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99 年 - 099年 中華郵政 專業職(一)#7539 

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1.If you are nervous, you can take a deep ___________ to calm down. 

2.“Sex and the City” and “Friends” were very famous __________ in Taiwan. 

3.In 1864 George Pullman designed a sleeping car that __________ saw widespread use. 

4.He lost the lawsuit because he couldn’t find a prominent __________ to help him. 

5.In the United States, a party can __________ a single candidate for office. 

6.Jazz appeared as a __________ form of American music in the 1920s. 

7.F. D. Roosevelt was the only American president elected to more than two ___________ terms. 

8.A __________ leader is able to motivate his people with the will to get things done. 

9.People all consider ____________ wise to learn a foreign language while at school. 
(D)it to be

10.____________ more manpower and fund, we’ll complete the task within two months. 

11.After ____________ to prison, those teens regret not having taken advice from their parents and friends. 
(A)have sent
(B)being sent
(C)having sent
(D)have been sent

12.___________, the little girl did not open the door. 
(A)Not recognizing who the man was
(B)Not recognized who the man was 
(C)Not recognizing who was the man
(D)Not being recognized who was the man

13.We ____________ last night, but we went to a concert instead. 
(A)must have studied
(B)might study
(C)would study
(D)should have studied

14.The coach, together with his hockey team players, ____________ warmly welcomed when they got off the plane. 
(D)has been

15.Mary Johnson put forward the proposal that the program ___________ until Mr. Reynolds came back from abroad. 
(B)be postponed
(C)would be postponed
(D)had been postponed

16.In many western cultures, people believe that “seven” is a lucky number, but in Chinese communities around the world, “eight” is considered the most fortuitous of numbers, _____16_____ it much coveted for addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts. Number “eight” sounds very similar _____17_____ the Chinese word for “being rich and having a lot of money”. The Chinese feel that “eight” portends not only prosperity _____18_____ confidence and money worth even millions. Most Chinese also try their very best to _____19_____ numbers which make them think of things that have bad luck. For _____20_____ , some Chinese do not like the number “four” because it sounds like the Chinese word for “death”. The number eight doesn't have the same appeal to the Japanese or Koreans—whose cultures have been influenced by the Chinese—but all three cultures are united in their avoidance of the number four.
(B)to make





Do you have bright ideas? Ideas for inventions that change society or, at least, make life easier for somebody? Perhaps we all do sometimes, but we don’t often make the idea a reality. Recently, in Britain, there was a competition called British Designers for Tomorrow. The competition encouraged young people to carry out their bright ideas. There were two groups in the contest: Group One was for schoolchildren under 16; Group Two was for schoolchildren over 16. And there were eleven prize-winners altogether.
Neil Hunt, one of the prize-winners, was called “Sunshine Superman” by one newspaper writing about his design. It’s important, when people study the weather, to be able to record sunshine accurately. We need to know how many hours of sunshine we have and how strong it is. Most sunshine recorders only record direct sunlight. Neil’s is more accurate and this is very important for research into ways of using solar power. With his prize of £100, Neil plans to carry on inventing.
You can do so much with animation. Look at Simon West’s idea for animated road signs. He uses pictures which appear to move as you go nearer to or farther from them. This isn’t a new idea. But it is new to use these pictures on road signs. “We found that people were more likely to see moving signs,” said Simon. So now, you can really see rocks falling, trains moving, horses galloping or a car falling over the edge of a cliff. Quite a warning!
The ideas in the competition were so inventive that we are surprised that British industry doesn’t ask more schoolchildren for suggestions. Perhaps this will be the start of “pupil power”!

【題組】What was carried out recently in Britain? 
(A)A competition in industry. 
(B)A competition for 11 prize-winners. 
(C)A competition among schoolchildren. 
(D)A competition called British Designers for Tomorrow.

22.【題組】What was the aim of the competition? 
(A)To start “pupil power”. 
(B)To ask British industry for ideas. 
(C)To ask schoolchildren for suggestions. 
(D)To encourage young people to carry out their bright ideas.

23.【題組】What do Neil Hunt and Simon West have in common? 
(A)They are inventors. 
(B)A teacher. They are under 16. 
(C)A schoolgirl. They study animation. 
(D)A designer. They are supermen.

24.【題組】Why was Neil Hunt called “sunshine Superman”? 
(A)He suggested the ways of using solar power. 
(B)He invented the way of using solar energy. 
(C)He designed a more accurate sunshine recorder. 
(D)He was able to record direct sunshine accurately.

25.【題組】Who invented animated road signs? 
(A)Neil Hunt. 
(B)Simon West. 
(C)A driver. 
(D)A schoolchild.