980s that Japan became ______ in the electronics market.
(A) dominate
(B) dominant
(C) dominance
(D) dominantly

99.199 ______ in transportation and communications have caused great changes in the modern world.
(A) Revolting
(B) Revolutionary
(C) Revolutions
(D) Revolt

100.200 Those who are fond of ______ don’t care about losing most of the time.
(A) gamble
(B) gambling
(C) gambled
(D) gambles