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1.Though there was much _____ among critics over whether or not the play portrayed the “real” Paul Robson, James Earl Jones’s performance was _____deemed outstanding by audiences and critics.
(A) observation, silently
(B) argumentation, surreptitiously
(C) harassment, evasively
(D) aggravation, instructively
(E) controversy, unanimously

2.His brilliant prose style is sometimes _____ by his lapses into _____ reflection and pretentious language.
(A) accomplished, facile
(B) extended, whimsical
(C) disrupted, inconspicuous
(D) anticipated, respective
(E) marred, banal

3.The commissioner is an irreproachable public servant, trying to _____ integrity and honor to a department that, while not totally corrupt, has nonetheless been _____ by greed and corruption.
(A) deny, overrun
(B) impute, tainted
(C) attribute, purified
(D) entrust, invigorated
(E) restore, undermined

4.Recent evidence that a special brain cell is critical to memory is so_____ that scientists are _____ their theories of how the brain stores information to include the role of this cell.
(A) compelling, revising
(B) pervasive, reproducing
(C) perplexing, formulating
(D) obscure, confirming
(E) extreme, restoring

5.The quotation attributing to the mayor the view that funds for police services should be cut was _____: it completely _____the mayor’s position that more police should be hired.
(A) inflammatory, justified
(B) abbreviated, curtailed
(C) meticulous, misstated
(D) spurious, misrepresented
(E) egregious, underscored

6.Typically, an environmental problem worsens little until finally its effects can no longer be _____ ; organizations then emerge to raise public consciousness and to press vociferously for _____ action.
(A) preserved, immediate
(B) disregarded, gradual
(C) ignored, remedial
(D) observed, governmental
(E) distorted, scientific

7.The validity of her experimental findings was so _____ that even the most _____ investigators could not refrain from extolling her.
(A) enigmatic, officious
(B) fallacious, credulous
(C) unassailable, disputatious
(D) inevitable, convivial
(E) dubious, skeptical

8.Although it is not _____, Clara Rodriguez’ book on Puerto Rican life is especially useful because the supply of books on the subject is so _____.
(A) intense, vast
(B) obsolete, outdated
(C) ostentatious, varied
(D) comprehensive, meager
(E) contemporary, plentiful

9.Because scholarship in that field is still in its nascent stage, many researchers have argued that to develop _____ model would be _____, but to demonstrate progress toward a model is essential at this time.
(A) a tentative, decisive
(B) a definitive, premature
(C) a superfluous, injudicious
(D) an imposing, viral
(E) an extraneous, indispensable

10.By showing such a large shaded area, this map of wildlife distribution encourages the _____ that certain species living in isolated spots are actually _____.
(A) misconception, widespread
(B) consciousness, remote
(C) illusion, extant
(D) perception, carnivorous
(E) sagacity, feral