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96 年 - 096年 初等考試 一般行政 英文(36-50)#3809 

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1.36 Maria: Can I talk to Pat, please? Pat’s brother:_______ Maria: Maria Smith.
(A) She’s not home.
(B) Pat’s on the phone.
(C) Who’s calling, please?
(D) What did you say?

2.37 Mark: Why don’t you go to New York by plane? Shelly:_________ . I’m afraid of flying. Mark: Well, then you may have to take a train.
(A) How should I know?
(B) Traveling by plane is fun.
(C) That’s out of the question.
(D) Can you pass me the ticket, please?

3.38 The creature in the novel is an alien _____ language no one understands.
(A) whom
(B) which
(C) that
(D) whose

4.39 _______ Jane said is very clear. There’s no need to ask her again.
(A) It
(B) That
(C) What
(D) Which

40 Excuse me. What time does the next train ____ Tainan?

(A) get on
(B) take off
(C) leave for
(D) drive away

6.Comic books are popular reading for young people all 41 the world. The characters in comic books are active and do what no one could do in reality. The artists who draw comics are very skillful at changing a character’s facial expressions to show his or her 42 ; for example, the shape of a character’s eyes and mouth may show how happy, sad, or angry he or she is. Both fast and slow movements can be shown by the 43 of the character’s legs and arms. The stories are no longer about adults like Superman, either; some are about children or teenagers, or even 44 , like Snoopy, a dog, and Garfield, a cat. Classical literature can also be pictured in comic book form. This makes it easy for students to 45 stories about the great heroes, like Ulysses and Robinson Crusoe.
(A) over
(B) into
(C) between
(D) above

(A) friends
(B) decorations
(C) feelings
(D) clothes

(A) colors
(B) positions
(C) economics
(D) teens

(A) animals
(B) insects
(C) castles
(D) monsters


11.This summer when Mike went with his girlfriend, Vera, to a night market, he was happy to find a stand that sells jacket potatoes. Mike bought one with ham and pineapple for himself and asked if his girlfriend would also like to try one. Vera agreed and ordered one with fruit salad. As the one she ate tasted so good, Vera asked whether Mike knew how to make one. Mike said he used to see how his host family made it when he stayed in America. And it was not difficult to make. First, preheat the oven. Then, choose a good potato and wash its skin until it’s clean. After drying the washed potato with a towel, put it into the heated oven and wait for twenty to thirty minutes. When the potato is ready, cut it open and put any food you like on top of it to make it taste even better. After listening to what Mike told her, Vera understood why it is called a jacket potato -- it’s because one eats the potato with its skin on it.
【題組】46 Where did Mike learn how to make jacket potatoes?
(A) In a night market.
(B) In a post office.
(C) In a host family.
(D) On the street.

12.【題組】47 What did Vera choose for her jacket potato?
(A) Fruit salad
(B) Ham
(C) Pineapple
(D) Butter

13.【題組】48 What does Mike use when he bakes a jacket potato?
(A) A refrigerator
(B) A glass of water
(C) An oven
(D) A towel

14.【題組】49 According to the article, which of the following is NOT a necessary step in the making a jacket potato?
(A) Preheat the oven.
(B) Dry the washed potato with a towel.
(C) Cut the potato into small pieces.
(D) Put the food you like on top of the baked potato.

15.【題組】50 About how much time does one need to bake the jacket potato?
(A) An hour
(B) Two days
(C) Half an hour
(D) Twenty seconds