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1.1. Many larger companies offer tuition _______ programs for employees that take courses related to their work. Often, these companies have strict policies and require that employees stay with the company for at least a year.
(A) juxtaposition
(B) reimbursement
(C) inception
(D) amendment

2.Ancient homes lay in rubble. ______ from slum areas squatted in alleyways and waited to ransack vacated buildings.
(A) Braggarts
(B) Magnates
(C) Scavengers
(D) Teetotalers

3.A study revealed that Indian women living in the rural areas are prone to premature menopause which is _____ with health risks.
(A) discreet
(B) fraught
(C) germane
(D) punctilious

4.“Bringing Star Power to Earth” reads a giant banner that was recently across a building which is the size of a football stadium.
(A) invoked
(B) waddled
(C) unfurled
(D) doodled

5.The company announced that the dividends will paid in three ________ beginning this month.
(A) increments
(B) expositions
(C) disruptions
(D) contiguities

6.Ramsay tried to stay alert and listen to the teacher in class but the stuffy room made him ____ . He felt as if he was about to nod off.
(A) subliminal
(B) voracious
(C) remorseful
(D) lethargic

7.If a workplace is ______ in meanness, the chances are pretty high that the boss deserves part of the blame but doesn’t realize it.
(A) mired
(B) agog
(C) grueling
(D) craven

8.Many consumers may wonder why oil price can _____ in such dramatic ways. Indeed, supply and demand has a direct affect on the price of oil.
(A) stiffen
(B) perpetuate
(C) brandish
(D) fluctuate

9.Even though the new manager might be a little too aggressive, credit where credit is _______ - she is very efficient.
(A) dim
(B) due
(C) dire
(D) down

10.The automaker is ______ nearly 1.7 million vehicles around the world for various defects that may cause fuel leakage.
(A) lacerating
(B) veering
(C) recalling
(D) defiling