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98 年 - 098年 中華電信98專業職(一)專員英文(字彙&文法測驗)30題#14220 

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1.1. A few political extremists __________ the crowd to attack the police.

2.2. A thorough analysis of market _______ can increase the success rate of a new product.

3.3. The suppliers will claim compensation if we partially _______ our contract with them.

4.4. In the face of energy crisis, scientists worldwide are now exploring _______ energy to replace fossil fuels.

5.5. The shopping _______ policy aimed to stimulate consumption in order to boost up droopy economy.

6.6. I enjoyed the concert last night. But someone’s cell phone rang during the concert and it was __________.

7.7. Experiments in genetic engineering have created important __________ to find cures for many cancers.

8.8. The faucet in the kitchen had been __________ for days. We should call the plumber to fix the problem.

9.9. One of the most important decisions a company must make is how to __________ the company in its advertisements through photographs, graphic design, or other means.

10.10. It was felt that the new bonus for increased production would provide an _______ to work overtime.

11.11. A country’s financial _______ is an essential factor in investment evaluation.

12.12. The special committee investigating the inside trading had accidentally _______ evidence of asset stripping.

13.13. Given the increasingly high rate of divorce, many couples, prior to marriage, are advised to consider getting a _______ agreement.
(A) bilingual 
(B) biennial 
(C) provisional 
(D) prenuptial

14.14. Most companies, faced with the economic downturn, need to have strong _______, with assets valuable enough to meet obligations and operations in the long term.

15.15. The Office of Media Relations issued a press _______ to clarify some recent doubts regarding the company’s quarterly earnings report.

16.16. The Review Board could be considering ____________ the grants given to several non-governmental organizations.
(A)to discontinue 
(C)to be discontinued 

17.17. A lot of debris ____________ at the site of explosion for quite a while.
(A)was left 
(B)were left 
(C)have been left 
(D)has been left

18.18. The key players in the energy market, ____________ heavy capital investment, have little interest in innovation.
(A)which to require 
(C)which it requires 

19.19. Employees are required to follow the standard operating procedures and to act ____________.
(A)according to 
(B)in accordance with 

20.20. The social welfare system ____________ provide the underprivileged people with sufficient support.
(A)had better to 
(B)would rather to 
(C)ought to 
(D)due to

21.21. The day ________ I shall never forget is the one _________ I joined the army.
(A)that / where 
(B)which / when 
(C)when / in which 
(D)on which / why

22.22. Little is known about the criteria, ____________ the committee selects the final winners.
(A)in which 
(B)by which 
(C)according to what 
(D)owing to what

23.23. We can judge the success of your scheme only by taking _________ account the financial benefits over the next few years.

24.24. If James had taken my advice, he ____________ such a stupid mistake.
(A)had not made 
(B)would not have made
(C)did not make 
(D)won’t make

25.25. I don’t regret ____________even if it might have upset her.
(A)telling what I thought 
(B)to tell her what I thought
(C)telling her what I thought 
(D)to have told her that I thought

26.26. Seldom ___________ any mistake during my past five years of service in the company.
(A)did I make 
(B)I did make 
(C)should I make 
(D)would I make

27.27. No matter how _____________, many people have escaped from big cities to rural areas.
(A)inconvenient country life may be 
(B)country life may be inconvenient
(C)may country life be inconvenient 
(D)country life inconvenient may be

28.28. ___________ by transferring the blame to others is often called scapegoating.
(A)Eliminate problems
(B)Eliminating problems
(C)The eliminated problems 
(D)Problems are eliminated

29.29. Diamonds are precious stones buried deep under the ground, ___________, are perfectly white.
(A)when, pure which 
(B)when, which pure
(C)which, when pure 
(D)which, pure when

30.30. In the far distance _____________.
(A)was a lake surrounded by trees seen 
(B)was seen a lake surrounded by trees
(C)a lake surrounded was seen by trees 
(D)seen a lake surrounded by trees was

31.三、克漏字測驗(請依照段落的上下文,選出最適當的答案) (一) Americans like to think of themselves as martyrs to work. They delight in telling stories about their pushing hours, and they even marvel at the laziness of their European cousins, particularly the French. But when it comes to the young the situation is_31_. American children have it easier than most other children in the world, including the_32_lazy Europeans. They have one of the shortest school years anywhere, a mere 180 days_33_with an average of 195 of OECD (The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and more than 200 for East Asian countries. German children spend 20 more days in school than American ones, and South Koreans over a month more. Over 12 years, a 15-day _34_means American children lose out on 180 days of school,_35_an entire year.
(A) preserved
(B) coerced
(C) reversed
(D) devised

(A) selflessly
(B) supposedly
(C) pitilessly
(D) confusedly

(A) compared
(B) comparing
(C) opposed
(D) opposing

(A) preference
(B) deficit
(C) advantage
(D) appointment

(A) similar to
(B) deprived of
(C) typical of
(D) equivalent to

36.(二) The World Health Organization (WHO) kept its pandemic swine flu alert at the second highest level on June 5,but said that future changes would reflect how severe an outbreak was. The U.N. agency has been evaluating how to adjust its pandemic alert scale to reflect both the severity of the flu as well as its 36_spread around the world. This follows criticism that it may have caused unnecessary panic about the disease whose effects have been mainly mild_37_in Mexico, where it is known to have killed 103 people. The experts, meeting as WHO’s emergency committee, made recommendations on a number of factors to be taken into account to assess the severity of an epidemic. To date, the novel H1N1 strain, _38_swine flu, has infected 21,940 people in 69 countries, killing 125 of them, according to the WHO. Mexico, the United States and Canada have suffered the impact of the illness and a case was confirmed in Saudi Arabia for the first time. More than 13,000 cases have been detected in the U.S., with 27 deaths _39_,according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The WHO representative said this week that one idea was to add three severity notches to the highest marker of 6, so the overall level can reach the peak even if the flu’s effects remain moderate, and then be adjusted again later if the virus causes more serious health problems. WHO’s pandemic scale now remains at the second-highest level, phase 5 on a scale of 1 to 6, meaning a widespread infection is _40_. Production of seasonal influenza vaccines should also continue for now, as work proceeds on developing a vaccine against the new flu.
(A) personal
(B) exciting
(C) outstanding
(D) geographic

(A) despite from
(B) apart from
(C) away from
(D) depart from

(A) mainly as
(B) so far as
(C) as well as
(D) also known as

(A) segregated
(B) advised
(C) confirmed
(D) excluded

(A) imminent
(B) exceptional
(C) unlikely
(D) decided

41.四、閱讀測驗 (一)Advertisement can be thought of ‘‘as the means of making known in order to buy or sell goods or services,,. Advertisement aims to increase people’s awareness and arouse interest. It tries to inform and to persuade. The media are all used to spread the message. The press offers a fairly cheap method, and magazines are used to reach special sections of the market. The cinema and commercial radio are useful for local market. Television, although more expensive, can be very effective. Public notices are fairly cheap and more permanent in their power of attraction. Other ways of increasing consumer interest are through exhibitions and trade fairs as well as direct mail advertisement. There can be no doubt that the growth in advertisement is one of the most striking features of the western world in this century. Many businesses such as those handling frozen foods, liquor, tobacco and medicines have been built up largely by advertisement. We might ask whether the cost of advertisement is paid for by the producer or by the customer. Since advertisement forms part of the cost of production, which has to be covered by the selling price, it is clear that it is the customer who pays for advertisement. However, if large scale advertisement leads to increased demand, production costs are reduced, and the customer pays less. It is difficult to measure exactly the influence of advertisement on sales. When the market is growing, advertisement helps to increase demand. When the market is shrinking, advertisement may prevent a bigger fall in sales than would occur without its support. What is clear is that businesses would not pay large sums for advertisement if they were not convinced of its value to them.
【題組】41. Advertisement is mainly paid for by_.
(A) the producer
(B) the customer
(C) increased sales
(D) reduced prices

42.【題組】42. The word “media” in the first paragraph includes_.
(A) radio only
(B) the press only
(C) television only
(D) all of the above

43.【題組】43. Advertisement is often used to_.
(A) push the sale
(B) arouse suspicion
(C) deceive customers
(D) increase production

44.【題組】44. Advertisement can increase demand_.
(A) all the time
(B) in any circumstances
(C)in a growing market
(D) in a shrinking market

45.【題組】45. From the last sentence of this passage we conclude that_.
(A) businesses usually do not pay much for advertisement
(B) businessmen know well that advertisement could bring them more profits
(C) advertisement usually cost businesses large amounts of money
(D) advertisement could hardly convince people of the value of the goods

46.(二) On October 17,1904,Italian American A. P. Giannini established Bank of Italy in San Francisco. During its development, Giannini,s bank survived several crises throughout the 20th century including a natural disaster and a major economic upheaval. One major rest for Giannini,s bank occurred in 1906,when a massive earthquake struck San Francisco, followed by a raging fire that destroyed much of the city. Giannini obtained two wagons and teams of horses, filled the wagons with the bank’s reserves, mostly in the form of gold, and escaped from the chaos of the city with his clients’ funds protected. After the disaster, Giannini opened up a temporary shop on the Washington Street Wharf and was the first to resume operations. In the period following the 1906 fire, Bank of Italy continued to prosper and expand. By 1918 there were twenty-four branches of the bank, and ten years later Giannini had acquired numerous other banks, including Bank of America located in New York City In 1930 he consolidated all the branches of Bank of Italy, Bank of America in New York City, and another Bank of America that he had formed in California into the Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association. A second major crisis for the bank occurred during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Although Giannini had already retired prior to the darkest days of the Depression, he became incensed when his successor began selling off banks during the bad economic times. Giannini resumed leadership of the bank at the age of sixty-two. Under his leadership, the bank weathered the storm of the Depression and subsequently moved into a phase of overseas development.
【題組】46. According to the passage, Giannini_
(A) opened Bank of America in 1904.
(B) worked in a bank in Italy.
(C) later changed the name of Bank of Italy.
(D) merged Bank of America in California.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following is not true about the San Francisco earthquake?
(A) It was a tremendous disaster.
(B) It occurred in the aftermath of a fire.
(C) It happened in 1906.
(D) It caused problems for Giannini’s bank.

48.【題組】48. When did Giannini acquire Bank of America in New York City?
(A) 1908
(B) 1918
(C) 1928
(D) 1930

49.【題組】49. The passage states that after his retirement, Giannini_
(A) returned to lead the bank running.
(B) was responsible for the economic misfortune to occur.
(C) began selling off banks.
(D) supported his successor to survive the Great Depression.

50.【題組】50. The paragraph following the passage would mostly likely talk about_
(A) the development of Bank of Italy during World War II.
(B) a third major crisis of Giannini’s bank association.
(C) bank failures during the Great Depression.
(D) the international business of the Bank of America group.