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1.26. Linguists estimate that about half of the 6,500 languages worldwide are endangered or on the brink of ________.

2.27. Watching a funny video on YouTube can be a ________ after the hard work of a long day.

3.28. Wang has made many television ________ for various products, so almost everyone in Taiwan knows his name.

4.29. This type of saturated fat can ________ to heart disease by increasing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

5.30. Two people died and 21 were injured after Taiwan was hit by a(n) ________ 6.3 earthquake yesterday afternoon.

6.31. The ban will remain effective until it is proved that no traces of the ________ materials are present in the foods.

7.32. Jane’s long years of editing experience made her ________ qualified for the job of a publisher.

8.33. It is an ________ journey for him to go back to his hometown in a remote village in the countryside.

9.34. One official asked that the Taiwan government ________ Filipino workers from Taiwan.
(A)not bar
(B)not to bar
(C)did not bar
(D)had not barred

10.35. Occupy Wall Street is like the kid in the fairy story saying what everyone knows ________ is afraid to say: the emperor has no clothes.

11.36. The rich are getting richer and the corporations are making profits, with their executives ________.
(A)rewarding richly
(B)reward riches
(C)richly rewarded
(D)rich rewards

12.37. ________ years for the newborns to master all the necessary skills for daily life.
(A)It takes
(B)It spends
(C)That takes
(D)They spend

13.38. The road is wet this morning, so it ________ last night.
(A)has rained
(B)must rain
(C)had rained
(D)must have rained

14.39. Once mainly ________ in banks and government buildings, video surveillance systems have now become standard equipment for most stores in Taiwan.
(A)are seen
(B)to see
(D)having seen

15.40. Just south of us is a mountain _____ Mount Buddha lying along the mouth of the Tamsui River.
(A)knowing for
(B)as known for
(C)to know as
(D)known as

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 www.exschool.com.twP.4 Capitalism has long been a source of wealth, resulting in industrial, technological, and social progress in North America and Western Europe. But even as standards of living41today due to the global open-market society, large numbers of people are left behind. This is why Bill Gates42a new model of capitalism that he refers to as “creative capitalism.”In recent discussions with me, he pointed out that while capitalism is “responsible for the great43that have improved the lives of billions, we need to improve the system so that it benefits everyone, especially the very poor.”44, he is saying that traditional capitalism is a half-developed structure. It ignores the humanity within all of us. Of course moneymaking is an important part of humanity,45it is not the only part. Caring, concern, and sharing must also be taken into account.

(A)makes up
(B)calls for
(C)consists of
(D)engages in


(A)In reality
(B)In contrast
(C)In addition
(D)In turn


21.四、閱讀測驗 Every community of humans faces a life-or-death question: How do we distribute water? Some water has to be he ld as a community resource if a town, city, or even nation is to survive. Many early human settlements were based on ir rigation systems. These exist because earlier people agreed where the water should flow and to whom. Wells in desert l ands are protected by cultural traditions that make them a shared resource among traveling peoples. Many large lakes, s uch as Lake Michigan in the United States, are mostly reserved for public use, not for the people who own houses on th e shores. Water-use laws can prevent a few powerful people from gaining control over all available water. But water laws do not make water freely available in equal amounts to everyone. Farmers need huge amounts of it. So do many indust ries. Families, however, do not need nearly that much. There is also the issue of pollution. Water laws must prevent ca reless (or intentional) pollution by some users before the water reaches all users. Problems occur when government is not strong enough to make and enforce laws. Often, the water in dispute is a n international (or interstate) resource. For example, the Mekong River in Southeast Asia starts in China and then winds through Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Vietnamese government, no matter how conscientious it is, has little contro l over how much of the Mekong water reaches Vietnam and what kind of condition it is in. The upstream nations, espec ially China, determine that. As upstream dams take more of the river, Vietnam has a greater need to negotiate an effecti ve water-rights agreement with other governments. International agreements have worked elsewhere. We will see if the y will work along the Mekong.
【題組】46. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
(A)Preventing Water Pollution
(B)Sharing the Water Resource
(C)Enforcing Water-Use Laws
(D)Signing a Water-Right Agreement

22.【題組】47. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of water as a community resource?
(D)Irrigation systems.

23.【題組】48. What problem does Vietnam have in its control over the Mekong water resource?
(A)The Mekong River has been seriously polluted.
(B)Thegovernmentdoes not work hard to enforce laws.
(C)Its amount and condition of the Mekong water are controlled by other countries.
(D)The upstream countries refuse to share the Mekong water resource with it. www.exschool.com.twP.5

24.【題組】49. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “conscientious” in the third paragraph ?

25.【題組】50. Which of the following is NOT true about water laws, according to the reading?
(A)They must be enforced by a government.
(B)They make sure that everyone gets an equal share of water.
(C)They canprevent water takeovers by a few powerful people.
(D)They can prevent pollution by some users.