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1.1 I have to study for my math exam. I don’t want any __________ . Please do not talk to me or play loud music.

2.2 . At busy intersections, ____________should cross the street via underground passages.

3.3. Mr. Stevenson always___________ a sense of genuine interest in his students. No wonder his students like him so much.
(B) condenses
(C) converts

4.4. My father and his partners’ cooperation is based upon their __________ respect and understanding.
(A) drastic
(B) hostile
(C) mutual
(D) pleasant

5.5. The economy is in bad shape, one reason for which is the rising___________ rate.
(A) recreation
(B) production
(C) unemployment
(D) enhancement

6.6. She looked immensely __________ when she learned that her son had survived the crash.
(A) relieved
(B) dedicated
(C) upset
(D) indignant

7.7. Please do not ________ . The waste bin is just around the corner.
(A) litter
(B) query
(C) smoke
(D) talk

8.8 After she had the cosmetic surgery, the doctor reminded her to avoid any________ to the sun.
(A) devotion
(B) exposure
(C) reaction
(D) sensation

9.9 The __________ of calcium may cause osteoporosis, and the patients may get bone fractures easily.
(A) frequency
(B) proficiency
(C) deficiency
(D) adequacy

10.10 The _________ of this button is to make sure we can stop the machine if things go wrong.
(A) function
(B) intention
(C) collection
(D) decision

11.11. Steve was __________ with joy when he found he had won the first prize in the lottery.
(A) established
(B) overwhelmed
(C) equipped

12.12 The city now looks very artistic and refreshing because it is __________with many colorful and well-crafted sculptures.
(A) affected
(B) decorated
(C) excluded
(D) generated

13.13 A laptop, an MP3 player, and a cellphone are often considered as__________ equipment for the generation raised in the age of technology.
(A) extinct
(B) expressive
(C) elastic
(D) essential

14.14. I will attend Mr. Wang’s wedding __________ my father, who has gone to Hong Kong on business.
(A) on behalf of
(B) in terms of
(C) at the mercy of
(D) by means of

15.15. In this age of globalization, when people have more chances to travel, it is a great ___________to speak more than one language.
(A) penalty
(B) heritage
(C) prejudice
(D) advantage

16.16 . Joe is really _________ about the party tonight. He’s making lots of preparations to make sure everyone can have a good time.
(A) envious
(B) enthusiastic
(C) concise

17.17 . This child has been _______________ by his parents for a long time because they have been too busy working.
(A) neglected
(B) developed
(C) grasped
(D) connected

18.18. Keep in mind that smoking is strictly _______ when you are handling explosive materials.
(A) eliminated
(B) extracted
(C) terminated

19.19. Research shows that only some animals are able to _________ in the wild after being released from the zoo.
(A) decrease
(B) express
(C) prevent

20.20 . Many young people today are ________ with fashion and style. They care more about what they wear than what they think or believe.
(A) charged
(B) obsessed
(C) furnished
(D) infected

21.21 My twin sister’s values have _________ so much over the years that we are no longer compatible.
(A) flicked
(B) escalated
(C) altered
(D) deceived

22.22. He was an __________ player until 20 when he turned professional.
(B) adequate
(C) amateur
(D) elementary

23.23. Paparazzi are photographers who _________ celebrities’ privacy by taking their pictures.
(A) remove
(B) block
(C) exclude

24.24. Two years ago a severe earthquake struck the city and caused a _______ tsunami, leaving hundreds dead, thousands injured.
(A) compassionate
(B) devastating
(C) defensive
(D) pessimistic

25.25. Hank was __________ of accepting bribes because he couldn’t explain why he suddenly had so much money in his bank account.
(A) investigated
(B) persuaded
(C) suspected
(D) threatened

26.26. The police questioned the ___________for two hours, but they still weren’t sure whether he robbed the bank.
(A) witness
(B) suspect
(C) corpse
(D) container

27.27 Nancy screamed when she saw a taxi ___________ into an old woman on the street.
(A) bump
(B) bumped
(C) to bump
(D)being bumping .

28.28. ___________ the development of human civilization, it is plain to see that human beings are easily corrupted by power.
(A) Give
(B) Giving
(C) Given
(D) To give

29.29. In the box _______ some photos that I took when I was on the trip.
(A) is
(B) laid
(C) are

30.30. Major newspapers have their Internet websites _______ daily, so their readers can get the latest information.
(A) updating
(B) updated
(C) have updated
(D) are updating

31.31 I have been taking the Yoga class ________I came to this school.
(A) when
(B) for
(C) since
(D) before

32.32 Friend A: Look at this. I think I want to get this purple skirt. Friend B: I thought _____________. Friend A: Yeah, but I don’t have a purple one. Friend B: Do you need every color in the rainbow? Friend A: Yes!
(A) I’ve had one already
(B) you’ve had one in green
(C) I’ve told you about the purple skirt
(D) you’ve told me about the rainbow

33.33. Judy: I am going to take the driving test tomorrow, and I am feeling so nervous. Joan: Take it easy! I will ______________ . Judy: Thanks. I hope that I can get my driver’s license as soon as possible.
(A) search high and low for it
(B) keep my fingers crossed for you
(C) make it up
(D) be on the safe side

34.34 Sandra: I think watching TV is a waste of time. Most programs are stupid or boring. Jack:_________________ What about sports or the news? You watch those sometimes, don’t you? Sandra: Well, actually for the news, I prefer the newspaper.
(A) Well, I disagree.
(B) That’s my opinion, too.
(C) I don’t like channel surfing.
(D) I hate all the TV commercials

35.35 Mother: My daughter eats like a bird. Doctor:____________ Advise her to eat more.
(A) That’s interesting.
(B) That’s too bad.
(C) That’s good for her.
(D) That’s hard to say.

36.36 Mary: We were too late for the concert! Tom:_______________ It wasn’t very good anyway.
(A) Better luck next time.
(B) Just as well.
(C) What a pity.
(D) You’re kidding me.

37.Reading test: Words are concrete, used to express concrete thoughts and feelings and to deliver practical information; music is, by its very nature, abstract. When the two are put together, the resulting tension creates an excitement and an extra dimension which is denied to the spoken theater. For example, Shakespeare’s Othello is a great play, and Verdi’s Otello which is based on it is a great opera. I think that, if one had seen Shakespeare’s Othello seventy times one would be hard put to it to derive much enjoyment from a seventy-first encounter. But after seventy performances of the opera one can still find new beauty and subtleties to marvel at. Similarly, Beaumarchais’ play Le mariage de Figaro, entertaining though it is, is not something one would want to see once or twice a year throughout one’s lifetime. But ask any opera-lover whether he is tired of Mozart’s opera based on the play and you will learn that he is not, for its riches are inexhaustible. Music brings a greater complexity to the spoken drama and turns it into a different kind of experience.
【題組】37 . What is the main idea of the paragraph?
(A) The difference between a play and a concert.
(B) Why Mozart is a greater composer than Verdi.
(C) The comparison between a play and an opera.
(D) An evaluation of Shakespeare and his contemporary writers.

38.【題組】38 According to the author, why would a person not want to watch Othello seventy-one times?
(A) It is a tragedy.
(B) He might feel tired of it.
(C) It is full of difficult words.
(D) He would find it too abstract.

39.【題組】39 . What does the author think about Beaumarchais’ Le mariage de Figaro?
(A) It is a must-see in one’s lifetime.
(B) It is Beaumarchais’ greatest comedy.
(C) It is greater than Mozart’s adaptation.
(D) It is less exciting than its opera version.

40.【題組】40 . What can we conclude after reading the passage?
(A) Comedies are easier than tragedies to be adapted into operas.
(B) Complexity brings riches for art, as in the case of an opera.
(C) It takes talented masters to successfully combine drama and music.
(D) Going to an opera is a necessary art experience in one’s life time.

41.For a long time, Egyptologists agreed that the Sphinx was created during the time of the pharaoh Khafre (2520-2494 B.C.). However, it was clear that the Sphinx was unlike the pyramids and other monuments at Giza in some important ways. First, the Sphinx was not built with blocks of stone. It was carved out of the living bedrock. Second, it is not a temple, nor a pyramid. It is a huge statue with the head of a man and the body of a lion. The eyes of the “lion man” stare forever at the eastern horizon. However, no one voiced any doubts about the origin of the Sphinx until 1979, when John West, an amateur archaeologist and Egyptian tour guide, published a book called Serpent in the Sky. In this book, he claimed that the Sphinx was actually built thousands of years before the time of Khafre. His evidence was based on a careful examination of erosion on the stone. West noticed that erosion patterns on the Sphinx were not horizontal like those on other monuments at Giza. He knew that such horizontal weathering was the result of prolonged exposure to strong winds and sandstorms. But the marks on the Sphinx were vertical. Sandstorms couldn’t have caused them. It looked like erosion from water, but where could the water have come from in the arid region? According to West’s theory, the vertical weathering was caused by rain. Therefore, the Sphinx must have been built thousands of years earlier when Egypt had a much rainier climate. Unfortunately, West had no scientific credentials—he wasn’t a professor and he had no Ph.D.—so his revolutionary theory was not taken seriously.
【題組】41 Which statement about the Sphinx is true?
(A) It is one of the greatest pyramids in Egypt.
(B) It was created about two thousand years ago.
(C) It was once an important religious center.
(D) It is a giant monument that looks like a lion man.

42.【題組】42 Which statement about John West is true?
(A) He was the first to publicly question the origin of the Sphinx.
(B) He published a book about biology in Egypt.
(C) He was one of the world’s famous Egyptologists.
(D) He worked full-time as an archaeologist.

43.【題組】43 According to John West, what caused the vertical marks on the Sphinx?
(A) Strong winds and sandstorms.
(B) Long exposure to the sun.
(C) Rubbing of other bedrocks.
(D) Erosion from rain.

44.【題組】44 What does “arid” in the second paragraph mean?
(A) Hot.
(B) Dry.
(C) Cold.

45.【題組】45. What can be inferred from the passage?
(A) West believed that the pharaoh Khafre was the builder of the Sphinx.
(B) West’s theory did not cause much discussion among the Egyptologists.
(C) West’s theory was inspired by the half-human look of the Sphinx.
(D) Egypt used to have a rainier climate at the time of the pharaoh Khafre.

46.Moms-to-be, beware! The next time you stuff yourself with junk food, think twice, for a new study has revealed that eating a fatty diet during pregnancy could cause long-lasting health damage to your child. According to researchers in Britain, tucking in junk food like chocolates, wafers, and biscuits can have a negative impact on the unborn toddlers—the effects include obesity, diabetes, and raised levels of cholesterol. “It seems that a mother’s diet while pregnant and breastfeeding is very important for the long-term health of her child. We always say, ‘You are what you eat.’ In fact, it may also be true that, ‘You are what your mother ate,’” lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Bayol said. The researchers at the Royal Veterinary College in London came to the conclusion after looking at the effects of maternal diet on almost 150 baby rodents. Half of the mother animals were given normal rat food, while the others also had access to junk food, including muffins and chocolate. Tests showed the junk food pups suffered a host of health problems that lasted into adulthood—they had high levels of cholesterol and other fats linked to heart disease. Blood sugar levels and insulin were also elevated, raising their chances of developing diabetes. Even babies fed a healthy diet after birth tended to be overweight. The female rats were particularly badly hit, suggesting key differences in metabolism between the sexes, the researchers found. According to co-researcher Prof. Neil Strickland, it is very probable that humans would be similarly affected, with previous studies showing a correlation between a kid’s weight and that of his or her parents. “Humans share a number of fundamental biological systems with rats, so there is good reason to assume the effects we see in rats may be repeated in humans,” he said.
【題組】46 What is the passage mainly about?
(A) Whether rats eat junk food.
(B) How mother rats’ diet affects their health.
(C) The similarities between humans and rats.
(D) The effects of the diet of mothers-to-be on babies.

47.【題組】47 What does the phrase “tucking in” mean?
(A) Consuming.
(B) Saving.
(C) Putting away.
(D)Resulting in.

48.【題組】48 Which of the following is true about the study mentioned in the article?
(A) The experiments were conducted on both humans and rats.
(B) It examined baby rats rather than mother rats.
(C) It showed that baby rats were no longer overweight when given healthy diet.
(D) It found that female baby rats were more likely to be affected by maternal diet.

49.【題組】49 According to the passage, what do humans and rats have in common?
(A) They both like to eat junk food when pregnant.
(B) They may be both affected by their mothers’ diets.
(C) They are equally interested in eating a healthy diet.
(D) They both tend to repeat the same mistakes.

50.【題組】50 What can we infer from the passage?
(A) Wafers, chocolate and muffins improve mothers’ health.
(B) A healthy maternal diet contributes to the good health of babies.
(C) Babies’ health problems arising from maternal diet can be overlooked.
(D) As long as babies get a healthy diet after birth, they won’t have health problems.