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98 年 - 098年 中華電信98專業職(四)第一類專員英文(字彙&文法測驗)30題#14221 

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1.1. The congressmen have reached a _______ that smoking should be banned within thirty feet from the entrance of a building.
2.2. When we receive text messages of promotions from a company, we must be ________ of possible false advertisement out of which the company wants to make profit.
3.3. I just learned that Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark was the ________ for the original Disneyland in L. A., California.
4.4. Tom’s desk was so ________ with papers that it was hard to find anything.
5.5. All branch stores are required to fill out the _______ report to check if there is enough merchandise on shelf and in stock.
6.6. Many journalists do not __________ whether or not it is appropriate to interview a child during a tragic event for he/she is usually too young to understand the trauma he/she is involved in.
7.7. The annual charity fundraising event is _______ by several financial institutions in Taiwan.
8.8. Public education _______ would need to be increased for small-size classes, teacher training programs and new E-learning facilities.
9.9. Steve Jobs’ _______ mastery of technological innovations and aesthetics successfully transformed the landscape of consumer electronics industry.
10.10. _______ production lines is the prioritized agenda in manufacturing industries.
11.11. A few political extremists __________ the crowd to attack the police.
12.12. A thorough analysis of market _______ can increase the success rate of a new product.
13.13. The suppliers will claim compensation if we partially _______ our contract with them.
14.14. In the face of energy crisis, scientists worldwide are now exploring _______ energy to replace fossil fuels.
15.15. The shopping _______ policy aimed to stimulate consumption in order to boost up droopy economy.
16.16. I want to see _______.
(A)what it tracks and manages data reporting 
(B)what does it track and manage data reporting
(C)how it tracks and manages data reporting 
(D)how does it track and manage data reporting
17.17. Not until Toyota debuted the model Prius in the late 1990s _____ the technology of hybrid engine.
(A)the auto industry introduced 
(B)did the auto industry introduce
(C)the auto industry introducing 
(D)does the auto industry introduce
18.18. _______ for the sales in the first quarter may not necessarily be the final sales volume at the end of the quarter.
(A)Although it projects 
(B)What is projected
(D)Despite its projection
19.19. _______ in 1952, the MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world’s most prestigious business school.
(C)To found 
(D)To find
20.20. To prevent sewage from entering the waterways and protect public health, the city councilman strongly demanded that the sewage system _________ in three months.
(B)to improve 
(C)was improved 
(D)be improved
21.21. _________ you encounter any problems regarding the new system, please notify the tech support ASAP.
22.22. The former CEO of Highhills Inc. was believed _________ a suicide.
(A)to commit 
(B)to have committed 
(D)having committed
23.23. The original model has been ____________ and replaced by the new one.
(A)rendered obsolete 
(B)rendering superior 
(C)rendered catastrophic 
(D)rendering absolute
24.24. _________ the lobbying groups been backing up the new protocol, but several industry labor unions are now voicing their stern support for it.
(A)Not until there have 
(B)There have never 
(C)Not only have 
(D)If they could have
25.25. The representatives, with cigarettes in their hands, __________ over a few details when suddenly smoke detector set off the fire alarm.
(B)are negotiating 
(C)are going to negotiate 
(D)were negotiating
26.26. The Review Board could be considering ____________ the grants given to several non-governmental organizations.
(A)to discontinue 
(C)to be discontinued 
27.27. A lot of debris ____________ at the site of explosion for quite a while.
(A)was left 
(B)were left 
(C)have been left 
(D)has been left
28.28. The key players in the energy market, ____________ heavy capital investment, have little interest in innovation.
(A)which to require 
(C)which it requires 
29.29. Employees are required to follow the standard operating procedures and to act ____________.
(A)according to 
(B)in accordance with 
30.30. The social welfare system ____________ provide the underprivileged people with sufficient support.
(A)had better to 
(B)would rather to 
(C)ought to 
(D)due to