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98 年 - 098年 經濟部所屬事業機構 新進職員英文試題#10680 

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1.In the movie, all the stuffed animals came__________.
(A) live
(B) lives
(C) alive
(D) alives

2.The parrot used its strong ____ to crack open the nuts.
(A) topic
(B) beak
(C) nose
(D) habit

3.The exterior of Tina's apartment has an exceptionally large _____.
(A) essay
(B) cottage
(C) balcony
(D) hobby

4.In the past year I have developed an important relationship with my ______.
(A) mentor
(B) suspect
(C) innovation
(D) demonstration

5.It is essential that officials at all levels of government refuse to accept _____ from business interests.
(A) corruptions
(B) bribes
(C) hallways
(D) mediums

6.The Dalai Lama arrived in Taiwan last night for a six-day visit to ______ victims of Typhoon Morakot.
(A) consort
(B) counsel
(C) consult
(D) console

7.A spokesperson for the MOTC says that the "fat cat" problem will be _____ in the coming weeks in order to meet the expectations of the public.
(A) addressed
(B) misplaced
(C) featured
(D) insisted

8.Healthcare workers, pregnant women and children aged between 6 months and 6 years are set to be _____ recipients of immunization vaccine against the H1N1 virus.
(A) priority
(B) benefit
(C) alliance
(D) guidance

9.Seasonal flu vaccinations began yesterday, leading to long lines at hospitals and health centers ______ the island.
(A) thorough
(B) through
(C) across
(D) overall

10.Though it is too early to say whether the storm will make _____ in Taiwan, it is predicted heavy rain for northern and eastern parts of the island over the coming days.
(A) shift
(B) overturn
(C) landfall
(D) sure

11.Tammy often ______ music from the Internet to her MP3 player.
(A) loads up
(B) loads down
(C) uploads
(D) downloads

12.Tim is terrible at _______ a trip. He always takes too much stuff.
(A) pack in
(B) packed of
(C) packing up
(D) packing for

13.Michelle often reviews research papers for one of the top journals in _____ genetics.
(A) compared
(B) comparing
(C) comparable
(D) comparative

14.The corporation began sponsoring charity events so that its public image ____.
(A) would be enhanced
(B) has been enhancing
(C) had to enhance
(D) could enhance

15.Ever since childhood, Marnette had always wished she _____.
(A) was able to fly
(B) were able to fly
(C) was to fly
(D) were to fly

16.According to the health official, the rate of increasing number of cases is not beyond _____ is expected and the symptoms of all the patients are mild.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) it
(D) what

17.Critics have suggested that the Neihu-Mucha MRT line _____ during the 21st Summer Deaflympics in Taipei.
(A) be closed down
(B) to be close down
(C) be close down
(D) being closed down

18.The two eastern counties suffered losses of NT$11.4 million to farms and local agriculture, while related facilities sustained damage _____ 18 million NT dollars.
(A) amounting to
(B) amounts to
(C) amounted to
(D) amount to

19.The National Palace Museum will continue to coorperate with Beijing's Palece Museum _____ will not loan artifacts to China.
(A) and
(B) so
(C) while
(D) but

20.It's getting late. Let's _____.
(A) call a spade a spade
(B) call it a day
(C) call the shots
(D) call the nature

21. Have you ever wondered what dolphins are really like? As it turns __21__ they are actually amazing creatures. Dolphins have tremendous maneuverability, in part because of their muscles and fins. The front fins work a lot like wings on an airplane by helping it glide through the waters. At the same time, the __22__ acts like a propeller. Dolphins also gain an __23__ because of their intelligence. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Another thing __24__ gives dolphins and advantage is their social behavior. Dolphins live in groups called pods. If one of the dolphins in a pod __25__ sick or injured, the others will do their best to help out.
【題組】 21.
(A) up
(B) out
(C) for
(D) with

(A) tail
(B) arm
(C) blade
(D) wheel

(A) edge
(B) habit
(C) plan
(D) search

(A) who
(B) before
(C) which
(D) soon

(A) used
(B) fail
(C) was
(D) is

26.When Stan Shih founded computer maker Acer in 1976, he __26__ creating a globally recognized brand. It was an ambitious vision for a __27__ founded in a small Taipei apartment, __28__ Shih, who's known as the father of Taiwan's formidable technology industry, eventually got his wish. Acer now __29__ behind only industry giant Hewlett-Packard in the global notebook-PC market, with a 19% share, and is __30__ to overtake Dell as the second largest computer seller in the world.
(A) was lack of
(B) dreamed of
(C) thanked for
(D) made use of

(A) start-up
(B) model
(C) commerce
(D) lookalike

(A) and
(B) since
(C) for
(D) but

(A) looks
(B) calls
(C) ranks
(D) sees

(A) meant
(B) designed
(C) poised
(D) understood

31.Venice in one of Europe's greatest cities. In fact, it is so popular that it hosts approximately 19 million tourists annually. Visitors are attracted to the city's romantic atmosphere, world-class art, and legendary food. One of the best ways to explore the city is on foot. While most cities have a number of must-see sites that attract tourists, in Venice the city itself is the attraction. Travelers walk down narrow streets, admire the beauty around them and soak up the ambiance of their surroundings. While walking along the narrow streets is fun, it's even easier to get around by using the city's many canal. Venice is famous for its canals and the numerous bridges that cross them. Though not famous for its nightlife, Venice has much to offer in terms of the performing arts. You'll find the city has concerts, operas, plays and ballets being performed almost every night. Most of the performances are held in churches, with a range of international artists participating. For food, culture and fun, Venice is the place to be!
【題組】 31. Where would you most likely find this passage?
(A) In a business paper.
(B) In a travel guide.
(C) In a geography textbook.
(D) In a historical novel.

32.【題組】32.According to the writer, what will you NOT find in Venice?
(A) crowds of tourists
(B) world-famous performers
(C) a lot of churches
(D) exciting clubs and parties

33.【題組】33.How does the writer recommend you explore the city?
(A) on the rented bicycle
(B) at the wheel of a car
(C) with a good tour guide
(D) by walking the streets

34.【題組】34.According to the writer, what is the most convenient way to travel around the city?
(A) on foot
(B) by car
(C) by boat
(D) all of the above

35.【題組】35.What does the writer imply about Venice's tourist attractions?
(A) they are located on canals
(B) they feature performances
(C) they are all around the city
(D) they attract locals and visitors

36.    Linsey Knerl doesn't get out much anymore. A free-lance copywriter and mother of four from Tekamah, Ned., Knerl has cut back trips to the movie theaters and restaurants as well as days at the zoo with her kids. Fun is now a DVD from Netflix or a family board-game night. She cooks at home most evenings and has hoarded six months' worth of meat in her freezer to reduce trips to the grocery store and save gas money. "We made a conscious decision that we couldn't go out to eat two or three times a week anymore, " says Knerls, whose husband stays home to help raise their kids. 
     Start stockpiling your canned goods, America. We're quickly becoming a country of cocooners, to borrow a term that retail analysts use to describe consumers who nest at home to shave expenses. It's a profound reversal of the consumption habits that helped fuel the economic crisis in the first place. "It's about getting back to basics," says cocooner Stan McClain, who owns a studio-supplies store in Burbank, Calif., and has drastically cut back his restaurant spending and tore up his driveway to turn it into a vegetable garden. "By going backward, you can actually go forward responsibly."

【題組】 36. What's the main idea of the passage?
(A) Most American seem to have enjoyed leading a simple life now.
(B) Americans still believe that living well is the best revenge.
(C) Alot of US consumers are trying to hunker down to shed expenses.
(D) Americans should buy more items produced in the US.

37.【題組】37.Why does Linsey Knerl stockpile huge amount of meat in her freezer?
(A) She wants to spend more time on her work and taking good care of her children.
(B) The trips to the grocery stores are too bothersome for her.
(C) She doesn't have to drive so often that she can spend less on gasoline.
(D) The refrigerator she has is large enough to store much meat.

38.【題組】38.Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Linsey and her family used to eat out more "than" twice every week
(B) Americans' consumption habits have positively contributed to the US economy.
(C) Linsey's husband enjoys taking care of the kids and house chore.
(D) Americans buy a lot of canned goods in the face of economic recession.

39.【題組】39.Which of the following statements about Stan McClain is true?
(A)He planned to sell his store in Burbank in California.
(B) He sold his car and drove no more.
(C) He grew and sold his vegetables to restaurants.
(D) He grew vegetables in his driveway-turned garden.

40.【題組】40.As cocooners, in what way are Linsey Knerl and Stan McClain in common?
(A) They both try very hard to lead a simple life in order to protect the environment.
(B) They don't go out as often as they used to in order to reduce unnecessary spending.
(C) They have to lead a frugal life in the face of global financial tsunami.
(D) They can tide over the economic crisis by going backward and forward responsibly.