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1.Betty was delighted at the news that her proposal had been __________ by the student council.
(A) adopted
(B) adjusted
(C) advanced
(D) adapted

2.You haven't studied at all this semester . It's totally __________to try to cram everthing in for the final exams now.
(A) dogmatic
(B) futile
(C) isolated
(D) deliberate

3.As a teaching assistant, I need to _________ the midterm exam tomorrow , so I can't go with you.
(A) reveal
(B) abolish
(C) fortify
(D) monitor

4.The detective sat at the desk ______________ what the witness had said.
(A) responding
(B) wandering
(C) stimulating
(D) pondering

5.I only have a(n) __________ recollection of going to the botanical garden as a child. I can't recall that experience clearly.
(A) memorial
(B) evident
(C) visual
(D) vague

6.The police were __________ of the man's alibi because someone saw him near the crime scene.
(A) melancholy
(B) suspicious
(C) beneficial
(D) magnificent

7.This new medicine is sure to _____________ you of your toothache.
(A) convince
(B) inform
(C) deprive
(D) relieve

8.This soup is delicious, Jenny. You must give me the _____________.
(A) script
(B) approach
(C) recipe
(D) manual

9.The author has _____________ his manuscript more than three times to make the story shorter.
(A) improvised
(B) revised
(C) advised
(D) devised

10.It took Julia a long time to __________ the skills she needed to become a professional singer.
(A) acquire
(B) require
(C) inquire
(D) conquer

11.The police believed that the fire was started __________ . It was probably arson.
(A) deliberately
(B) elaborately
(C) dogmatically
(D) accordingly

12.I told Jane if she passed her chemistry test, I'd take her to the French restaurant . However, she didn't seem to feel ___________.
(A) bewildered
(B) depressed
(C) qualified
(D) motivated

13.When Tina was visiting San Diego, she decided to _____________ her aunt, who lived there.
(A) drop in on
(B) see off
(C) set out for
(D) live up to

14.I had to unwrap the package because I had _______________ one item I wanted to send along.
(A) checked out
(B) crossed out
(C) left out
(D) ruled out

15.The elevator was _____________ , so everyone had to take the stairs.
(A) off and on
(B) up and down
(C) out of work
(D) out of order