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97 年 - 097年 中華郵政 營運職 英文#7261 

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1.Mr. Smith made such a _____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the campus buildings after him. 
(A) generous
(B) modest
(C) minimum
(D) realistic

2.In Britain, 79 percent of colleges are increasing their marketing and ________ efforts abroad this year. They hope to attract more international students.
(A) liberation
(B) massacre
(C) recruitment
(D) theatrical

3.Larry King, the host of a popular late night television show, is known for his interview with high ________ guests including politicians, actors, artists and royalties. 
(A) gravity
(B) profile
(C) solemn
(D) tribute

4.He is such a ________ person. He cares nothing but his appearance. 
(A) clumsy
(B) damp
(C) graceful
(D) vain

5.Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, while the behavior of an animal depends mainly on _____. 
(A) instinct
(B) response
(C) consciousness
(D) communication

6.These paper plates are ________ after use, which can cause serious pollution in our environment. 
(A) disposable
(B) disputable
(C) disastrous
(D) discourteous

7.The loan officer suggested that we get someone to sign for us, since we didn’t have any ________. 
(A) collateral
(B) collation
(C) collapse
(D) collision

8.The company leader had not ________ such an attack from the enemy. 
(A) visited
(B) violated
(C) victimized
(D) visualized

9.A recent study shows how some of the smartest employers are starting to deal with a new generation that expects a very different workplace ________ of their parents.
(A) between that
(B) from the one
(C) than that
(D) to the one

10.【已刪除】________ the strong protestations of many people to the contrary, it is a fact that everybody dreams.
(A) Although
(B) Despite
(C) Even
(D) If

11.Over the past couple of years, consumers have faced one trial after ________, from soaring gas prices to the slumping housing market. 
(A) another
(B) any other
(C) other
(D) others

12.Avoidant individuals are less likely to form close relationships, ________ difficult for their partners to know what they’re thinking. 
(A) making it
(B) makes which
(C) to make it
(D) which makes

13.There is many a crown for those _________. 
(A) who match their brain with action
(B) who thought it worth doing it 
(C) who could sometimes arrive their goals
(D) who ambitiously reach for it easily

14.If you were to poll the members of the economics profession, a sizable majority ________ that microeconomics is the most important subject in the economics curriculum. 
(A) will probably agree
(B) would probable agree
(C) will have probable agreed
(D) would probably agree

15.Having been served lunch, ________. 
(A) it was discussed by the committee members the problem 
(B) the problem was discussed by the members of the committee 
(C) a discussion of the problem was held by the members of the committee 
(D) the committee members discussed the problem

16.Research shows that people with good friends have better physical and emotional health than those who have only a weak network of friends or no real friends at all. There are three general types of support friends to be __41__. First and probably most important, friends give us emotional support: they show us __42__ someone cares; someone really likes us and wants to be with us. But friends also provide guidance. When we have important __43__ to make, friends can be a sounding-board for our ideas, and they can present other sides to a problem. Friends also provide __44__, tangible support: they loan us their car when ours breaks down, they cook and meal for us when we’re sick, or they pick up our mail when we’re on vacation. Psychologists believe that friends __45__ as a coping mechanism. By providing us with companionship and support, friends serve as a buffer against the stress in our lives.
【題組】 41.
(A) accepted
(B) destined
(C) provided
(D) improved

17.【題組】 42.
(A) that
(B) what
(C) which
(D) whether

18.【題組】 43.
(A) relations
(B) decisions
(C) adoptions
(D) assumptions

19.【題組】 44.
(A) actual
(B) moral
(C) formal
(D) artificial

20.【題組】 45.
(A) regard
(B) surface
(C) perform
(D) function

21.If you love nature and the wilderness, you may have a hard time seeing organic farms and solar energy as environmental dangers. But that is the position of some hard greens. Hard greens argue that mainstream environmentalists often promote policies that hurt the planet. Hard greens say that if you want to save the wilderness and protect endangered species, you have to move people off the land and concentrate them in cities. They argue that the pollution produced by large cities and their close suburbs does less danger to the planet and its wild life than the forests that are cut down for farmland, country homes and suburban development. When an organic farmer clears land of trees and bushes to plant fields of organic vegetables, the natural habitat of wild vegetation and animals is destroyed-even if the farmer isn’t using pesticides. Put another way, hard greens would say that you have to reduce man’s footprint on the earth. Here are some positions of “hard greens:” Except in unforested areas that receive a great deal of sun, widespread use of solar energy will seriously damage the environment. In order to produce enough solar energy to provide power to New York City, for example, almost all the forests in the state of New York would have to be cut down to make room for solar cells. Food should be produced by large agribusiness corporations rather than small family farmers. Large corporate farms are more efficient than small farms and produce more food on less land. Organic farming and pesticide-free farm products should be discouraged because they are inefficient. When pesticides are not used, more land must be cleared to produce the same amount of food.
【題組】 46. What does the term “hard greens” refer to4 
(A) A group of mainstream environmentalists. 
(B) People who grow vegetables to save the earth. 
(C) Environmentalists who are against traditional ways of protecting the earth. 
(D) Farmers who organize international corporate farms for efficient food supply.

22.【題組】 47. What do hard greens think about having people live in large cities and having them move to country homes4 
(A) More people should move to the country in order to reduce pollution. 
(B) More people should move to the suburbs to plant fields of organic vegetables. 
(C) People should live in the cities so as to save cost on transportation and save energy. 
(D) People should live in the cities so forests and wild life in the country may be saved.

23.【題組】48. According to the passage, what place is suitable for widespread use of solar energy4 
(A) Large cities with huge populations.
(B) Sunshine states with plenty of trees. 
(C) River banks with vast areas of forests and wildlife.
(D) Vast areas with very few trees and plenty of sunshine.

24.【題組】49. What do hard greens think about organic farming4 
(A) Organic farming may help solve the problem of food shortage. 
(B) Organic farming is not efficient and may require more land to produce food. 
(C) More scientific research is needed to improve the technique of organic farming. 
(D) More effort should be made to help people understand the value of organic food.

25.【題組】50. What do hard greens think about large agribusiness companies4 
(A) They often control the market and result in rise of food prices. 
(B) They are able to produce more food on less land, and are thus more efficient. 
(C) Large agribusinesses tend to overuse pesticide, and thus should be inspected regularly. 
(D) Too many large agribusiness companies may lead to clearing of more forests for farmland.