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1.1.I’m planning to( ) the attic into a bedroom to accommodate more guests. 
(A) convert 
(B) elaborate

2.2.When I turned on the heater, hot air ( )throughout the room and I felt warm immediately.
(D) illustrated

3.3.Climbing up to the mountain top has( ) . I am out of breath now.
(A)turned me on
(B) cheered me up
(C) worn me out
(D) cut me off

4.4.When a complete stranger came over and intended to give me the ticket to the concert, my ______ reaction was to decline the offer because his friendliness seemed weird to me.
(B) immediate

5.5.My brother, Carlson, loves music very much and knows how to play several musical , ( )such as the piano, the guitar, the trumpet, and the oboe.
(A) notes
(B) scores

6.6.In some Asian cultures, people are not supposed to make direct eye contact when talking to their superiors because the behavior is considered bold or ( ) .

7.7.Wearing shorts and sandals to work is considered very ( ) in many companies.
(A) incomplete
(B) informative
(C) improper
(D) impatient

8.8.The accident was not all your ( ) . The other driver was responsible for its happening as well.
(A) concept
(B) response
(C) blame
(D) fault

9.9.The new engineer seemed to be ( ) by the workload in the Research and Development Division. He stayed for merely a week and quit for health reasons.
(A) fascinated
(B) interfered
(C) acculturated
(D) overwhelmed

10.10.If you are so easily discouraged by any ( ), how can you ever achieve anything? Hardships are there to make us braver and wiser.
(A) capacity
(B) monument
(C) obstacle
(D) tolerance

11.11.Mary won’t forgive George for his rudeness ( ) he apologizes first.
(A) but
(B) unless
(C) if
(D) lest

12.12.Man: Did you see this tomato, Maggie? Woman: Yes, I did. Isn’t it big? Man: It’s huge! ______________ Woman: I think I’ll cut it up for our salad tonight.
(A) Where did you buy it?
(B) How much did it cost?
(C) What are you going to do with it?
(D) When did you buy it?

13.13.Alice: Hey, Allen, why didn’t you have lunch with us? _____________ Allen: No. I had a late breakfast.
(A) What was the matter?
(B) Weren’t you hungry?
(C) Would you care for a cup of coffee?
(D) Have you had your breakfast?

14.If there is one thing I dislike, it is dogs that bark late at night. An example is my neighbor’s dog across the street from me. My neighbor lets her dog out for about a half hour every night around midnight. ( 14 ) her dog hits the night air, his automatic response is to howl and bark, which he does for a full half hour. He does not seem to bark at anything in particular. ( 15 ) , barking seems to be his form of nightly exercise. I want to be a good neighbor, so I try not to ( 16 ) too much, but I’m getting very tired of that midnight serenade.
【題組】 14
(A) As soon as
(B) Because
(C) As a result
(D) Even though

(A) Consequently
(B) Instead
(C) Regardless
(D) Gradually

(A) defend
(B) complain
(C) intrude
(D) threaten

17.A century ago, distance and extreme cold meant that Antarctica was only a place for explorers. Modern technology has changed all that. Now cruise liners with up to a thousand passengers travel through the Antarctic waters. Only in the last decade has the Antarctic tourist trade taken off. In the early 90s about 5,000 tourists a year travelled to Antarctica. Last year, there were more than 28,000 visitors, and if the growth continues at the same rate it could be up to 80,000 by 2010. Tourists that set foot on Antarctica are concentrated in biologically rich sites, and historic or current sites of human activity. Tourism is focused on sites known for fantastic wildlife and stunning scenery. The impact of these routine tourism operations is not yet well known, though industry claims that there has been no impact from several decades of tourism. Achieving a balance between tourism and managing the pristine wilderness is worrying environmentalists. They are concerned not just by the rising number of tourists but by the changing nature of Antarctic tourism. Large cruise liners run by global companies are now entering the Antarctic tourist trade, marking the beginning of mass tourism in Antarctica. They also carry huge quantities of heavy oil, one of the worst marine pollutants. “The effects of one liner sinking or running aground would be disastrous,” says an environmentalist. While the environmental impact of fifty tourists turning up at a penguin colony or historic hut may be minimal, 800 to 1,000 is a different story.
【題組】17.What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Antarctic tourism and its possible effects on the environment.
(B)The influence of modern technology on historic sites.
(C)A cool trip to the Antarctic wilderness.
(D)Cruise liners and marine pollutants.

18.【題組】18.Which is NOT mentioned as a negative impact that Antarctic tourism has brought to the environment?
(A) The possibility of ships sinking.
(B) Heavy oil and pollutants.
(C) Disturbed wild animals.
(D) Mass construction of huts and hotels.

19.【題組】19.What is the author’s attitude toward the impact of Antarctic tourism?
(A) Optimistic.
(B) Apprehensive.
(C) Furious.
(D) Indifferent.

20.【題組】20.According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Large cruise liners run by global companies are now forbidden to enter the Antarctic areas.
(B) Scientists have proven that there has been no impact from several decades of Antarctic tourism.
(C) By the end of 2010, the number of tourists will be sixteen times of that in the early 90s.
(D) The fact that tourists have been on the increase does not worry environmentalists.