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99 年 - 099年 中華郵政 專業職(二)外勤#7538 

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1.The janitor is _____________ for taking care of the office. 

2.Tom made an ____________ to his boss for being late to office.

3.There is keen ______________ in the sale of mobile phones. 

4.The post office announces that airmail service to Haiti is temporarily ____________ due to the severe earthquake in January. 

5.The post office issues ______________ stamps for special events only. 

6.I don't think that Tom will have an ______________ to get the high-paying job. 

7.After a three-day strike, the employer and the employees have reached a consensus, and the factory has ___________ operations. 

8.The production of rice and wheat in this country is ____________ by the local government. 

9.The river was _____________ by the chemical waste from the factory. 

10.You have the ______________ of going to work or studying abroad. 

11.To say is one thing, but to do is _______________. 
(D)one another

12.My sister and I _________ never ________ to Singapore. 
(A)have / go
(B)has / gone
(C)has / been
(D)have / been

13.You are not ___________ to understand the current situation. 
(A)enough old
(B)old enough
(D)look old

14.The boss says that we must ____________ our business promotion in the upcoming three months. 
(A)get up
(B)beef about
(C)beef up
(D)bring up

15.Please remember to _____________ our research report by the end of this week, or we will lose the chance to take part in the contest. 
(A)hand out
(B)at hand
(C)in hand
(D)hand in

16.Mary ____________ at Taipei University since 2008. 
(A)has been studying
(B)have been studying
(C)have studying

17.Jason's boss is very _____________ with the quality of his work. 

18.After walking for 10 miles, I just want to ____________ down and take a ten-minute rest. 

19.I wish I ____________ ten thousand dollars to buy that sweater. 
(D)will have

20.I need to ___________ fifty thousand dollars from my brother to buy a new car. 
(C)borrow of
(D)lend from

21.A: Can you please mail these letters and postcards for me? B: Sure. Did you address and stamp them? A: ________________________ B: You're welcome. 
(A)Yes. Thanks for your help. 
(B)I have ten letters. 
(C)Where is the post office? 
(D)The mailbox is in front of the post office.

22.A: Suzan went shopping again and bought herself another washing machine. B: _________________________ Doesn't she know that a penny saved is a penny earned? 
(A)I have had no news from her. 
(B)Sounds great! 
(C)She is not at home. 
(D)Why does she keep wasting her money?

23.A: _________________________ B: Could you give me some constructive advice on how to improve it? 
(A)I have no time to read the book. 
(B)I don't think your proposal will work. 
(C)I am waiting for your answer. 
(D)I will give you a piece of advice.

24.A: Do you know when the new traffic rules will become effective? B: ___________________________ 
(A)It is ten past ten. 
(B)So far so good. 
(C)As far as I know, it is in January 2011. 
(D)I know an efficient method.

25.A: Tom, you are looking down today. Is something wrong? B: Yes. I had a quarrel with a colleague. A: ____________________________ What did you quarrel about? B: I don't want to talk about it. 
(A)Why not? 
(B)I know what to do next. 
(C)Oh, that's too bad. 
(D)Who told you about that?