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98 年 - 098年 中華電信98專業職(四)第三類專員英文(字彙&文法測驗)30題#14223 

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1.1. Nobody knew that she could do a _____ job, so she won high praise.

2.2. We look forward to seeing you and _____ a solution to your client

3.3. There are several ways to make people more _____ in the heat during summer.

4.4. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to _____ our products and earn a lot of money.

5.5. Gold card members will be offered special _____ on select merchandise each month.

6.6. Seeking peace and clean air, many people have moved from cities to _____ areas.

7.7. This section of the city is for _____ buildings only so there are many businessmen working there.

8.8. I had been to England when I was a junior high school student. That was the first time I travelled ______.

9.9. The corporation is going to ______ next fiscal year to include several new products.

10.10. The painting _______ us with one of the earliest examples of miners at work.

11.11. I always _____ at the headlines in the morning, but I rarely have time to read the whole newspaper.

12.12. Without further proof, the police had to ______ the man under arrest.

13.13. Do you think it proper to ______ weakness to women?

14.14. The long dark days and lack of a job made Mike feel ______.

15.15. I check the newest index of the stock market every day to see if my ______ grows larger or smaller.

16.16. President Barack Obama said he was ready ______ for a tough new agency to protect consumers from risky loans.
(B)to fight 

17.17. Taipei’s MRT Neihu Line, _____ the eastern district of Neihu to the rest of the city, will begin operation on July 4.

18.18. As a gesture of respect, your host will open and _____ examine your gift in your presence.
(D)to care

19.19. Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman tried to compare the current depression _____ earlier global depressions.

20.20. This boss insisted that his employees _____ the unpaid leave.
(A)to take

21.21. North Korea declared that it launched three _____ missiles.

22.22. One person was killed _____ police fired on protesters in India.

23.23. _____ the suspension of commercial activity in Amritsar, the Wal-Mart store opening has been delayed.
(D)Due to

24.24. The judge asked the accused why ______ it.
(A)did he do 
(B)did he 
(C)he did 

25.25. Vitamin D is proven to be necessary for the prevention and ______ of osteoarthritis.
(A)it cures 
(B)to cure 

26.26. _____ in the car accident was a real miracle.
(A)That the man survived 
(B)Where the man survived
(C)What the man survived 
(D)The man survived

27.27. We have _____ time to decide whether we will sign the contract.
(A)than more enough 
(B)enough more than
(C)more than enough 
(D)enough than more

28.28. The pilot, _____ at the air force base, said that he was not given orders to fight.
(A)while being interviewed 
(B)while interviewing
(C)when to interview 
(D)when he interviewed

29.29. The General Sherman Tree, the largest of all the giant sequoias, _____ to be the world’s largest living thing.
(A)is reputed 
(C)are reputed 
(D)being reputed

30.30. Some fundamental theories of literary critics _____ an essence of biblical spirits, from which other critical theories develop.
(D)to utilize