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97 年 - 097年 菸酒公司英文-字彙與文法題#10060 

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1.The government may require individuals to limit the carbon dioxide they produce to ---- global warming.

2.If I were you,I would purchase more insurance,just for your own ------.

3.The controversial singer must ----100 hours of community service for altering the age on his ID card.
(A) fulfill
(B) flush
(C) instill

4.The new medicine is still in -----stages and will not hit the market until next year.

5.The ------earthquake has buried over 18000 lives in southwestern China's Sichuan province.

6.I'd like to take -----of this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation.

7.It is true that the surroundings will ----- one's work and studies.

8.Reading detective stories is one of Steve's favorite -----

9.The ---- from the top of Mt. Killer is amazing.

10.From now on,all visitors to the building must show their----- in the lobby.

11.As the project depends on _____ at the federal level, the city and county may have to wait until the budget cutting ends.
(A)that it happens
(B)it happening
(C)which happening
(D)what happens

12.In this course ,the economic background of labor legislation will not be mentioned ------ be dealt with.
(A)neither trade unionism will
(B)not trade unionism will
(C)nor will trade unionism
(D) trade unionism will not

13.Market growth is the rate ------the overall market is growing.
(A)in which
(B)for that
(C)in whether
(D)at which

14.Like -----other language skills,reading requires practice.
(A)the more
(B)the most
(C)most of the
(D)much of the

15.The coach,together with his team players,-----warmly welcomed when the got off the bus.
(D)had been

16.Since Michael and I work in the same hospital, I can hardly avoid ------ him.
(A)to meet
(C)to have met
(D)having met

17.I didn't believe -----Jeffrey said,------ annoyed him very much.
(A)what .....which

18.Accounting is a profession -------has always interested me.
(B)in which

19.Please fill out the paperwork before --------in line.
(D)to stand

20.When traveling around the world, a person must -----eating different types of food.
(A)have to use
(B)get used to
(C)to use
(D)used to