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1.11. The government will soon lift the ban on importing mainland Chinese goods. 【選同義】
(A) impose
(B) begin
(C) end
(D) respond

2.12. The energy crisis endangers the life of the people. 【選同義】
(A) destroys
(B) benefits
(C) improves
(D) threatens

3.13. Although this job will be temporary only, I will still try to do my best at it. 【選同義】
(A) for a short period of time
(B) only for one time
(C) from time to time
(D) part of the time

4.14. Death is inevitable. 【選同義】
(A) inaccessible
(B) unavoidable
(C) preventable
(D) efficient

5.15. There is great merit in dealing with honest person. 【選同義】
(A) defect
(B) lobby
(C) value
(D) margin

6.16. You knew that before, ______?
(A) did you
(B) aren't you
(C) isn't it
(D) didn't you

7.17. ______ bright idea has been hit upon by accidents.
(A) Many a
(B) Too many of
(C) Much
(D) Much the

8.18. ______ the bad location, he is confident of winning the race.
(A) With
(B) Since
(C) Despite
(D) As

9.19. The question is ______ will visit him.
(A) how
(B) why
(C) when
(D) who

10.20. The world must find a solution ______ its oil shortage.
(A) for
(B) of
(C) to
(D) at

11.21. The storm prevented Betty and Mary ______ yesterday.
(A) leave
(B) of leaving
(C) from leaving
(D) to leave

12.22. My mother told us that honesty ______ the best policy.
(A) was
(B) is
(C) had been
(D) will be

13.23. He neither speaks English ______.
(A) as well as French
(B) or French
(C) and French
(D) nor French

14.24. Living in the country, he has no friends ______.
(A) to play
(B) to play with
(C) to play with him
(D) whom to play with

15.25. Sandras asked my wife and me ______.
(A) could we attend the party of next Saturday
(B) if we would come to the party next Saturday
(C) if we will come to the party of next Saturday
(D) would we come to the party next Saturday

16.26. Guess who I ______ this afternoon? Vincent Smith! I hadn't seen him since high school.
(A) looked into
(B) made out
(C) ran out
(D) bumped into

17.27. Your fortune ______ the results.
(A) heads off
(B) lies on
(C) longs for
(D) stands out

18.28. He has to travel ______ between his office and home every day.
(A) to and from
(B) one and all
(C) by and large
(D) in and out

19.29. ______ HongKong, many other Asian countries also have SARS cases.
(A) Instead of
(B) At the request of
(C) In line with
(D) In addition to

20.30. I will loan you some money ______ you return it on time.
(A) as far as
(B) so you speak
(C) so much for
(D) so long as

21.31. I'm getting married next month, but please don't ______ to anyone.
(A) make on
(B) let on
(C) put on
(D) get on

22.32. We are out of salt and the sugar is ______.
(A) running wild
(B) running riot
(C) running start
(D) running short

23.33. They ______ the show due to the approaching snow storm.
(A) put out
(B) put off
(C) put across
(D) put in

24.34. He became proud and ______ his old friends.
(A) put up with
(B) looked down on
(C) took part in
(D) spoke for

25.35. ______ to the handrail. The escalator is moving very fast.
(A) Keep on
(B) Turn on
(C) Take on
(D) Hold on

26.36. A: __________________ B: It was too hot.
(A) Why didn't you drink the tea?
(B) Why did you drink the tea?
(C) How could you drink the tea?
(D) Would you drink the tea?

27.37. Bob: Excuse me. How often does the bus leave for the airport? Mike: __________________
(A) Early in the morning.
(B) In an hour.
(C) Five minutes later.
(D) Every half an hour.

28.38. A: Hello. Is John there? B: __________________ Would you like to leave a message?
(A) He's not in yet.
(B) Hold on a minute.
(C) Where are you calling from?
(D) I am his secretary.

29.39. Judy: John is in hospital. Sarah: Oh, __________________ Judy: He has a kidney problem.
(A) he's very hospitable.
(B) that's very nice of him.
(C) it's good to see him.
(D) is it anything serious?

30.40. Peter: Hi, Leo. How're you doing today? Leo: __________________
(A) I'm watching a baby.
(B) Fine. And you?
(C) How do you do?
(D) What can I do for you?

31.41. A: Excuse me. How much is that jacket in the window? B: You mean the blue jacket? A: __________________
(A) It's $55.
(B) Yes, the longer one.
(C) How can I help you?
(D) I'll get it for you.

32.42. Joy: Sorry to have kept you waiting. Jim: __________________ Joy: In the library. I was trying to finish my homework and just forgot the time.
(A) That's OK.
(B) What are you doing?
(C) What's wrong with you?
(D) Where have you been?

33.43. A: Excuse me. Do you speak English? B: Yes, but not very well. A: Can you direct me to Taipei station? B: __________________
(A) Excuse me.
(B) No thanks.
(C) Don't mention it.
(D) Pardon?

34.44. A: Can I have some more chicken? B: Sure. __________________ Take as many pieces as you want.
(A) Move on.
(B) Be my guest.
(C) You're just trying to be polite.
(D) How kind you are!

35.45. Tom: Can I meet with you about our orders? John: __________________
(A) Thank you for calling.
(B) Certainly. What time?
(C) This one is very useful.
(D) I like it very much.

Americans today have different eating habits __(46)__ they had in the past. There is a wide 
selection of __(47)__ available. They have a broader knowledge of nutrition, __(48)__ they buy 
more fresh fruit and vegetables than __(49)__ before. At the same time, Americans purchase 
increasing quantities of sweets, snacks and __(50)__. 


(A) like
(B) from
(C) as
(D) than

(A) food
(B) theatre
(C) dinner
(D) education

(A) which
(B) so
(C) but
(D) though

(A) it
(B) what
(C) ever
(D) long

(A) sodas
(B) magazines
(C) calendars