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99 年 - 099年 初等考試 一般行政#4100 

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1.36. Mary loves weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are her ______ days of the week.

2.37. Grandpa discovered his surprise birthday cake ______ in the oven.

3.38. Mountain climbing can be ______ because accidents do happen.

4.39. Vicky wishes she could learn all the foreign languages ______ at school.
(D)were taught

5.40. While the children ______ noisily in the classroom, the teacher suddenly came in.
(A)are talking
(B)have talking
(C)was talking
(D)were talking

6.41. This newly designed computer can store ten times ______ the old model.
(A)as much information as
(B)information as much as
(C)as many information as
(D)information as many as

7.  Recently, more and more college students have chosen to work abroad during the summer vacation. Countries such as the United States and Australia offer them job ______42______ with places to stay. Those who get the jobs will have to pay for their own traveling and living ______43______ . Most of them find ______44______ in restaurants, stores and farms. For those who provide service in national parks, they will have a better chance to earn more money because they usually receive ______45______ from the tourists. Most of these students try to spend some time ______46______ places of interest in the countries where they work. For most of them, this is a valuable experience as they can not only earn money and make friends but also get to use English and see another part of the world.





12.  A scorpion and a frog met at the side of a river. The scorpion wanted to cross the river, but he didn’t know how to swim.   “Please, Mr. Frog,” he said, “would you carry me across the river?”   “I can’t do that,” said the frog. “You are a scorpion, and you will sting me.”   “No,” said the scorpion. “I won’t sting you because then we will both drown in the river.”   This made sense to the frog, and he agreed to help him.   The scorpion climbed onto the back of the frog, and the frog began to swim. When they reached the middle of the river, the scorpion stung the frog. It hurt the frog very much, and they both began to sink under the water.   “Why did you sting me?” asked the frog. “Now I will die, and you will surely drown.”   “I couldn’t help it,” said the scorpion. “I am a scorpion, and that is what scorpions do. And you knew I was a scorpion when you let me ride on your back.”
【題組】47Which of the following statements is true about the story?
(A)The scorpion asked the frog to teach him to swim.
(B)The scorpion did what scorpions would do.
(C)The scorpion swam with the frog.
(D)The scorpion helped the frog to swim.

13.【題組】48The moral of the story is ______
(A)“Like father, like son.”
(B)“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
(C)“A leopard never changes its spots.”
(D)“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

14.【題組】49According to the story, it is very likely that ______.
(A)the frog died, but the scorpion survived
(B)the scorpion died, but the frog survived
(C)both the frog and the scorpion drowned
(D)the frog drowned but not the scorpion

15.【題組】50The frog in the story agreed to carry the scorpion because ______.
(A)he did not think the scorpion would sting him
(B)he liked to help whoever’s in need
(C)he crossed the river every day
(D)he knew how to swim