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1.He is strange to me.

2.The telephone line is busy. Someone is still _____ the phone.
(A) to
(B) by
(C) in
(D) on

3.The bomb could be   ____________  by the slightest vibration.
(A)set out      
(B)set off      
(C)pay out      
(D)pay off

4.By the time they arrived, I ____________ my work.
(A)had finished
(B)have finished
(D)would finish

5.A: What do you do? B: _______________
(A)Fine, thanks.
(B)At home.
(C)I am a student.
(D)I am sleeping.

6.I insisted that he ________ present at this meeting.

7.The game was held in ______.

8.I would rather I ________ about this yesterday.
(C)had known
(D)have known

9.The train came after he  ________ for about half an hour.
(A)had been waiting              
(B)was waiting        
(C)had been waited             

10.I prefer reading magazines ___________.
(A)to playing chess
(B)to play chess
(C)to be played chess
(D)for playing chess

11.He is an honest man, but when he was young, he  _____  tell lies.
(A)had to   
(B)was to       
(C) is to      
(D)used to     

12.He doesn’t know how to play the piano, ___________.
(A)nor am I
(B)I do, too
(C)so do I
(D)nor do I

13. Nobody but Amy and Helen ______ in the room when I was sleeping.

14.It is too difficult for her _______ what to do.
(A)to decide
(B)to deciding

15.Estela  _______ to go to France last year.

16.His suggestion ___________.
(A)is worth consider
(B)is worth considering
(C)is worth to consider
(D)does worth to consider

17.John takes after his grandfather.

18.Learning to operate computers _________ very important today.

19. He is trying to lose weight, so last week he ______ a gym.

20.The weather ________ may not be precise enough.

21. I can not            his insolence.
(A)do in          
(B)do with      
(C)do on        
(D)do up

22._______ his help, we made it possible to carry out this project at last.
(A)Thanks to     
(B)According to 
(C)As to         
(D)In addition to

23.Jack is the           for the position.

24.As soon as I entered her room, I saw her ______ on the sofa.

25.She spoke too fast, and I am totally          a loss.

26.A: How _______ do you go to church? B: Once a week.

27.We don’t allow            in the room.
(A)to smoke                      
(B)having smoking  
(C)been smoking                  

28.His parents seldom go on a picnic, __________?
(A)don’t they  
(B)doesn’t he    
(C)do they       
(D)does he

29.If no one wants to ___________ up anything further, the meeting will be over.

30. No matter how difficult the situation was, she still ________to her principles.
(A) stick       
(B) stuck             
(C) strike         

31.Dr. Lee kept             doing the same experiment over and over again.

32. He is the tallest man __________I have ever met.

33. A: How many books does he have? B: He _____ plenty of books.

34.Helen as well as her two sisters _________ looking forward to the coming vacation.
(C)have been     

35.A: Are you still trying to convince her? B: No, there is no point _____ with her.
(A)in arguing 
(B)for arguing      
(C)in argueing    
(D)for argueing

36._____ comparison with his brother, he is smarter.

37.Water is to fish _________ air is to man .

38.The _________ on the seashore is spectacular.

39.We do not know the value of freedom           we have lost it.

40.Not only ______ lovely, but she is intelligent as well. 
(A) is she       
(B) she is        
(C) she was      
(D) she would be

41.My mom told me that I shouldn’t eat beef, __________              I eat it anyway.

42.Don’t be _________. I am busy doing my homework now.
(A)all the way 
(B)by the way 
(C)on my way   
(D)in my way

43.Pollution is often a consequence of the rapid           of human population.

44.The population of China is larger than _______ of Taiwan.

45.The radio was           by a mechanic when I came in.
(D)being fixed

46.I _________ my trip to Japan until next month.
(A)put off     
(B)put on        
(C)put away   
(D)put up

47.A:It’s a pleasure to meet you. B:The pleasure is             .

48.These are your books, __________? 
(A) aren’t these   
(B) aren’t they       
(C) are they     
(D) aren’t there

49.The harder you study, ________ you will do on the test.
(A)the most  
(B)the better      
(C)the more  
(D)the much

50. This food                them for another three weeks.
(A)will last    
(C)was lasted  
(D)was last