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1. I just got a __________ at work. It's great encouragement to me.
(A) pen
(B) process
(C) raise
(D) rise

2.Mrs. Jackson took __________ of the fine weather to do some washing.
(A) advantage
(B) choice
(C) effect
(D) interest

3. Passengers must stand on the __________ while they are waiting for the train.It is very dangerous to stand close to the coming train.
(A) elevator
(B) stadium
(C) platform
(D) territory

4. The house __________ planning to sell was at last sold last month.
(A) my parents had been
(C) my parents had
(B) my parents are
(D) my parents have

5.There is plenty of food on the table. You could choose __________ you like to eat.
(A) whatever
(B) wherever
(C) whenever
(D) whomever

6.What do dreams mean? This is a question that _____6 _____ about dreams. People have always been interestedin dreams, even if they cannot be sure what their dreams really mean. Dreaming of not being able to move is a common experience of many people. You try to get away from something, _____7 _____ you cannot move. Or you dream you are doing something probably wrong. Like this example: A young girl, whose mother had told her never to go out with a boy alone, _____8 _____ dreamed of being in a dance hall with a large number of boys after her. She was _____9 _____ and tried to run away. But she could not move. Her legs would not move. The dream showed that her real wish was to get boys' attention. If you cannot get away from something in a dream, it may mean that you do not really wish to get away from it. Like the young girl, people often wish to do something they _____10 _____ allowed to do in real life.
(A)seldom is asked
(B) is often asked
(C) is hardly asked
(D) scarcely has been asked




(A)are not
(B)have not
(C)are always
(D)have been

11. Customer: Excuse me, __________ ? Clerk: It's over there, on the corner. Just walk straight. You will see it. Customer: Thanks.
(A) Do you know that I want to go to the toilet
(B) Do you know where the toilet is
(C) Can you tell me where is the toilet
(D) Would you tell me what the toilet is about

12.Waiter: Are you ready to order? Daniel: __________ We want to discuss it first.
(A) A bottle of the house white, please.
(B) Medium rare, please.
(C) Not quite-just give us a minute or two.
(D) No, thanks, could you bring the bill, please?

13.One morning, Johnny and his little sister Shirley went to pick berries with other children and their mothers. They felt bored after picking for a long time. So they slipped away when nobody noticed them. They climbed up the hills. But soon they lost their way because there were many hills that looked the same. Feeling very tired, Shirley began to cry. Luckily, they found shelter in a cave among the rocks before it got dark. They slept in the cave that night. Next morning, they left the cave but still couldn't find the way home. They were happy to see a friendly wolf sitting on a rock. Johnny said to the wolf: “We are lost. Please help us find our way home." The wolf wagged its tail and led them to a hilltop. Johnny and Shirley were filled with joy to see their home in the valley below. They begged the wolf to come and live with them. But the wolf wagged its tail again and disappeared in the wood. When they had returned home, they still missed the wolf very much.
【題組】Why did Johnny and Shirley get lost?
(A) The hills looked alike.
(B) They were tired.
(C) They were afraid.
(D) It was getting dark.

14.【題組】 How did the wolf help them to find their way home?
(A) It led them to a hilltop so that they could see their home.
(B) It told them how to get back home.
(C) It led them down the hill.
(D) It wagged its tail so they saw the way home.

15.【題組】Why did they want the wolf to live with them?
(A) The wolf was cute.
(B) They were not afraid of wild animals.
(C) Their mother wanted them to do so.
(D) The wolf had helped them and they wanted to thank him.