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1.Tom has a big _____ . He can eat four Big-Macs for lunch.

2.We should preserve the _____ we live on. After all, there is only one earth.

3.The _____ of wealth between the rich and the poor is getting wider. Some people are too poor to have three meals a day, while the rich can afford to spend $100,000 on a bag.

4.Winning the championship was a _____ for me. I enjoyed the victory a lot.

5.My mother loves guests. She often shows her ______ by taking them to dinner.

6.The technician will ______ how this computer works.

7.Jane felt ______ in the presence of Pearl, who appeared confident all the time.

8.I ________ a shower when the phone rang. So I could not answer it in time.
(B)was taking
(C)had taken
(D)have taken

9.After ________ the angry mob shouting for his resignation, the President summoned his loyal aides to his office.
(A)their hearing
(B)they hearing

10.Fatal reactions to snake bites among adults ________ than once believed.
(A)more are probably common
(B)more common probably are
(C)are more probably common
(D)are probably more common

11.The orchards are open in October, which ________.
(A)the best time to harvest is
(B)is the best time to harvest
(C)to harvest is the best time
(D)the best time is to harvest

12.John lived quite close to the school, so he went to class by foot every day.It  took him about 10 minutes only.(wrong)

(A)quite close to

(B)by foot



13.After two weeks of intensive computer training, the trainees were allowed to write a program theirselves.(wrong)


(B)were allowed

(C)write a program


14.After given the award, the recipient of the Peace Prize made a short acceptance speech which was followed by a standing ovation.(wrong)

(A)After given

(B)the recipient of

(C)which was followed

(D)standing ovation

15.Parents, before who are moving to another city, should consider the effect the move may have on their children.

(A)who are

(B)should consider

(C)the effect the move

(D)their children

16.I can never ________ why he did it. Maybe you can think of a possible reason for it.
(A)abide by
(B)bring about
(C)settle for
(D)figure out

17.My mother ________ taking that job. Now she regrets having forced me to follow her decision.
(A)backed me up
(B)cheered me on
(C)talked me into
(D)picked me up

18.After careful and complete examination, the police ________ the possibility that he was murdered. Lots of evidence showed that it was more likely that he committed suicide.
(A)cleaned up
(B)put forward
(C)ruled out
(D)thought over

19.Jenny went to the states ten years ago, and she has ________ her old friends in Taiwan.
(A)caught up with
(B)lost track of
(C)got the best of
(D)run out of

20.All of Jack's excuses for not paying back the money he owes me are ________; he has no intention of paying me. 
(A)beside the point
(B)out of question
(C)out of his mind
(D)all in all

21.Traditionally, Americans and Asians have had very different ideas about love and marriage. Americans believe in “romantic” marriage – a boy and girl are attracted to each other, fall in love, and decide to marry each other. Asians, __(21)__ , believe in contractual marriage – the parents of the bride and groom decide on the marriage, __(22)__terms of the agreement; the bride and groom may never meet __(23)__ their wedding day; and love – __(24)__ it ever develops – is supposed to follow marriage, not precede it. Generation after generation of Asian men and women have entered matrimony __(25)__ the more business-like arrangements of the marriage contract.
(A)for example
(B)in the end
(C)on one hand
(D)on the other hand

(C)to state
(D)for stating



(C)by way of
(D)in that

26.John B. Calhoun did a classic series of experiments to determine the effects of overpopulation on communities of rats in the 1960s. In each of these experiments, an equal number of male and female adult rats were placed in an enclosure and given an adequate supply of food, water and other necessities. He allowed the rat populations to increase to approximately twice the number that could live in the enclosure without experiencing stress due to overcrowding. He then carefully observed and recorded behavior in these overpopulations communities. At the end of these experiments, Calhoun was able to conclude that overcrowding caused a breakdown in the normal social relationships among rats. The females, the most seriously affected by the high population density, showed deviant, pathological maternal behavior: they did not behave as mother rats normally do. For example, mothers sometimes abandoned their pops, and, without their mothers' care, the pops died. Under normal conditions, a mother rat would not leave her pops alone to die. The dominant male, the least affected by overpopulation, claimed an area of the enclosure as his own. Therefore, these individuals did not experience the overcrowding in the same way as the other rats did. They did behave pathologically at times. Their antisocial behavior consisted of attacks on weaker male, female, and immature rats. Nondominant males in the experiments also exhibited deviant social behavior. Some withdrew completely; they moved very little and ate and drank at times when the other rats were sleeping in order to avoid contact with them. Other nondominant males were hyperactive, chasing other rats and fighting each other. This segment of the rat population, like all the other parts, was affected by the overpopulation.
【題組】What is the main idea of this passage? 
(A)Overpopulation results in deviant behavior in rats. ‚
(B)Calhoun's experiments have influenced many people. ƒ
(C)The social behavior of rats is seriously affected by overcrowding. „
(D)Overall crowding, along with other factors, causes social pathology.

27.【題組】Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage? 
(A)Mother rats usually take care of the pops. ‚
(B)Calhoun had experimented with rats before. ƒ
(C)The rats in the experiments have deviant behavior because they fought for necessities of life. „
(D)Calhoun manipulated the experiment so that the only factor that caused stress is overpopulation.

28.【題組】Which of the following statements is true based on the reading? 
(A)Overpopulation causes pathological behavior in rat population. ‚
(B)The dominant males are less affected because they did not need their own space. ƒ
(C)Female rats are more seriously affected than the nondominant males. „
(D)The dominant males are less seriously affected than the nondominant males.

29.【題組】The nondominant males behave pathologically by which of the following behavior?
(A)Eating less
(C)Being inactive
(D)Avoiding other rats

30.【題組】What would be an appropriate title of this passage?
(A)Rats' social disease
(B)The deviant behavior of rats ƒ
(C)Overpopulation and social behavior
(D)The effect of overcrowding on rats