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95 年 - 095年 中華郵政 專業職(一)#7595 

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1.No one ________ the earthquake. All the villagers were killed in this unexpected accident.

2.The beef noodles we had yesterday sure tasted ________. I drank a lot of water afterwards.

3.The ________ of wealth between the rich and the poor is getting wider. Some people are too poor to have three meals a day, while the rich can afford to spend $100,000 on a bag.

4.It is hard for me to ________ with vendors. I usually take the first price they offer.

5.The technician will ________ how this computer works.

6.In spite of his many faults, Paul is very ________ to his mother.

7.Can you ________ what an unlimited budget could do for our office!

8.As soon as it ________ raining, we will go out for a movie.
(C)will stop
(D)would stop

9.________ lunch, the delegates resumed the meeting in the conference room.
(A)Having to eat
(B)Have to eat
(C)Having eaten
(D)Having eat

10.Fatal reactions to snake bites among adults ________ than once believed.
(A)more are probably common
(B)more common probably are
(C)are more probably common
(D)are probably more common

11.The school administrators have arranged the accommodations for student participants ________ from out of town.
(B)who comes
(C)are coming
(D)which will come

12.[Studying hardly] is [what] I [determined to do] for [the rest of the year].

(A)Studying hardly


(C)determined to do

(D)the rest of the year

13.【已刪除】Neither Jack nor I ______ responsible for the mistake.

14.John lived [quite close to] the school, so he went to class [by foot] every day. [It] [took] him about 10 minutes only.

(A)quite close to

(B)by foot



15.[Most early] immigrants[were coming] from an [agricultural] background found work [on farms].(wrong)

(A)Most early

(B)were coming


(D)on farms

16.During the discussion, all the students presented their ideas __________.
(A)in mood
(B)in turn
(C)in charge
(D)in progress

17.The teacher finally __________ that her students were telling a lie. 
(A)took apart
(B)gave up
(C)figured out
(D)got at it

18.Wrong ways of thinking and living __________ intolerable situations. 
(A)cut in
(B)bring about
(C)take out
(D)put on

19.He __________ me again yesterday. It was really terrible to discuss something important with him on the phone.
(A)lived up to
(B)hung up on
(C)looked up to
(D)cut down on

20.My parents are very supportive to me. They __________ any decisions I've made. 
(A)abide by
(B)stand by
(C)long for
(D)reach for

21.Why do we dream? Nobody knows, but everybody _____21_____. We dream during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. In eight hours of sleep, people usually have four REM periods. But we _____22_____ very little. We usually remember only 20 or 30 seconds of REM sleep. There are many ideas about dreams. Some psychologists believe we dream because we need a safe way to do things we can't do where we're _____23_____ . Some think we dream in order to work out our problems. _____24_____ believe dreams don't have any special meaning. They are simply thoughts that come to us when we _____25_____. Whatever you believe, dreams prove one thing—some people have wonderful imaginations.