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91 年 - 高等考試三級考試第ㄧ試#21469 

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1.1. My neighbors and I were anything but friendly, and for a long time we viewed each other with suspicion and _____ .
(A) distrust
(B) warmth
(C) friendliness
(D) regret

2.2. My hometown used to be a quiet country village, but now it is noisy and _____ .
(A) isolated
(B) crowded
(C) neglected
(D) deserted

3.3. This room is very comfortable. It’s quite big, and it has a great _____ of the park.
(A) sight
(B) scenery
(C) view
(D) sign

4.4. _____ language learner is a person who never feels confident when speaking.
(A) An anxious
(B) A relaxed
(C) A skillful
(D) A lazy

5.5. The scientists experiment successfully with the drug in the laboratory; now they need to test it on human _____ .
(A) neighbors
(B) volunteers
(C) resources
(D) survivors

6.6. When I am forced to speak up in class, I begin to _____ , and my heart begins to pound faster and faster.
(A) blush
(B) brush
(C) flash
(D) flush

7.7. The word singer calls to mind one of my favorite _____ in which I am a professional popular singer.
(A) hobbies
(B) fantasies
(C) realities
(D) factors

8.8. These jobs are less _____ now because laws have been passed to ensure the reasonable safety of employees.
(A) hazardous
(B) interesting
(C) profitable
(D) significant

9.9. The beggar was so pitiable that I could not but _____ him a few dollars.
(A) give
(B) gave
(C) giving
(D) to give

10.10. I thought you _____ a bookworm because you read so much.
(A) is
(B) be
(C) were
(D) was

11.11. I do not want to go to the party, _____ my friend.
(A) neither does
(B) nor does
(C) neither do
(D) nor do

12.12. As soon as _____ I from this university, I am going to return to my mother country.
(A) graduate
(B) will graduate
(C) will be graduated
(D) graduating

13.13. I am _____ novels.
(A) much interested in reading
(B) interesting in reading
(C) very interested to read
(D) very interested in reading

14.14. All the necessary _____ to be purchased for this research.
(A) equipments are
(B) equipments are
(C) equipment is
(D) equippment is

15.15. We ran all the way to the train station, _____ to see that the train had left.
(A) only
(B) for
(C) as
(D) in order

16.16. Entering the room, _____ .
(A) a strange sight was seen
(B) a strange sight is seen
(C) Jack saw a strange sight
(D) A strange sight being seen

17.17. Please feel free to drop in and see me. Let’s keep _____ touch.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) of
(D) off

18.18. Maria is an interesting conversationalist. Her sister, on the other hand, _____ .
(A) is a salesman
(B) bores people by talking about herself all the time
(C) knows a lot about communication, too
(D) has only one child

19.19. But for his timely help, I _____ .
(A) will die
(B) will have died
(C) should die
(D) would have died

20.20. The professor can give for _____ any that wants to learn Japanese well.
(A) many good advices
(B) many pieces of good advices
(C) many good pieces of advice
(D) a good deal of advices

21.21. Julie: Happy Birthday, Patty! I have something for you. Patty: Thank you _____ . Julie: I can’t tell you, it’s supposed to be a surprise.
(A) How much money do you have?
(B) Do you have anything to tell me?
(C) When is your birthday?
(D) What did you get for me?

22.22. Peter: I’d like to open a savings account, please. Clerk: I’ll get you the application form _____ . Peter: To start off, 500 dollars.
(A) How much would you like to deposit?
(B) How much would you like to withdraw?
(C) How much money do you have?
(D) What is your account number?

23.23. Mary:What’s the matter? You don’t look very happy. John: I’d no sooner walked into the office this morning than I saw my boss sitting there waiting for me. Mary: _____ John: Who does?
(A) Don’t you like your boss?
(B) I’m sure you do your job well.
(C) So you had an argument with him.
(D) I am sorry to hear that.

24.24. Jean: We don’t see eye to eye on this matter. John: _____
(A) We should go and see a doctor.
(B) Sure. We’re not enemies.
(C) I know you’ll agree with me.
(D) Then no further discussion is needed.

25.25. Tom:Would you mind opening the door for me? Joe: _____ What else can I do to help? Tom:That’ll be all. Thank you.
(A) Certainly.
(B) Certainly not.
(C) Never mind.
(D) Forget it.

26.26. John: How have you been? Jean: _____ John: How come? Would you like to talk about it?
(A) Couldn’t be better.
(B) Been getting by.
(C) Lousy.
(D) I have been there.

27.27. Annie: Would you come over and keep me company? Mary: _____
(A) I’d like to.
(B) Hopefully.
(C) I likely to.
(D) I know.

28.28. Mary: Aren’t you going on the tour this afternoon? John: I’m tired of tours. I’d rather walk around the city and see what I want to see. Mary: _____ John: If I do, I’m sure you’ll tell me about it.
(A) Do you want me to take some pictures for you?
(B) We really hope you can join us.
(C) Are you sure you want to walk around the city alone?
(D) Suit yourself. But you might miss something important.

29.四、閱讀測驗 A young man was running along the street in a great hurry. Another man in the street wondered why and asked the man, “Where are you hurrying to?” Then the young man stopped unwillingly and said, “I’m going to the Taipei station. As I don’t have enough money, I’m running after the bus. In this way I can save twenty dollars.” “Oh, I see. I’m also going there...Shall we go together?” Then the two began to run after a bus. They ran for some minutes and one of them said, “Now stop, my friend. I’ve got an idea. If we run after a bus instead of getting on it, we can save fifteen dollars each, right? But if we run after a taxi, we can save more!” “Oh, you are right. I haven’t thought of such a simple thing.” Then, they found a taxi and started to run after it. Everyone in the street looked at them and laughed.
【題組】29. Why did the man in the street wonder?
(A) Because he himself was in a great hurry.
(B) Because a young man was running along the street.
(C) Because the young man stopped unwillingly.
(D) Because the bus was running behind them.

30.【題組】30. Why was the young man running after the bus?
(A) He didn’t have enough money to get on a bus.
(B) He wanted to catch the bus.
(C) He forgot something on the bus.
(D) He was running for fun.

31.【題組】31. According to the man, how could each save fifteen dollars? If they _____
(A) ran after a taxi.
(B) ran after a bus.
(C) got on a bus.
(D) got in a taxi.

32.【題組】32. Why did the man think that if they ran after a taxi, they could save more?
(A) Because if they got on a bus, it would cost more.
(B) Because if they took a taxi, it would cost more.
(C) Because taxi fare is cheaper than bus fare.
(D) Because a taxi is smaller than a bus.

33.【題組】33. Why did everyone in the street look and laugh?
(A) The two men were running after the bus.
(B) The two men were talking on the street.
(C) The two men were running after a taxi.
(D) The bus was running after a taxi.

34.【題組】34. Which of the following statements is not true?
(A) The two men were running after a taxi.
(B) The two men were crazy about running.
(C) The two men were going to the same place.
(D) The two men were thinking of saving money.

35.Harry’s girl-friend’s father, Mr. Ford, was a very conservative kind of man. Harry had known him most of his life, but he seemed to be unusually strict and did not seem to approve of young people. So Harry didn’t know exactly what to expect when he asked Mr. Ford if he could marry his daughter. Harry asked very politely for permission to marry his daughter. There was a long silence while Mr. Ford looked Harry up and down. Finally, Mr. Ford went over to his desk and wrote something on a piece of paper. He then pinned the paper to his daughter’s dress and gently pushed her towards Harry. He then left the room without saying anything. Harry quickly looked at the note and was both happy and surprised to read it. It said: “With the compliments of the maker.”
【題組】35. What kind of a man was Mr. Ford?
(A) Very rough
(B) Old-fashioned
(C) Funny
(D) Tough

36.【題組】36. Why did Mr. Ford go over to his desk?
(A) To write something
(B) To escape from Harry
(C) To give Harry a present
(D) To make a phone call

37.【題組】37. After Harry got the permission to marry Mr. Ford’s daughter, what did Mr. Ford do? He _____
(A) left the room.
(B) got angry.
(C) looked Harry up and down.
(D) kissed his daughter.

38.【題組】38. What did Mr. Ford pin to her daughter’s dress?
(A) a broach
(B) a flower
(C) a ring
(D) a note

39.【題組】39. In this story, what does the phrase “with the compliments of the maker” mean?
(A) You cannot marry her.
(B) You may marry her.
(C) I do not like you.
(D) I hate you.

40.【題組】40. In the phrase “with the compliments of the maker” who is the maker?
(A) Mr. Ford
(B) the daughter
(C) the God
(D) a young man