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1.1._______ is in the living room?
2.2.“Have you seen Lucy lately?” “She _______ here the other day”.
(B)has been
3.3.What time ______ I come tomorrow?
4.4.I have eaten nothing _______ noon.
5.5.The bird expanded its wings as it ________ in the air.
6.6.Estela, would you _______some more tea?
(A)care about
(B)care for
(C)take care of
(D)take care
7.7.I must _______ the doctor’s advice.
(C)according to
8.8.He ______ a whole day writing his report.
9.9.The sign says that neither foods nor _______ are allowed on the train.
10.10.Taking pictures _______ very interesting
(C) be
(D)to be
11.11.It takes two to make a _______.
12.12.The new machine is _______ as fast as the old one.
13.13.Wendy: What time is it? Dick:_______.
(A)It was a good time
(B)It needs 30 mins
(C)It is half past eleven
(D)It is time we face the problem
14.14.Four years _______ my brother went to Australia.
15.15.Those towels are ______ for us to use to dry the dishes.
(A)so wet
(B)as wet
(C)wet enough
(D)too wet
16.16.This bicycle is his, not _______.
17.17._______ I know, Sandy is very reliable.
(A)As possible as
(B)As soon as
(C)As long as
(D)As far as
18.18.I wish I _______ find a job.
19.19.Taipei 101 is the new _______of Taipei.
20.20.A moving hymn was _______.
21.21.When I got up this morning, it _________.
(A)is rainning
(B)was raining
(C)is raining
(D)was rainning
22.22.Excuse me, Ms.! _______?
(A)May I inquire you where is the restroom
(B)May I inquire on where the restroom is
(C)May I inquire of you where the restroom is
(D)May I inquire you of where is the restroom is
23.23.We often _______when we are tired.
24.24._______ it was very cold, neither Lucy nor Amy put on her coat.
25.25.William: I’ve forgotten my sandwiches. Jack: It doesn’t matter. You can have______.
(A)some of us
(B)some of our
(C)some of ours
(D)us some
26.26.Columbus _______America in 1362, didn’t he?
(A)had discovered
(C)was discovered
(D)has discovered
27.27.If you happen to _______ my lost paper while you are looking for your book, please let me know at once by telephone.
(A)come across
(B)come along
(C)come up
(D)come over
28.28.You are leaving for New York. That means you are ________.
(A)going to New York
(B)live in New York
(C)living in New York
(D)leaving New York
29.29.Water, electricity, gas and phones are common public _______.
30.30.Manager: ________ was Mary late last week? Staff: Three times.
(A)How often
(B)How many
(C)How much
(D)How long
31.31.It _______less than one hour to fly from southern Taiwan to Taipei
32.32.Don’t forget to ask for a _______ after making the purchase.
33.33.It’s very impolite to dress yourself _______ when you go to a job interview.
34.34.All that can be done ________.
(A)has been done
(B)have been done
(C)has been doing
(D)have been doing
35.35.I would rather have coffee_______ tea.
36.36.By the time she retired in 2000, she ______ for the company for thirty years.
(B)was working
(C)had worked
(D)has worked
37.37.Alice can dance, sing, and even _______.
(A)to play guitar
(B)playing guitar
(C)play guitar
(D)can play guitar
38.38.On average, only 10 percent of the calories a person consumes _______.
(A)is used up to digest food
(B)is to be used up digesting food
(C)being used up to digest food
(D)being used up to digest food
39.39.________ that is!
(A)How beautiful view
(B)What beautiful view
(C)How a beautiful view
(D)What a beautiful view
40.40.Tom isn’t the tallest boy in the class, but he is taller than _______students.
(A)any of the
(B)some of the
(D)any other
41.41.I bought a jacket _______ my way back home.
42.42.Despite all efforts by the government to _______ people of the dangers of smoking, the number of smokers is still increasing.
43.43.Your comments on her proposal were not really fair. I think you owe her an ______.
44.44.Peter: I just got a new video game. Richard:____________ Peter: Maybe when you come to my house.
(A)I have one too.
(B)Did you buy it yourself?
(C)I don’t like to play video games.
(D)Can I play with it?
45.45.“Where are you going to?” “I am going to the _______.”
(A)book’s stores
(B)book’s store
(C)books store
(D)book store
46.46.It doesn’t matter whether you give me coffee or tea. _______ will do.
47.47.You live fairly close to the airport, _______you?
48.48.Victor certainly talks a lot and he’s never interested in what _______ has to say.
(A)anyone else
(B)nobody else
(C)no one
(D)somebody other
49.49.“Why wasn’t Mary in class?” “She overslept and was _______ late that she missed the bus.”
50.50.We can read the novel ________ease.