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98 年 - 098年四等關務人員英文#10458 

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1.1 The mayor determined to build a ________ city. By then, users can get access to the Internet at any time and any place in the city.
(A) commuter
(B) digital
(C) electric
(D) remote

2.2 Jack _______ to help clean the classroom after school. Everybody is surprised because he is usually very lazy.
(A) forgets
(B) refuses
(C) declines
(D) volunteers

3.3 Cheating in exams is a serious __________ of the school regulations.
(A) crime
(B) violation
(C) destruction
(D) rejection

4.4 The convicted man _________ against the judge’s verdict because new evidence had proved his innocence.
(A) appalled
(B) appeased
(C) appealed
(D) appeared

5.5 _________ help us fly kites in spring and cool us in summer.
(A) Typhoons
(B) Storms
(C) Hurricanes
(D) Breezes

6.6 The government hopes that the charge for trash disposal can _________ people from throwing away usable resources.
(A) interrupt
(B) persuade
(C) force
(D) discourage

7.7 Tammy receives no payment because she is a __________ worker in the hospital. She works there just because she enjoys helping people.
(A) skeptical
(B) permanent
(C) volunteer
(D) mandatory

8.8 Tom comes from a wealthy family, but John does not. In spite of their different ________, they have become best friends.
(A) backgrounds
(B) interests
(C) personalities
(D) habits

9.9 The pianist’s performance of Franz Liszt’s piano pieces was an _________ of skill and strength.
(A) expectation
(B) abbreviation
(C) irritation
(D) exhibition

10.10 From a poor family, Joanna has never dreamed of studying abroad because she knows that it would __________.
(A) cost a fortune
(B) lift a finger
(C) make a living
(D) take a stand

11.11 The minister went to Hong Kong to attend the conference ______ our government.
(A) in the event of
(B) in terms of
(C) on top of
(D) on behalf of

12.12 The power supply in this area is not _________ . You had better save your file every ten minutes.
(A) available
(B) probable
(C) stable
(D) capable

13.13 Any revision of the law should be _________ with the overall goal of the government’s policy. The priority should be placed on the welfare of the citizens.
(A) sensible
(B) consonant
(C) significant
(D) remarkable

14.14 The government is figuring out ways to maintain our economic ______ so that the unemployment rate will go down.
(A) recession
(B) mentality
(C) depression
(D) vitality

15.15 Paul was charged with __________ driving after he was arrested for running over an old man.
(A) reckless
(B) relaxed
(C) safe
(D) solemn

16.16 Tim _________ down 12 cans of beer in 10 minutes and didn’t show any sign of being drunk.
(A) broke
(B) drizzled
(C) gulped
(D) sipped

17.17 Since being slim is the trend, Margaret is trying to lose weight by __________ herself.
(A) starving
(B) amusing
(C) nourishing
(D) inventing

18.18 When the pop idol came to Taiwan, swarms of fans crowded the street outside the hotel, waiting for a ____________ of their hero.
(A) catch
(B) glimpse
(C) grasp
(D) thought

19.19 I usually buy daily necessities in the same grocery store. The clerks know me because I’m a regular _________.
(A) patient
(B) owner
(C) customer
(D) entertainer

20.20 Being an assistant is just a _______ job. Allen plans to find a permanent position in an international corporation.
(A) gradual
(B) previous
(C) suitable
(D) temporary

21.21 Acid rain causes the ground to release _________ substances; plants and trees are thus slowly poisoned.
(A) barren
(B) gross
(C) toxic
(D) weary

22.22 This coffee shop is famous because it sells numerous varieties of coffee beans ________ from around the world.
(A) departed
(B) imported
(C) prevented
(D) suffered

23.23 The factory workers _________ that their workload was too heavy but the pay was too low. They decided to stage a protest.
(A) complained
(B) expected
(C) introduced
(D) proposed

24.24 The field is too barren to yield crops, so the farmers decide to put some _________ on it.
(A) cuisines
(B) fertilizers
(C) viruses
(D) poisons

25.25 Athletes always wear clothes made of ________ materials, so they may stretch their bodies without difficulty.
(A) elastic
(B) plastic
(C) realistic
(D) electric

26.26 The Spanish Flu ________ from 1918 to 1920 claimed over thirty million lives around the world.
(A) academy
(B) vaccination
(C) disruption
(D) epidemic

27.27 This handmade car sold for a million dollars because it was _________.
(A) familiar
(B) commonplace
(C) unique
(D) widespread

28.28 Students have to pay tuition fees before they start __________ courses via the computerized registration system.
(A) snapping out
(B) enrolling in
(C) imposing on
(D) charging up

29.29 Most people like to talk about the subjects with _________ they are most familiar.
(A) that
(B) those
(C) what
(D) which

30.30 After working hard for a whole day, I suggested _____________ a big meal in a restaurant.
(A) have
(B) having
(C) to have
(D) in having

31.31 In the _________ of anyone better, we chose him as the leader.
(A) problem
(B) question
(C) absence
(D) objective

32.32 The ________ you work, the _________ you will succeed.
(A) harder, more possible
(B) harder, more possibly
(C) hard, more possibly
(D) hard, possible

33.33 You _________ your father the truth then. That way, he wouldn’t be so angry with you now.
(A) should have told
(B) should tell
(C) should be told
(D) ought have told

34.34 The congressman’s first public speech was _________ . The day after his speech, tens of thousands of people gathered in the capital to protest against his racist remarks.
(A) monotonous
(B) controversial
(C) plain
(D) protective

35.35 The total number of the staff is _________ larger in our company than that in yours.
(A) more
(B) very
(C) much
(D) most

36.36 There is a debate going on right now over __________ to make mercy killing legal or not.
(A) what
(B) there
(C) either
(D) whether

37.37 The children could not help but ________ when the clown stepped on the stage.
(A) giggle
(B) giggling
(C) to giggle
(D) giggled

    Thousands of people are rushing to the department stores as the winter sales begin. Shops have decided to reduce 
prices to encourage people to spend more money. Even though shoppers usually enjoy _____38_____ their money, they are 
being much more careful with it this year. Experts say that full-price shopping is down by around 7% compared to last 
year, while shopping at the sales has increased by the same _____39_____ . Consumers want to pay the _____40_____ price possible. 
More interestingly, during these sales 5% more people have taken _____41_____ leave from work. Some people, it seems, feel 
they need to pretend to be physically uncomfortable so that they can pick up a bargain or two at the sales. 

(A) earning
(B) investing
(C) spending
(D) wasting

(A) amount
(C) scale
(D) weight

(A) heaviest
(B) full
(C) lowest
(D) original

(A) family
(B) French
(C) maternity
(D) sick

    According to a recent poll, it’s becoming more difficult for books to compete against high-tech developments such 
as the Internet. 42 books more popular, publishers are trying everything from publishing more large-type books for 
aging readers 43 copying Hollywood and concentrating on sequels, spin-offs, and branding—linking books to 
movies and television. 
<br>    But David Rosenthal of Simon and Schuster predicts that books will have to find their own unique place in the 
market. He says that people will continue to buy books because books can be much more profound than television and the 
Internet. And there are times 44 reading electronically is simply impractical, for example when standing in a very 
crowded train. Rosenthal also predicts a better-made book, with great attention given to cover design and higher quality 
paper, emphasizing “the book as a sign of status and permanence.” 45 this may seem irrational in the twenty-first 
century, some people just like the way a book feels. <div><br></div><div>

(A) Make
(B) Making
(C) To make 
(D) In making 

(A) by
(B) to
(C) when
(D) than

(A) when
(B) as
(C) until
(D) with

(A) Whether
(B) Though
(C) Since
(D) However

46.46 Airline clerk: Good morning. May I help you? Customer: I’d like to reserve a ticket to San Francisco this Friday morning. Airline clerk: One way or round-trip? Customer: I am not sure. ______________________
(A) How long is the round-trip ticket good for?
(B) How long will I stay in the West Coast?
(C) Let me help you choose the right one.
(D) It seems quite a long distance away.

47.47 Sue: Can you give me a ten percent discount? The price is outrageous. Clerk: _____________________ Sue: It’s such a pity. I love this hat so much. Clerk: Would you like to leave your number so that we can call you next time when our products are on sale? Sue: Thanks.
(A) Indeed, it is.
(B) I’m sorry, we can’t.
(C) I beg your pardon?
(D) Tell me about it.

48.48 A: Excuse me. Would you mind putting out your cigarette? B: ___________ A: I said you couldn’t smoke here. This is a non-smoking section.
(A) Can I smoke here?
(B) I beg your pardon?
(C) Is that all you said?
(D) Where can I smoke?

49.49 Bob: How do you find our new teacher, John? John: ____________ Bob: I agree with you.
(A) In the library.
(B) At a restaurant near our school.
(C) She is experienced in teaching.
(D) She just graduated from a normal university.

50.50 Receptionist: May I help you, sir? Client: _____________ Receptionist: Well, how about 3:30 p.m. on Thursday?
(A) I just want to see when you will be free.
(B) Would you like to have dinner with me?
(C) Yes, I’d like to make an appointment to see the manager.
(D) Yes, I’d like to buy two tickets for the movie now.