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97 年 - 097年 第一次司法特考英文#9833 

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1.He is inclined to _____ details. Therefore, his proposals are sometimes not carefully thought-out.
(A) downscale
(B) overlook
(C) truncate
(D) uphold

2.Jessie has to pass one more exam before she is ______ and able to graduate from school.
(A)home brew
(B) home free
(C) home front
(D) home truth

3.This___________ device enables people to feed pictures, photos, or documents into a computer system, and shows the cleverness of its inventor.
(A) biological
(B) cohesive
(D) ingenious

4.The result of the careless storage and disposal of wastes is the of vectors of disease.
(A) breeding
(B) deleting
(C) polluting
(D) composing

5.It was amazing how she___________ with bringing up three children on less than ten thousand NT dollars a month.
(A)came up
(C)filled up

6.It is the nature of widely spoken languages to fragment into dialects, then into new languages, as Latin did into French, Italian, Spanish and others.
(A) Widely spoken languages are descended from dialects.
(B) New languages derive their nature from widely spoken languages.
(C) Widely spoken languages will eventually become fragments and dialects.
(D) Widely spoken languages are likely to develop into new languages.

7.People gathered in the square to homage to____________ the king when he visited their village.

8.During the________ season, the floodwaters covered nearly the whole nation and killed many people.
(A) cyclone
(B) drought
(C) monsoon
(D) tornado

9.There were indications that their actions were not voluntary, and that certain forms of_________ were involved.
(A) coercion
(B) consumption
(C) defamation
(D) deposition

10.It took me a while to________ in a big city.
(A) get used to live
(B) get used to living
(C) be used to live
(D) used to live

11.The name of my old friend is on the tip of my tongue.
(A) I am very fond of my old friend.
(B) The name of my old friend is too long to pronounce.
(C) I haven’t seen my old friend for ages.
(D) I am unable to call my old friend’s name.

Why is the world producing so much garbage? Garbage is an unavoidable result of consumption. And to 42 the 
high standard of living that has been reached in many industrialized countries, we must continue to consume, as the 
consumption keeps the wheel of industry turning. We use the rapidly disappearing natural resources of the earth to feed 
the machines of industry, which 43 produce endless quantities of consumer goods. What we haven’t been able to 
do, however, is to find a successful way to 44 all the by-products of industry and the products themselves when 
they are used up, worn out, or 45 . 
One of the biggest causes of the garbage problem is the world’s exploding population. More and more people means 
more and more waste. Before the industrial revolution, when the world population was very small, the problem of 
garbage did not exist. Whatever waste was produced then could be absorbed by the earth without 46 nature’s 
balance, but nature can no longer cope with the amount of garbage that is currently being produced.

(A) contain
(D) ordain

(A) by contrast
(B) in turn
(C) more or less
(D) to the contrary

(A)take off
(B)consist of
(C)dispose of
(D)put off


(B) disrupting

A slow-rolling series of storms that battered the American West this week brought snowfall and high wind on 
Thursday to parts of California, where weather-weary residents have already endured lashing rain, heavy snowfall and a 
destructive tornado. Since the wild weather began slogging ashore on Monday, five deaths in California and two in 
Colorado have been blamed on storms. On Thursday, up to a 1 foot (30 centimeters) of snow fell on Colorado mountains, 
and northern Nevada was expecting as much as 7 feet (2.13 meters) on top of the 2-3 feet (more than half a meter) that 
already had fallen. Conditions were improving on Thursday in Arizona, as water levels quickly fell in a Sedona-area 
creek that had fattened from a trickle into a river of mud, forcing a dozen neighborhoods to evacuate. Damage 
assessments were expected to begin on Thursday. 

【題組】 47 What was NOT brought about by the storms that battered the American West?
(D)An earthquake

18.【題組】In which state did the storms cause the greatest damage?

19.【題組】According to the passage, the wild weather had taken _____ lives.
(C) a dozen
(D) innumerable

20.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following statements about the storms is true?
(A) No residents had to leave their homes for their safety.
(B) The actual cost of this disaster was evaluated and reported.
(C)Residents of the affected states remained upbeat throughout the terrible weather.
(D) The storms did not attack the east coast of America.