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1.On Sundays,Mark usually ______ to my house for dinner and chats with me.I always enjoy his visit.
(A)comes over
(B)drops off
(C)gets along
(D)takes off

2.He is very ______. He always looks on the bright side of life.

3.Betty:You haven't forgotten about the picnic,______? Charlene:No,I'm looking forward to it.
(A)have you
(B)did you
(C)hadn' you
(D)are you

4.We will go for a walk if the weather ______ warmer tomorrow.
(B)has become
(C)is becoming

5.George's life would have been really different if he ______ Terrisa years ago.
(A)was not meeting
(B)did not meet
(C)had not met
(D)has not met

6.The original Monopoly,which came out in 1935,almost did not make it to market.In the 1930s when the economy in the US was pretty bad,Charles B. Darrow of German-town,Pennsylvania,showed a game he called Monopoly to the manager at Parker Brothers.Parker Brothers __6__ the game at first,pointing out "fifty-two design errors."But Mr.Darrow did not give up.__7__ many other Americans,he was unemployed at the time,and his dream that the game could bring his fame and fortune gave him the idea to produce it on his own. With help from a friend who was a printer,Mr.Darrow sold five thousand handmade sets of the game to a Philadelphia department store.People loved it!But as the requests grews,he couldn't__8__ all the oders and went to talk to Parker Brothers again.This time he met with success.During its first year on the market,Monopoly was the best-selling game in America.And __9__ its sixty-five-year history,about five hundred million people have played the game.It is the best-selling board game in the world,__10__ in eighty countries and produced in twenty-six languages.


(A)get away with
(B)make use of
(C)keep up with
(D)turn upside down



11.Dear Agnes: Please help.My best friend in the class,Rebecca,told me today that she is going to drop out of school!! She says that she has put off doing work for every class and no longer has enough time or energy to finish. She think her only choice is to quit. I know that she was going to talk to our teacher today about this problem,but I didn't know it was so serious. Rebecca was going to talk to our teacher today about this problem,but she also postponed that meeting! I konw she is feeling very anxious,but I'm worried she's making a huge mistake.How can I help her with this serious problem?I don't want her to leave school. Worried Friend Susan Brown,Seattle
【題組】11.What is the relationship between Susan and Rebecca? They are ______ .

12.【題組】12.What does "put off" mean?

13.【題組】13.What is Rebecca's problem?
(A)She has no money to pay for tuition fee.
(B)She has the habit of putting off things and now there's too much to do.
(C)She has health problem.
(D)She fails all the examinations in school.

14.【題組】14.What does Rebecca think she will have to do,as a result of her problem?
(A)She thinks she is alright and she does not have to do anything.
(B)She thinks she has to take more courses.
(C)She thinks she has to have a part-time job.
(D)She thinks she has to leave school.

15.Where is Susan from?
(A)Los Angeles
(D)We don't know.