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97 年 - 097年 中華郵政 專業職(二) (外勤) 英文#7264 

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1.Every staff member in the post office must know that a good service _______ toward customers is important.
(A) altitude
(B) substitute
(C) attitude
(D) institute
2.I will visit you the day after tomorrow, if it is _______ for you. 
(A) convenience
(B) convenient
(C) convention
(D) conversation
3.We are genuinely grateful for your long-term _______ in carrying out the building project. 
(A) cooperation
(B) corporation
(C) operation
(D) information
4.The post office announces: Sending packages containing _______ items is forbidden. 
(A) habit
(B) prohibited
(C) prohibit
(D) attractive
5.It is _______ to park cars on the sidewalk. 
(A) illiterate
(B) illogical
(C) illegal
(D) ill-tempered
6.Bodyguards were on alert throughout the presidential _______. 
(A) audience
(B) inauguration 
(C) configuration
(D) meditation
7.Japan and France are in _______.
(A) Europe and South America
(B) Africa and Europe
(C) Asia and Africa
(D) Asia and Europe
8.The _______ weight limit for each small packet is 2 kg. In other words, items over 2 kg are not accepted. 
(A) maximum
(B) minimum
(C) large
(D) height
9.The trip to Africa was full of _______ and joys, and we all really enjoyed it. 
(A) existence
(B) adventures
(C) advisors
(D) explanations
10.All parcels are subject to _______ clearance; therefore, senders are requested to fill out these forms. 
(A) custom
(B) customary
(C) customer
(D) customs
11.Joy, you must get this letter _______ right away. 
(A) mailing
(B) mails
(C) to mail
(D) mailed
12.I wish I _______ a bird so that I could fly. 
(A) were
(B) was
(C) have
(D) am
13.If I _______ enough money, I _______ that luxurious car. 
(A) have had, have bought
(B) had, have bought 
(C) had had, would have bought
(D) am, buy
14.Without your kind assistance, I _______ a very serious mistake. 
(A) have made
(B) make 
(C) am making
(D) would make
15.We _______ the fine weather to go fishing. 
(A) advantage
(B) take advantage 
(C) take advantage of
(D) take advantage for
16.No sooner _______ the department than it began to rain.
(A) we had left
(B) we left
(C) had we left
(D) we leave
17.He drives much _______ than his girl friend. 
(A) many careful
(B) care 
(C) more carefully
(D) most carefully
18.The chef has made a special sauce to _______ the beef. 
(A) go after
(B) go ahead
(C) go along
(D) go with
19.A: Can you point out the location of our hotel in this map? B: 
(A) Of course. It’s NT$5. 
(B) Of course. It’s right here. 
(C) The hotel is on the right side of the street.
(D) Yes. That will be fine.
20.A: This is a very tricky problem. B: 
(A) Yes, that’ll be fine. 
(B) That’s very kind of you. 
(C) Let me see how I can help you. 
(D) Here you are.
21.A: Our company has been running in the red for the last few years. B: But this year, I think we’ll _____. 
(A) turn a profit. 
(B) take turns.
(C) turn out. 
(D) turn aside.
22.John: Could you please mail this letter for me? Mary: I am sorry. I can’t because I have a lot of work to do now. John: That’s all right._______ 
(A) It’s very nice of you.
(B) It takes a lot time. 
(C) I’ll see if Jason can help me.
(D) What can I do for you?
23.Peter: Where is the post office near the railway station? Grace: ________ . The post office is on the right side.
(A) I don’t know. 
(B) Just walk two blocks from here. 
(C) The railway station is not far away from here. 
(D) Could you do me a favor?
24.Customer: Yesterday I sent a value-declared letter to my friend. Can I request that it be returned? Clerk: Do you know if it has been delivered or not? Customer: ________ Clerk: Sure. (Just a moment) The item has been delivered. According to the rules, it is impossible for the post office to request it be returned by the addressee. Customer: Thanks. 
(A) Yes, it was sent yesterday. 
(B) The addressee’s address is: No.1000, Ta-tung Rd., Taipei. 
(C) No. Can you please check for me? 
(D) I don’t know where to go.
25.11.Customer: I have 3 books to be sent to the US by airmail. How can I mail them? Clerk:      . Customer: Thanks. 
(A) I don’t know.
(B) It costs NT$100. 
(C) It takes about 10 days. 
(D) You can send it as “printed matter”.