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99 年 - 099年 國家安全局國家安全情報人員考試試題#10170 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.36 We hope you can come here on your _____ from New York to Washington.  
(A) road
(B) way
(C) street
(D) avenue

2.37________ are not allowed to smoke on the plane.
(A) Producers
(B) Printers
(C) Passengers
(D) Painters

3.38 I am really ________to you; I could not have finished the work in time without your help.
(A) generous
(B) grateful
(C) crucial
(D) scary

4.39 A burglar _______my house yesterday, and took all my jewelry. I still could not figure out how the thief unlocked the door.
(A) broke into
(B) fell off
(C) went after
(D) turned in

5.40 We enjoyed the trip because of the leisurely walks and the fresh air in the________ .
(A) factory
(B) countryside
(C) river
(D) sidewalk

6.Today, many young people feel that they don’t have enough money to buy all the things they need. In other words, it’s difficult for them to make ends meet. It is, _____41_____ , very important for them to learn to get the most for their money. Here are some _____42_____ given by a money saving expert. Martha Logan, about buying clothes in a store: First, choose styles that you can wear for a long time. Be sure that _____43_____ and you like the way it looks. If you are not sure if a piece of clothing looks good on you, just _____44_____ . Next, buy the best quality you can afford. _____45_____ will last longer. Try to control yourself and do not shop while clothes are on sale.
【題組】 41 
(A) for example 
(B) on the one hand 
(C) therefore 
(D) in addition

7.【題組】42 
(A) thumbs 
(B) tips 
(C) trumpets 
(D) twists

8.【題組】43 
(A) it fits you well 
(B) you fit well 
(C) you are fit in it well 
(D) fitting it well

9.【題組】44 
(A) take it off 
(B) try it on 
(C) call it off 
(D) clean it up

10.【題組】45 
(A) Good quality clothes 
(B) Affordable prices 
(C) Cheap items 
(D) Reasonable sales

Ellen Glanz lied to her teacher about why she hadn’t done her homework; but, of course, many students have lied to their teachers. The difference is that Ellen Glanz was a twenty-eight-year-old high school social studies teacher who was a student for six months to improve her teaching by gaining a fresh prospect of her school.
She found many classes boring, students doing as little as necessary to pass tests and get good grades, students using tricks to avoid assignment, and students skillfully persuading teachers to do the work for them. She concluded that many students are turned off because they have little power and responsibility for their own education.
Ellen Glanz found herself doing the same things as the students. There was the day when Glanz wanted to join her husband in helping friends celebrate the purchase of a house, but she had homework for a math class. For the first time, she knew how teenagers feel when they think something is more important than homework.

【題組】 46 According to the article, it can be inferred that Ellen Glanz felt that . 
(A) she shouldn’t have lied because she herself is also a teacher 
(B) students have the right to lie to the teachers 
(C) teachers should be partly responsible for students’ lying to them 
(D)students should never lie to their teachers

12.【題組】47 Ellen Glanz became a student again because she . 
(A) wanted to know whether the teacher would recognize her as an older student 
(B) wanted to learn new teaching skills 
(C) wanted to find out why her students lied to her 
(D) had felt tired of always being a teacher

13.【題組】48 According to the article, the phrase “turn off” is closest in meaning to . 
(A) lose interest in something 
(B) refuse the request 
(C) dislike certain people 
(D) change attitude completely

14.【題組】49 What is the main idea of the article? 
(A) In order to fully understand students, teachers should sit in another teacher’s class every once in a while. 
(B) Students feel the classes boring because they are cheating and irresponsible. 
(C) In order to encourage students, teachers should tolerate students’ lying. 
(D) Teachers should allow students to have more control over their learning.

15.【題組】50 What is Ellen Glanz’s attitude toward students’ lying? 
(A) understanding 
(B) negative 
(C) positive 
(D) cheerful