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1.After listening to the monotonous lecture of the professor, even the most interested students were developing an _______ toward an otherwise inberesting subject.

2.The teacher suspected cheating as soon as he noticed the pupil's ______ glances a his classmate's paper.

3.John's neighbors never really liked him even though plaques and medals proved he had done very _______ work in the community.

4.The Environmental Protection Department says a tax on plastic bags might be the economic ______ needed to make shoppers think green.

5.Because Jake is an _____ , he prefers reading a book in his own study to attending a night club.

6.McNamara is appealing to the international community to do everything in its power to put an end to human trafficking. he says people are being ______ from the northeast Somali port town of Bosasso to Yemen, an illegal gateway to jobs in the Middle East and Europe.
(D) smuggled

7.Social networking Web sites have sparked intense debate over safety _____ and the decline of personal social interaction. But more and more young people are sitting alone in front of their computer screens --- to socialize.
(C) obstructions

8.The director-general fo the World Health Organization has more than once warned that another influenza ____ based on avian influenza or Asian bird flu is fast approaching.

9.The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) regulations state that no one may prepare or file another person's immigration papers unless he or she is an attorney or a U.S. Department of Justice-approved "______ representative."

10.Repetition of words and ideas can confused as well as emphasize a point, and may make your speech ____.

11.The _____ populated area is no doubt a breeding place for infectious diseases.

12.The controversy over illegal immigrants in the United States has been heating up during the last few months. However, efforts in Congress to _____ illegal immigration have stalled.

13.According to one analysis, it costs an airline $10 for every paper ticket it ____, prints, and mails. That includes all the staff time and salaries it takes to help passengers book their flights.

14.Family members of 9/11 victims gathered with American officials at the Pentagon this week for a gronndbreaking ceremony, marking the beginning of construction on 9/11 _______.

15.The ability to grow or reproduce and to change or mutate has long been regarded as a special property _____ of living agents.