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102 年 - 高雄區公立高級中學102學年度聯合招考轉學生考試 升高二英文科#22195 

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1.1. _____ to stop smoking, Vince threw away all the cigarettes and even gave away his treasured ashtray.
(A) Struggled
(B) Energetic
(C) Determined
(D) Drawn

2.2. Children should be aware of stranger danger; they may use candy or toys to _____ children into going away with them.
(A) capture
(B) trick
(C) lie
(D) criticize

3.3. After the doctor reminded him of the great _____ smoking posed to his health, Mr. Sun quit smoking.
(A) insult
(B) threat
(C) comment
(D) confusion

4.4. One of the most famous art pieces housed in the National Palace Museum is a cabbage vividly and beautifully _____ out of a piece of jade.
(A) damaged
(B) selected
(C) carved
(D) crashed

5.5. The dinner party starts at 8 o’clock sharp. Please be on time, because being late will be considered _____ to the host.
(A) offensive
(B) polite
(C) professional
(D) convincing

6.6. While watching the movie, Mary held my arm tightly when a ghost jumped out from the dark. I could _____ her fear.
(A) solve
(B) sense
(C) control
(D) improve

7.7. The exhaust fumes from the heavy traffic will _____ increase the amount of pollution in the atmosphere.
(A) definitely
(B) rationally
(C) peacefully
(D) brightly

8.8. Nick vacationed on a remote island because he was trying to _____ from all the hustle and bustle of the big city.
(A) reflect
(B) assure
(C) provide
(D) escape

9.9. The doctor examined the patient's _____ carefully before he had the nurse stitch and bandage it up.
(A) wound
(B) temperature
(C) structure
(D) deadline

10.10. Alan was _____ with the middle-aged man who cut in front of him in the line at the movie theater, and that ruined his mood for the movie.
(A) ambitious
(B) furious
(C) influential
(D) artificial

11.11. We were hoping for a sunny day today for our picnic, but unfortunately it _____ to be a rainy day.
(A) turned up
(B) turned out
(C) took off
(D) ended up

12.12. The five-star hotel where Mike stayed on his business trip did not _____ his high expectations.
(A) refer to
(B) give up
(C) in regard to
(D) live up to

13.13. Most owls _____ different kinds of insects and other smaller birds when they get hungry at night.
(A) result in
(B) believe in
(C) belong to
(D) feed on

14.14. You should _____ all of your problems head-on instead of trying to escape them by ignoring them.
(A) turn into
(B) deal with
(C) send for
(D) carry out

15.15. The final project was difficult and time-consuming, but we _____ completed it two days ahead of schedule.
(A) sometime
(B) somehow
(C) moreover
(D) otherwise

John Denver is a guitar-playing songwriter who became famous in the 1970s. He had a number of hits and a very long, successful career. His songwriting was recognizable (16) it was very calm and mellow. His music didn't make listeners want to dance, but (17) , it nodded their heads slowly. Denver also made music to relax, even if it was often sentimental. (18) the loud, aggressive rock music that was more popular at the time, his music even became a target of criticism for being too soft and uncool. Even so, Denver was always respected as a talented songwriter, with catchy tunes that stayed in your head for years. Denver was more than just a performer. He cared deeply (19) the world and put a lot of energy into creating more awareness about environmental issues. He wanted to protect the natural beauty of America, which was the (20) of some of his songs. Denver was an avid pilot, but he died when his plane crashed in 1997.

(A) because
(B) except
(C) besides
(D) unless

(A) also
(B) rather
(C) likely
(D) either

(A) due to
(B) such as
(C) in case of
(D) unlike

(A) with
(B) of
(C) about
(D) in

(A) subject
(B) confidence
(C) position
(D) tuition

Each year on October 31, children across North America dress up in costumes. Looking like monsters, witches, ghosts, and many other things, they go from house to house, (21) on doors. When someone opens the door, the kids say, "Trick or treat." The people answering are supposed to give each child a small (22) of candy. Ask any child in the US or Canada, (23) they'll say that Halloween is their favorite night of the year. Adults like to join in the festivities as well. Very few Halloweens go by without office parties or other celebrations. Halloween today is strictly about fun, but it was (24) a religious holiday. November 1 is known as All Saints' Day, an important Christian holiday. The belief is that on the eve of October 31, ghosts are allowed to come back to the land of the living. By dawn, however, the ghosts must return to hell until the same time the following year. It is only on this single hallowed evening (25) ghosts can return from the dead.

(A) knock
(B) knocking
(C) knocked
(D) knocks

(A) quality
(B) dose
(C) amount
(D) density

(A) while
(B) but
(C) or
(D) and

(A) originally
(B) accidentally
(C) eventually
(D) secretly

(A) where
(B) what
(C) that
(D) whom

The ancient Greeks felt the youth never listen to them, making the future of their society very dark. Many parents and teachers in Taiwan and around the world today (26) the same feelings. Problems between generations are nothing new. Teenagers feel grown up because they learn so much so quickly. In most cases, they do not yet realize that basic knowledge about society does not equal the wisdom or experience needed to live successfully. With their parents busy (27) a living, children have little time to discuss matters of interest with them. Parents feel that their children should just do (28) they are asked to, but their children may think in a different way. Conflicts often occur, and this deepens the gap. To reduce (29) between the generations, communication is the key.

(A) share
(B) contact
(C) serve
(D) tear

(A) to take
(B) doing
(C) make
(D) making

(A) that
(B) whether
(C) whatever
(D) however

(A) tension
(B) solution
(C) harmony
(D) feature

The Taiwan-based company Giant is well-known both at home and abroad. Interestingly, a Giant bicycle is not an oversized bike, but a bike made by Giant Company. Since decades ago, Giant (30) much effort to promote the concept of “Ride Life” by providing rental services. (31) , more and more people are now seeking a healthy lifestyle on their bikes. This trend can be attributed to its founder and chairperson, King Liu. At the age of 73, Mr. Liu chose to experience Taiwan on his bicycle rather than go on the journey in a car or on foot. In his opinion, while driving is too quick, walking is too slow. Only cycling (32) a journeyer to have a rich and exciting experience of Taiwan. However, he was not satisfied with having fun alone. He hoped to spread the popularity of cycling. In this effort, he set up Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd and encouraged people to get a taste of “Ride Life” (33) he did.

(A) makes
(B) had made
(C) made
(D) has made

(A) As a result
(B) To date
(C) All at once
(D) In contrast

(A) lets
(B) allows
(C) makes
(D) is caused

(A) what
(B) because
(C) as
(D) so long as

34. Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day, is celebrated on December 26―the day after Christmas. It was a way for people to (34) cash or goods to those less fortunate. (35) people disagree about its exact history, Boxing day celebrates the tradition of giving to the needy. The origins of this holiday probably (36) the Middle Ages. At that time throughout Western Europe, Dec. 26 was a time to give gifts to those (37) a lower social class. Family households would celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, but this meant that their servants had to continue with their normal work and therefore, in effect, missed out on the celebration. To compensate for this, families would set aside December 26th as the time for their servants’ Christmas. Work duties would be dropped to a minimum, (38) family members taking some of the responsibilities of the servants, such as keeping the fireplace stocked with coal, greeting visitors themselves and (39) the servants with a good Christmas dinner. The term “Boxing Day” refers to the gift that the family gave to each servant―wrapped in box. (40) the good-will shown to their servants, there was no mixed lunch or partying the night away together. Decent families still kept a reasonable distance from their servants. Today, (41) the tradition of Boxing Day, many businesses, organizations, and families donate their time, services, and money to aid Food Banks and provide gifts for the poor. Boxing Day is also spent with family and friends with lots of food and sharing of friendship and love.
(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

(A) in keeping with
(B) Despite
(C) distribute
(D) While
(E) supplying (AB) with (AC) of (AD) date back to

42.(1) Volunteers have always played a big role in American life. In the early colonies, people were expected to use their spare time for their communities. Benjamin Franklin put that idea into practice when he set up volunteer fire department for Philadelphia. Today, many small towns still depend on volunteers to fight fires. Volunteer work is as important as ever. It is estimated that one out of every four Americans does some kind of volunteer work. People take scout groups on camping trips. They spend weekends cleaning up town parks. They pick up litter along hiking trails. They visit the sick and the elderly. And those are only a few examples. But what do volunteers get out of their work besides the good feeling of having helped others? Most people usually can get valuable job experience and knowledge through volunteer work. Many volunteers can learn skills that help them to prepare for full-time jobs. Let’s say you work as a volunteer in the office of a hospital or a public radio station. You work on a computer and sort mail, and do fund raising on weekends and after school. And you do this for nothing. But when you look for paying jobs, the experience you gained as a volunteer may give you an edge over other job seekers. Of course, volunteer work may have nothing to do with the career you wish to follow. Does that mean there’s no benefit in it for you? Not at all! Sometimes, volunteer work can teach you a lot about yourself-and that is probably the greatest benefit of all. It can help you decide which things you do best. It can help you learn about certain kinds of work. It can help you learn to deal with people. Service to the community is important. And your future is important, too. Isn’t there something that you can volunteer to do right now? It’s time to get started!
【題組】42. What is the main purpose of this article?
(A) To describe volunteer work in American colonial times.
(B) To describe volunteer work outdoors.
(C) To persuade readers to volunteer.
(D) To explain the difference between paid work and volunteer work.

43.【題組】43. What kind of volunteer is NOT mentioned in the article?
(A) Cleaning parks.
(B) Serving on first aid squads.
(C) Fighting fires.
(D) Raising money.

44.【題組】44. What does the word “edge” mean in the third paragraph?
(A) Advantage.
(B) Challenge.
(C) Boost.
(D) Promise.

45.(2) In 1986, the first online helping system was born. Two employees of Cornell University, Steve Worona, a computer engineer and Jerry Feist, a student counselor wanted to combine their skills to provide an advice service for all university students. The school has already had a campus computer network for students to search the university’s information. Based on the traditional newspaper “Agony Aunt” section, Feist asked Worona to help create an online page that students can ask for help in private. Like “Agony Aunt,” it has a fictional character as well, which is called “Uncle Ezra.” As Uncle Ezra, Feist counseled students with a variety of troubles like thinking about suicide, having relationship problems and suffering from loneliness or homesickness. By contrast, he also answered more light-hearted questions like “Why are hot dogs called hot dogs?” to make the page more fun. Since then Uncle Ezra has connected to the Internet, it is available for anyone around the world. Uncle Ezra receives about 300 questions a month, mainly from students, and answers between ten and twenty questions weekly. The replies to people in crisis are always answered by experts. It’s estimated that the website is visited by about 9,000 people monthly. The website has stored all the answered questions. Feist believes that the database is useful because most students have common problems. They might also find answers in the previous replies to people in the similar situation.
【題組】45. According to the passage, which of the following about Uncle Ezra is TRUE?
(A) Uncle Ezra only answers questions from students of Cornell University.
(B) Jerry Feist answers all the questions himself.
(C) The website has more than 100,000 visitors every year.
(D) The network provides the information about Cornell University

46.【題組】46. Troubled students may find the database of Uncle Ezra useful because __________.
(A) they may find helpful advice in previously answered questions
(B) it stores all the news happened within the recent 12 months
(C) it allows them to meet the experts and counselors in person
(D) they can search for the people who are in similar situations

47.【題組】47. Those who ask Uncle Ezra questions __________.
(A) usually solve academic problems themselves
(B) can receive counseling without getting attention
(C) may find it easier to make new friends
(D) are not interested in funny questions

48.(3) American author Robert Courmier was born in Massachusetts in 1925. His book, The Chocolate War, is a popular novel among young adults. It explores the idea of thinking independently and doing what one believes is right, even if it is difficult, scary, or causes trouble with peers. In this story, Jerry, the main character, is a freshman at a high school that is dominated by a handful of bullies called the Vigils. They hold all the power and control the school culture. When they tell others what to do, most students obey. But when they insist that Jerry join them in selling chocolate to raise money for the school, he refuses. In Jerry’s words, this “disturbs the universe,” meaning that his protest creates an enormous conflict. At first, he is considered a hero. But the Vigils make his life miserable. His refusal to follow their command sets off several serious events throughout the school. These eventually result in Jerry being badly hurt. Although this book was first published in 1974, it remains popular with teens today. Perhaps this is because it addresses social issues and challenges common to most adolescents. It makes us think about the power of fear, and our need to be accepted by a peer group. It also touches upon how our social group can influence us, and the consequences of choosing to refuse.
【題組】48. According to the passage, which of the following about Robert Courmier is NOT true?
(A) His book, The Chocolate War, is one of teenagers’ favorites.
(B) His book discusses how adolescents interact with their peers.
(C) He points out the cost of doing the right thing.
(D) He encourages young people to go with the flow.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following does NOT contribute to the lasting appeal of The Chocolate War?
(A) High school is the best time of one’s life.
(B) It explores the importance of independent thinking.
(C) It deals with the influence of social groups on us.
(D) It reminds teens of the consequences of choosing to refuse.

50.【題組】50. What does “this” in the second paragraph refer to?
(A) Chocolate.
(B) A conflict.
(C) The Vigils’ request.
(D) Jerry’s refusal.