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1.Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100 years. But why? And _____1_____ ? Well, scientists are not exactly sure. The Earth could be getting warmer on its own, _____2_____ many of the world’s leading climate scientists think that things people do are helping to make the Earth warmer. Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, _____3_____ in turn causes changes in climate. A _____4_____ Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the issue of climate change, their _____5_____ is about global warming caused by human activities. It is because they are sure about the danger of the green houseeffect. 





Oanh was in my computer class last semester, but she didn’t look like a student at all. She often wore t-shirts to school that had words on them such as “Love me” and “Kiss me,” and she used a lot of cosmetics. She colored her fingernails with violet fingernail polish. When she walked in the classroom, every student could smell her perfume. Her hair stuck out and was dyed with different colors every week. I thought I didn’t have anything in common with her, but I was wrong. I found out she was Vietnamese one night in the
computer lab.
First, we talked about class and homework, and I watched her try to debug a program. Then I began to talk to her about more personal subjects. The more I talked to her, the more I admired her. Oanh’s mother had abandoned the family, and Oanh’s father had become sad and useless. Oanh took care of her whole family. Although her appearance was like a Vietnamese punk rocker, Oanh was a strong and responsible person. I have learned not to judge others from their appearance. I hope that in the future I can convince Oanh to give up her rock and roll hairstyle.

【題組】What is the relationship between Oanh and the writer? 
(A)They are classmates. 
(B)They are neighbors. 
(C)They are roommates. 
(D)They are relatives.

7.【題組】What kind of T-shirts did Oanh often wear? 
(A)Black ones with big words. 
(B)Ones with words “Love me” and “ Kiss me”. 
(C)Ones with very bright colors. 
(D)Ones with sexy designs.

8.【題組】Which of the following description about Oanh is NOT correct? 
(A)She used a lot of cosmetics. 
(B)She had her hair dyed. 
(C)She was from Vietnam. 
(D)She didn’t like computer class.

9.【題組】Who had to support Oanh’s family? 
(A)Oanh’s mother. 
(B)Oanh’s father. 
(C)Oanh’s eldest brother. 

10.【題組】How did the writer feel about Oanh’s appearance? 
(A)The writer admires it a lot. 
(B)The writer doesn’t really like it. 
(C)The writer thinks it is none of his/her business. 
(D)The writer believes that she will change it.