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1.1.Nowadays, dogs and cats are popular pets in people’s homes in many countries.
(A) common
(B) useless
(C) free
(D) strange

2.2. Most coffee shops create a comfortable and casual atmosphere for their customers.
(A) informal
(B) serious
(C) professional
(D) cautious

3.3. Keeping our homes clean and tidy is essential for our health and comfort.
(A) chaotic
(B) plastic
(C) orderly
(D) jointly

4.4. Most people believe that scientific advancement such as new medicine can help us live longerand healthier.
(A) protection
(B) program
(C) promise
(D) progress

5.5. The human brain is such a complex system that scientists are still trying to figure out how itfunctions.
(A) confirmed
(B) composed
(C) complicated
(D) concentrated

6.6. After having studied for twelve hours, I could hardly keep my eyes open.
(A) nicely
(B) barely
(C) often
(D) finally

7.7. Growing up in this area, I saw this place change from a small town into a big city.
(A) transport
(B) transplant
(C) transmit
(D) transform

8.8. Comfort food gives us a warm feeling and helps us ____________ and feel better.
(A) increase
(B) tighten
(C) alert
(D) relax

9.9. Most young people now cannot ____________ to buy a house with their current salaries.
(A) afford
(B) applaud
(C) appoint
(D) affect

10.10.Passengers are ____________ to leave the priority seat for elderly people on public transportation.
(A) supplied
(B) suspected
(C) succeeded
(D) supposed

11.11.Surfing the Internet and playing online games in one’s room are common ____________ activitiesamong young people in Taiwan.
(A) outdoor
(B) leisure
(C) diving
(D) medical

12.12.For many marathon runners, the sport is not about winning; finishing a long distance race itself gives them a sense of ____________.
(A) achievement
(B) confusion
(C) guilt
(D) humor

13.13.The series of Twilight movies are ____________ and have made the leading actor and actress rich and famous.
(A) beliefs
(B) blockbusters
(C) batteries
(D) bookmarks

14.14. Most criminals leave something of themselves at the place of the crime, such as a hair or a fingerprint, and are caught with the ____________ of science and computers.
(A) romance
(B) distance
(C) ignorance
(D) assistance

15.15. Every year since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been ____________ to persons or organizations for their effort in creating peace.
(A) admired
(B) analyzed
(C) accused
(D) awarded

16.16.Adam: Excuse me. I’d like to return this MP3 player I bought here yesterday. Clerk: _______________ Adam: Then, can I exchange it for a new one?
(A) Yes, you can download music to it.
(B) Why did you borrow it so long?
(C) Sorry, we have a no-refund policy.
(D) It’s in the third row actually.

17.17.Nurse: Good morning. Dr. Shaw’s Office. Bill: Hello, _______________ Nurse: Okay, your name please? And would you like to reschedule it?
(A) I’d like to make an appointment at 3 o’clock.
(B) I’m calling to cancel my 3 o’clock appointment.
(C) I have a terrible headache. I need to see a doctor.
(D) I’m in great pain. Can I get some pain killers now?

18.18.Waiter: Excuse me, sir. You cannot smoke in here. Bob: Why? I didn’t see any “No Smoking” sign. Waiter: _______________ Bob: Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ll step out to smoke.
(A) Who said anything about smoking?
(B) Sorry, the last guest was probably smoking.
(C) Would you like smoking or non-smoking?
(D) Smoking is not allowed inside all public buildings.

19.19.Lily: Why are you wearing a face mask? Phoebe: _______________ Lily: Don’t forget to put on a helmet as well.
(A) Ok, I’ll wear it if you insist.
(B) I’m going to ride a motorcycle.
(C) I think I dropped it somewhere.
(D) It’s easy. Let me show you.

20.20.Carl: May I speak to Lisa, please? Becky: _______________ Carl: Isn’t this 522-6171? Becky: I’m sorry. You’ve dialed the wrong number.
(A) May I ask who’s calling, please?
(B) Just a moment, please. I’ll get her.
(C) I’m sorry, but there’s no one named Lisa here.
(D) She’s not in. Would you like to leave a message?

21.21.Denise: I don’t feel like staying home. Jane: _______________ Why don’t we go to the art museum? Denise: Great. There is a special exhibit this week.
(A) That’s a good question.
(B) Sorry, I won’t be able to.
(C) To be honest, neither do I.
(D) When did it happen?

22.22.Peter: Congratulations, Jolin. _______________ Jolin: Absolutely fabulous. Peter: Everybody loved your performance. Jolin: Thank you.
(A) How did you do it?
(B) You did it terribly.
(C) You forgot your lines.
(D) How does it feel to win?

23.23.Caleb: Mom, can you lend me your laptop? Mom: Why? Doesn’t your computer run faster? Caleb: Well, I need to do a project with my classmates at school. Mom: Ok. _______________
(A) But, why are you blaming me?
(B) Just don’t break it, please.
(C) They should run faster.
(D) I appreciate your help.

24.24.Teacher: Mary, what do you want to do after high school? Mary: _______________ I might go to college. Teacher: If so, you need to prepare in advance.
(A) I’m not sure.
(B) I don’t think so.
(C) That’s perfectly true.
(D) I won’t be doing that.

25.25.a Julie: How do you feel now with your leg? Karen: After resting for two months, _______________ Julie: Then, I suggest you get more medicine for it.
(A) I still feel the pain unfortunately.
(B) I weigh three kilograms more.
(C) I’m perfectly fine now.
(D) I’m behind my school work.

26.The article “Principal Suspended over Bullying” is about the suspension of a principal at a junior high school in Taiwan. Apparently, sixty teachers from the school signed a petition against the principal for _____26_____ ignoring students’ bullying behavior. Addressing the problem, the Minister of Education said that,_____27_____ getting into a good high school or university is important,it is _____28_____ to teach students how to get along with others. The Minister emphasized that students learn to respect _____29_____ protect others. Surprisingly, the school had won an award last year for being a model school in the area. Now, because of the bullying event, the award might be _____30_____ away from the school. The school will be informed of the decision soon.
(A) repeat
(B) repeatedly
(C) repetition
(D) repetitive

(A) however
(B) indeed
(C) nonetheless
(D) although

(A) important
(B) more important
(C) as importantly
(D) most importantly

(A) and
(B) for
(C) in
(D) nor

(A) take
(B) took
(C) taken
(D) taking

31.It is not easy to decide what job to do, but you should find something you love. Try to find a job that you enjoy and get satisfaction _____31_____ , instead of one you do just for money. _____32_____ you have graduated from college, you will be spending a great amount of your time working, so it is quite important to think of what you can enjoy in a job. Whether it is the lifestyle, job duties, or work relationships, _____33_____ are many parts of a job that you can enjoy. Of course, you most likely will not find the perfect job _____34_____ . Nonetheless, stay calm and give yourself a chance to _____35_____ parts of the job you think you like and even parts you are still not sure about. Finding a job you enjoy will definitely help you develop your career.
(A) to
(B) with
(C) at
(D) from

(A) Once
(B) Would
(C) Either
(D) Likewise

(A) any
(B) here
(C) there
(D) none

(A) right on
(B) right away
(C) right down
(D) right out

(A) experience
(B) experienced
(C) experiencing
(D) experiential

36.The Taipei International Flora Expo is the first international flower show in history held in the heart of a city. For such an international event, the ideal place would have been the Guandu Plain, _____36_____ is suitable for a show built around wetlands and paddy fields. Yet, it was impossible to acquire the massive lands. Therefore, another option was to _____37_____ the public land and facilities around Yuan Shan. Now, the expo has been created within parks that _____38_____ by urban areas.Although a _____39_____ urban area may not be an ideal location for a flower show, the “peaceful existence” of architecture and environment in Taipei has shown the way to an alternative model for such an event. It is the _____40_____ of parks and urban structures that forms a unique character for the expo.Some experts say that the Taipei show has created a model for flora expos in the future.
(A) what
(B) why
(C) which
(D) when

(A) make off
(B) make over with
(C) make use of
(D) make out

(A) surrounded
(B) are surrounded
(C) are surrounding
(D) has surrounded

(A) develop
(B) developed
(C) development
(D) developer

(A) memorization
(B) education
(C) destination
(D) combination

April 03, 2011
Dear Sir /Madam,
Over the past 6 months, the service from the garbage collection truck has been very disappointing. We have complained to the truck driver, but he has done very little to solve the problems. Therefore, I am writing directly to your department to request your help.Basically, there are two problems. The first is that the truck never follows the correct time schedule. Your notice says that garbage will be collected in our area from Monday to Friday at 6 p.m.,but the truck always either arrives too early or too late. It has been as much as 15 minutes early and 25 minutes late. The second problem, which is more serious, is that the truck moves off too quickly.
I have seen people running after the moving vehicle almost every time, making a disaster verylikely. What if the person running were pregnant, disabled, or elderly?
As I mentioned at the beginning, we did express our concerns to the driver. The first time we spoke to him, he was very kind. He explained very patiently that the department was trying to make a better time schedule. Thereafter, he just started ignoring us. Honestly speaking, I felt this was very rude of him and unprofessional.
If these problems continue, I am worried that residents will start dropping their trash on the corner of the street. Therefore, for both the safety and health of everybody, I hope that you will look into this matter as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully,

Tsai, Chia-wen

【題組】41.What is the purpose of this letter?
(A) To find out about recycling garbage.
(B) To complain about a service problem.
(C) To apologize for a late delivery.
(D) To thank a government department.

42.【題組】42.a When does the garbage truck arrive?
(A) Almost half an hour late sometimes.
(B) On time, as per schedule.
(C) Always on the weekend.
(D) Monday to Friday, early in the morning.

43.【題組】43.According to Ms. Tsai, how did the driver treat them later on?
(A) Reasonably.
(B) Impolitely.
(C) Gently.
(D) Professionally.

44.【題組】44.a What does Ms. Tsai hope the department would do?
(A) Compliment the driver.
(B) Ignore Ms. Tsai’s previous letter.
(C) Investigate the issue.
(D) Buy a new garbage disposal truck.

45.【題組】45.Which problem is NOT mentioned in the letter?
(A) The garbage truck leaves too soon.
(B) Accidents could easily happen.
(C) Trash will be dumped on the street corner.
(D) Residents are already dying of poor health.

Time magazine has honored a Taiwanese vegetable vendor Chen Shu-chu as one of the 100 most influential people of 2010. Chen was also selected by Forbes magazine as one of the 48 heroes of philanthropy ( 善行 ) from Asia. Out of her modest income, she has donated NT$10 million to charity over the years, including a children’s fund, construction of a library at a school, and construction of the local orphanage, where she also gives financial support to three children.
Everyday around 3 a.m., Chen shows up at the wholesale market to pick fresh produce. At 4 a.m., her stall opens for business, and customers are already waiting. She came from a poor family and was forced to drop out of school at the age of 13 to support her six brothers and sisters following the death of her mother. Her mother died in labor and her brother died of illness because her family could not afford medical care. She took over her mother’s vegetable stand and has been selling vegetables at Central Market in Taitung since 1963.
She makes a small profit of five to ten NT dollars on each sale. The nickels and dimes she earns are the basis for her charitable giving. Many poor students and families whom she has never met have had their lives changed by her generosity. Chen Shu-chu is merely a common grocery vendor. She is not famous. The 61-year-old once told a newspaper that money is not useful unless it is given to those in need. Her story encourages many people that even though they may not be rich, their small donations may come as a great help to some less fortunate people.

【題組】46.aWhat is the best title for this passage?
(A) The Poor Family
(B) How to Save Money
(C) The Remarkable Woman
(D) A Famous Market

47.【題組】47.Chen has donated for various causes over the years, except _______________.
(A) construction of a library
(B) a medical center
(C) a children’s fund
(D) support of children

48.【題組】48.How long has Chen been selling vegetables at the market?
(A) For nearly fifty years.
(B) From 2010.
(C) Since the age of forty-eight.
(D) Between five to ten.

49.【題組】49.According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Time magazine selected Chen as one of the 48 heroes from Asia.
(B) Her stall opens for business at 3 a.m., when there are lots of customers waiting.
(C) She has changed many poor people’s lives by her generosity.
(D) Forbes magazine honored Chen as one of the 100 most influential people of 2010.

50.【題組】50.Her story tells us that _______________.
(A) we can devote our time to professional works
(B) people can sell a variety of fresh produce in the market
(C) if a vegetable vendor can be so selfless, so can we
(D) people from a poor family will be poor for the rest of their lives