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1.1 Two months after Emily resigned, she began to _________ her decision because she could not find another job.
(A) applaud
(B) deter
(C) nibble
(D) regret

2.2 Her knees and ankles hurt so much that she had to take the ___________ to the second floor. Climbing the stairs was just too hard for her.
(A) elevator
(B) carriage
(C) parachute
(D) saucer

3.3 Fanny’s skirt is very ________ in design. I haven’t seen anyone else wear a similar one.
(A) ordinary
(B) visible
(C) ambitious
(D) unique

4.4 _________ difficult the task may be, you have to try every means to complete it.
(A) Whatever
(B) However
(C) Whether
(D) No matter

5.5 Please read the instructions carefully before you ________ the model ship.
(A) assemble
(B) resemble
(C) distract
(D) extract

6.6 In winter, women usually rub cream into their skin to _______ it and make it softer.
(A) mature
(B) moisturize
(C) multiply
(D) motivate

7.7 ATM is short for automatic ________ machine.
(A) television
(B) telephone
(C) telegram
(D) teller

8.8 The cause of the car accident was still in dispute. However, some people speculated that the driver’s _________ was the cause of the accident since he had driven continuously for more than ten hours.
(A) exhaust
(B) excess
(C) fatigue
(D) matter

9.9 In order to buy an apartment, Vivian forces herself to make a _________ of twenty thousand dollars at the bank every month.
(A) benefit
(B) deposit
(C) demand
(D) routine

10.10 The study shows that 36 percent of people are obsessed with famous people and tend to ________ celebrities.
(A) despise
(B) indulge
(C) torture
(D) worship

11.11 After several years of training, he has a good ______________ of English now.
(A) demand
(B) command
(C) diligence
(D) confusion

12.12 It was _________ that he turned in the assignment late. He is always on time.
(A) natural
(B) unusual
(C) ordinary
(D) honorary

13.13 Drinking is legal and ________ accepted in every culture. People everywhere drink alcohol on various occasions.
(A) barely
(B) likely
(C) rarely
(D) widely

14.14 The best way to protect the leather of your shoes is to _______ them regularly.
(A) weave
(C) fold
(D) polish

15.15 She has just been ________ to lead a special committee on fraud investigation. She will call the first meeting next week.
(A) fabricated
(B) designated
(C) enhanced
(D) suspended

16.16 She bought her 80-year-old father a _________ health-monitoring device so that he could measure his blood pressure and heartbeats wherever he went.
(A) considerable
(B) capable
(C) portable
(D) profitable

17.17 College students are strongly advised to ________themselves with computer skills while in school. Without these skills, one is unlikely to find a decent job after graduation.
(A) familiarize
(B) identify
(C) obtain
(D) participate

18.18 Cheating on the exam is absolutely ___________. You will fail this course, and your name will be made public on the university website.
(A) unacceptable
(B) unapproachable
(C) uncountable
(D) unmanageable

19.19 _________ all these misunderstandings, they eventually made up with each other.
(A) Even
(B) Even though
(C) In case of
(D) In spite of

20.20 Whether we go for indoor or outdoor activities __________ upon the weather tomorrow.
(A) depend
(B) depended
(C) depending
(D) depends

21.21 I wonder how much ________ to make a phone call to Tokyo.
(A) it costs
(B) does it cost
(C) cost you
(D) will it cost

22.22 Since Richard attended college, he _________ his living by doing all kinds of part-time jobs.
(A) is earning
(B) has earned
(C) had earned
(D) will earn

23.23 _________ so selfish, or nobody will like you.
(A) Not be
(B) Be never
(C) Don’t be
(D) Be not

24.24 _________ the earth is round is indisputable.
(A) What
(B) As
(C) Since
(D) That

25.25 After a five-hour train ride, we arrived at the small beachside hotel where we _________a room for two nights.
(A) book
(B) are booking
(C) have booked
(D) had booked

26.26 _________ he had failed 50 times, Dr. Lin still went on with his experiment.
(A) Even though
(B) In case
(C) Unless
(D) Despite

27.27 Mrs. Smith wants a Mexican carpet, but she can’t afford to buy ________.
(A) it
(B) them
(C) one
(D) the one

28.28 Helen: I’ve never been to their apartment. _______________ Judy: Well, it’s small, but very cozy.
(A) What is it like?
(B) How much is it?
(C) How can I get there?
(D) Is it furnished or not?

29.29 A: I wonder what the weather is like in Chicago. B: ____________ A: I know that, but I wonder if it’s snowing.
(A) Definitely not.
(B) No one knows.
(C) Good enough.
(D) Probably cold.

30.30 By the time you got here today, the telephone _________ four times in the last hour.
(A) rang
(B) had rung
(C) was ringing
(D) had been rung

31.31 Jason talked as if he ___________ the robbery on the spot. In fact, he just heard about it from his colleague.
(A) saw
(B) had seen
(C) would see
(D) has seen

32.32 In my school, cheating in exams will not be ___________; students who show this kind of behavior will be severely punished.
(A) tolerated
(B) admitted
(C) consulted
(D) rejected

33.33 You have to tell me all the details without _________. Holding back any important information will not do you good.
(A) reputation
(B) reservation
(C) resignation
(D) revolution

34.34 Only a small fraction of ancient organisms, which have a solid skeleton or shell, are preserved as ___________.
(A) fossils
(B) souvenirs
(C) storages
(D) beverages

35.35 What the boss asks of his employees is __________. As long as they can get their work done, they don’t have to work long hours every day.
(A) affection
(B) efficiency
(C) frequency
(D) sentiment

36.36 To Tim, the traffic jam was indeed a blessing in ________. He didn’t catch his flight because of the delay, but the plane crashed 20 minutes after takeoff.
(A) appreciation
(B) campaign
(C) disguise
(D) resignation

37.37 The host didn’t even try to hide his _________; he asked those uninvited visitors to leave immediately.
(A) hospitality
(B) capacity
(C) utility
(D) hostility

38.38 Joe: I’m bored! May: Why not go out for a change? Let’s go shopping. Joe: Oh, no! _______________
(A) I’ll do anything but that.
(B) I’d rather go with you.
(C) I can’t wait!
(D) I can’t agree with you more!

39.39 Nick: Can I help you? Jeff: Yes, I’ve got four shirts, two pairs of pants, and a jacket here. I’m leaving town in a few days, so can I pick them up tomorrow? Nick: We can have the pants ready, but the shirts won’t be back until Wednesday morning. Jeff: Well, okay. Oh, and don’t forget to take out this coffee stain. Nick: No problem. ___________
(A) We’re the best clothing store in town.
(B) Our coffee is the best in town.
(C) Everything will be ready soon.
(D) We’re the best dry cleaner in town.

40.40 In order to cut costs, we must _________ some benefits such as health insurance for employees’ spouses.
(A) memorize
(B) caution
(C) eliminate
(D) despise

    Men and women often have different ideas of what’s important—and at what point “important” topics should be 
raised. A woman told me, with lingering astonishment, of a conversation with her boyfriend. Knowing he had seen his 
friend Oliver, she asked, “What’s new with Oliver?” He replied, “Nothing.” 41 , later in the conversation it came 
out that Oliver and his girlfriend had decided to get married. “That’s nothing?” the woman gasped in 42 . 
<br>    For men, “Nothing” may be a ritual 43 at the start of a conversation. A college woman missed her brother but 
rarely called him because she found it difficult to get talk going. A 44 conversation began with her asking, “What’s 
up with you?” and his replying, “Nothing.” Hearing his “Nothing” as meaning “There is nothing personal I want to talk 
about,” she supplied talk by filling him in on her news and 45 hung up in frustration. But when she thought back, she remembered that later in the conversation he had mumbled, “Christie and I got into another fight.” This came so late 
and so low that she didn’t pick up on it. And he was probably equally frustrated that she didn’t. 

【題組】 41
(A) However
(B) Although
(C) Besides
(D) Moreover

(A) admiration
(B) relief
(C) disbelief
(D) suspense

(A) conflict
(B) entertainment
(C) greeting
(D) response

(A) controversial
(B) typical
(C) logical
(D) comical

(A) merrily
(B) initially
(C) fundamentally
(D) eventually

    Google began as a research project in January 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students at Stanford University. They developed the hypothesis that a search engine based on the analysis of the relationships between websites would produce improved results over the basic techniques then in use. Convinced that the pages with the most links to them from other highly relevant web pages must be the most relevant pages associated with the search, Page and Brin tested their thesis as part of their studies and laid the foundation for their search engine. 
   The Google search engine attracted a loyal following among the growing number of Internet users. They were attracted to its simple, uncluttered, clean design — a competitive advantage to attract users who did not wish to enter searches on web pages filled with visual distractions. This appearance had behind it Google’s unique search capabilities. In 2000, Google began selling advertisements associated with the search keyword to produce enhanced search results for the user. This strategy was important for increasing advertising revenue, which is based upon the number of hits users make upon ads. The ads were text-based in order to maintain an uncluttered page design and to maximize page loading speed. It also only cost a very small amount per click to the websites that advertised this way. While many of its dot-com rivals failed in the new Internet marketplace, Google quietly rose in stature while gnerating revenue. 

【題組】46 What is the purpose of this passage?
(A) To advertise the Google search engine. 
(B) To introduce Google’s early history and how it succeeded. 
(C) To show the public a new search engine on the Internet. 
(D) To explain how Google got its name.

47.【題組】47 According to this passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Page and Brin founded the company, Google, in 1996.
(B) Google is losing competitiveness in the Internet market.
(C) Google cooperates with its dot-com rivals in generating revenue.
(D) Google originated as a hypothesis proposed by two PhD students.

48.【題組】48 According to this passage, Internet users love Google mainly because of its _______.
(A) fancy web page arrangement
(B) attractive visual design
(C) unique search capabilities
(D) text-based advertisements

49.【題組】49 What does the word “them” in paragraph 1 refer to?
(A) The basic techniques
(B) The pages
(C) Page and Brin
(D) The improved results

50.【題組】50 Which of the following can best replace the word “hits” in paragraph 2?
(A) Pushes
(B) Clutches
(C) Purchases
(D) Clicks