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97 年 - 097年 普通考試 英文#9393 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.I asked Joan to help me with the math question because I couldn’t  _________the answer.
(A)count on  
(B)end up  
(C)figure out  
(D)turn into

2.The strawberry looks so delicious that I can hardly resist the _________. The urge to take a bite is so strong.

3.It is our dream that one day we can live in _________, rather than conflicts and violence, with people all over the world.

4.I wish to express my _________ for your kind help.

5.The computer programmer felt _________ because he had to work under pressure all the time.
(A)broken up
(B)carried away
(C)stressed out
(D)torn down

6.When we heard a big thump from upstairs, we were shocked and everyone _________ up at the ceiling in astonishment.

7.It is very common for students to watch TV or play computer games for _________.

8.On New Year’s Eve, this pub will _________ its opening hours so that customers can stay as late as midnight to welcome the arrival of the new year.

9.I have always regretted not having studied harder at school. I _________ more diligent at that time.
(A)had been
(B)should be
(D)should have been

10.My dog was hit by a car; now he lies _________ here.
(D)to be buried

11. In the summer, many people often decide to get fit. But 41 their motivation is correct, the methods sometimes are not. Over the years, statements like “eat less to lose weight” have been passed around as good advice. In fact, 42 fitness strategies are unhealthy— and even dangerous. Unfortunately, many people want to lose weight so badly that they will believe any advice—good or bad. Here are two of the most 43 myths about getting fit. “If I just eat less, I will lose weight.” Many people only focus on the amount of food they consume each day. They neglect to pay attention to what they’re eating. So they may be eating less, but they’re not eating healthily. Be sure to eat a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. You need all three food groups to 44 a healthy body. What you eat is just as important as how much you eat. “If I build muscle, I will gain weight.” This statement is actually true. Muscle is more dense than fat, so the same amount weighs more. But muscle also takes up less space. When you 45 muscle, you will be thinner and your clothes will feel looser.
【題組】 41.
(A)when 
(B)unless 
(C)while 


(A)well-organized 
(B)often-heard 
(C)good-looking 

(A)hold 
(B)maintain 
(C)stay 

(A)substitute fat for 
(B)provide fat for 
(C)interchange fat with 
(D)replace fat with

16.Student: I think it is time that I should work harder! 
Teacher: How right you are! ______ I’m glad you can start to take action. 

(A)Better late than never.   

(B)A rolling stone gathers no moss. 

(C)Curiosity killed the cat. 

(D)Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

17.When Laura Bush walked into the room wearing a stunning tangerine suit, I wanted to say— just the way I would to a friend— “Have you been working out?” “Have you changed your hairstyle?” She looked slimmer and even younger than the woman I interviewed a little less than four years ago, on the day before the world changed. Back then, on September 10, 2001, Washington, still reeling from an election that rested on a mere 537 votes in Florida, was recovering from culture shock. The Bushes ran a very different White House than the Clintons. They were on time for appointments, they spent quiet evenings with intimate friends, and they went to bed early. Not exactly a hip Hollywood lifestyle. But the First Lady, a title she still thinks of as too lofty and inauthentic to describe her, was winning hearts and minds. She is, after all, a teacher and educator. She taught elementary school in Houston and Austin for several years, and produced an outstanding book fair in Washington with some of America’s greatest authors populating vast lawns filled with tents, talking to throngs about their works. Laura Bush’s love of reading is partly what defines her. I always wondered if books were substitutes for the brothers and sisters she didn’t have growing up in Midland, Texas and if they kept her from feeling lonely.
【題組】 Why did the writer want to ask Laura if she had been working out?
(A) Laura looked very tired.
(B) Laura looked slender and younger.
(C) Laura was younger than other first ladies.
(D) Laura was an old friend of the writer.

18.【題組】Whom does “the woman” in the passage refer to?
(A) Laura herself
(B) Laura’s secretary
(C) One of Laura’s sisters
(D) The writer’s neighbor

19.【題組】The culture shock in Washington was due to .
(A) the US presidential election in 2000
(B) the lifestyle of the Bush family
(C) the 911 incident in 2001
(D) the reading movement in schools

20.【題組】Laura Bush grew up .
(A) as the only child in her family
(B) with a large number of siblings
(C) away from her brothers and sisters
(D) without the care of her parents