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1.All the movie fans are looking forward to the _______ of the director’s latest film. 

2.________ is now the new norm in the world of business so that any projection almost seems redundant. 

3.To comply with the government ________ regulations, we are required to order from the accredited sellers. 

4.The idea that the research team could have fudged the result was as ________ as it was offensive. 

5.The manufacturer offered unlimited ________ on all their products to expand the market. 

6.Many banks have chipped away at the mountain of mortgages and credit card debt ________ over struggling consumers.

7.In its dot-com ________, Silicon Valley was practically minting millionaires every day. 

8.It is generally agreed that trendy high-tech ______ are most appealing to younger population. 

9.Residents in Taipei spend more than _________ money on food and clothing per person as those in Kaohsiung. 
(A)twice so much
(B)twice as much
(C)twice as many
(D)twice more

10.In metropolitan cities, _______, traffic congestion is not only a headache but a nightmare both to the city residents and to the city administration. 
(A)Taipei included
(B)included Taipei
(C)Taipei including
(D)to include Taipei

11.The incumbent mayor’s wife did not ________ for the second term. 
(A)approve of his running
(B)approve him to run 
(C)approve for him to seek
(D)approve him seeking

12.The late professor emeritus is beloved of all his students and colleagues. There are _______ admire his great achievements. 
(A)some but not
(B)some but to
(C)few but
(D)few but to

13.A number of the seriously wounded ________ sent to the nearest hospitals, while others with minor injuries were given proper first-aid. 
(D)to be

14.If it _________ the founder’s ambition, the company could not have led the industry for almost a century. 
(A)didn’t have
(B)haven’t had
(C)was not for
(D)had not been for

15.We can all manage to spare time for family and friends, _______ we feel inclined to do so. 
(A)as long as
(B)as soon as
(C)as far as
(D)as well as

16.John Maynard Keynes used the phrase “animal spirits” in 1936 to _____16_____ the role confidence plays in the economy. He saw how investors and businesspeople must go with their guts in uncertain times and put their money to work if the economy is to grow and the nation to _____17_____ . Judging by recent surge in the stock market, animal spirits are certainly back on Wall Street. Investors, _____18_____ by worries a bubble may be building, have piled into equities, pushing the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index up about 60% into March. The _____19_____ looks to be lifting. That should give legs to the recovery and reduce the risk of a _____20_____ into recession next year as stepped-up business spending offsets the fading impact of the $787 billion federal stimulus plan.





21.It was nearly a decade in the making, but the first human trial using embryonic stem cells was approved on Friday. The trial, which will test a stem-cell-based treatment for spinal-cord injury, will begin later this summer and will use cells generated by Geron Corp. The approval marks the first time human stem cells, extracted and grown from embryos, will be transplanted into patients. Adult stem cells, which are present in many types of tissue, have been used in treatments for years — the most common being bone-marrow transplants in cancer care — but an embryonic study is a whole new thing. There's a good reason it's being greeted with so much excitement. Scientists believe that embryonic stem cells are more versatile than adult cells in generating the more than 200 different tissue types in the body. The need for healthy new cells is particularly acute in the case of spinal-cord injury, because once central-nervous-system tissue is destroyed, it does not regenerate — not in any significant way, at least. The Geron team began its work with what is known as a presidential stem-cell line — stem cells derived from discarded in vitro–fertilization embryos that already existed in 2001 when then President Bush decided to prohibit the use of federal funds to pursue human embryonic-stem-cell work. At the time, fewer than two dozen of these stem-cell lines were of good enough quality to use as a basis for human treatments.
【題組】How long have scientists been studying embryonic stem cells? 
(A)One hundred years. 
(B)Ten years. 
(C)More than twenty years. 
(D)One year.

22.【題組】Based on the above passage, which of the following statements is true? 
(A)If President Bush had not withdrawn federal funding in stem-cell study, cures to all stem-cell related diseases could have been found. 
(B)Geron Corp. found the stem-cell business lucrative and hence invested substantial money in it. 
(C)Stem cells extracted from embryos have a better chance to cure diseases than from adults. 
(D)To provide quality treatments, approximately two dozen of stem-cell lines would suffice.

23.【題組】Which of the following patient is likely to receive the first experiment of embryonic stem cells? 
(A)The paralyzed. 
(B)The hearing impaired. 
(C)Patients with cardio-related conditions. 
(D)Patients with chronic diseases.

24.【題組】“Presidential stem-cell line” derives from which part of the human body? 
(A)Brain cell. 
(B)Skin cell. 
(C)In vitro-fertilization embryos. 
(D)Spine cords.

25.【題組】What was the problem of embryonic stem cells in 2001? 
(A)Not enough cells were qualified for use as treatments. 
(B)Not sufficient funding to support research programs. 
(C)Not many medical teams were interested. 
(D)Many religion activists fought against it ferociously.