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1.Not until Sam got home _____ that he had lost his keys.
(A) that he found
(B) he had found
(C) would he have found
(D) did he find

2._____ , and you can pass the test with ease.
(A) If you make good preparations in advance
(B) Making good preparations in advance
(C) To make good preparations in advance
(D) Make good preparations in advance

3.Helen Keller altered our _____ of the disabled, and achieved many deeds no one has ever done before.
(A) deception
(B) reception
(C) perception
(D) interception

4.Sue: Do you know anyone who’s had plastic surgery?Jean: Why? _____Sue: With my puffy eyes and dark eye-bags, you bet I am. Jean: My sister had one the other day. You can ask her.
(A) What a coincidence it is!
(B) Are you ready for a facelift, too?
(C) Plastic surgery is sometimes dangerous
(D) Will you be a specialist in plastic surgery?

5.Terry has been teaching at this school _____ the beginning of this year.
(A) since
(B) at
(C) by
(D) until

6.To prevent students from parking in the parking area assigned for faculty members, the school administration _____ a new regulation.
(A) disposed
(B) exposed
(C) apposed
(D) imposed

7.Building a digital city is a grand experiment in which wireless communications make it easier to find friends, _____ local events, and build a warm community.
(A) come back to haunt
(B) dwindle away
(C) keep abreast of
(D) pull ahead

8.The city essentially _____ its fame and beauty to the aborigines who transform it into an attractive landscape.
(A) plays
(B) misses
(C) owes
(D) prefers

9.After the trip to the desert, the car was covered with a layer of dust. It needed _____ .
(A) wash
(B) to wash
(C) to be washing
(D) washing

10.Millions of people are using cell phones today. In fact, in many places it is actually considered unusual _____ use one.
(A) not
(B) don’t
(C) to not
(D) not to

11.Don’t worry. Your father is _____ now. In fact, the rescue team has rushed to help him out.
(A) in no danger
(B) no danger
(C) endangered
(D) not dangerous

12.Kentucky Fried Chicken has 1,100 outlets in China, about _____ those of McDonald’s.
(A) as many as twice
(B) as twice as many
(C) many as twice as
(D) twice as many as

13._____ you be fired, your health and pension benefits would not be automatically cut off.
(A) Should
(B) When
(C) Shall
(D) As

14.Sam: I just heard that the school has decided to renovate the old gym instead of building a new one from scratch. Jack: _____ Why tear down a great old construction when it can still be used? Sam: Yes, but will it be able to hold the same number of people as a new one?
(A) It isn’t wise to do so.
(B) One can never tell.
(C) Our gym is ill-equipped.
(D) That’s a fantastic idea.

15.Man: Those earrings will be perfect for you. Woman: How much are they?Man: $1,000.Woman: _____ Man: It’s all right. Let me buy them for you as a gift. It’s your birthday.
(A) It’s unbelievably cheap!
(B) They are so beautiful!
(C) That’s too expensive!
(D) That’s a good bargain!

16.We did not go out last night. We _____ to the movies, but we decided to stay home, watching TV.
(A) could go
(B) could have go
(C) could have gone
(D) had gone

17.I _____ go to the dentist yesterday, because I had a toothache.
(A) must
(B) felt like
(C) had to
(D) would love to

18.A number of best-selling books and magazines _____ on the shelf.
(A) set
(B) sets
(C) is set
(D) are set

19.Architecture is a profession _____ has always interested me.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) whose
(D) in which

20.This summer we experienced a rare drought, _____ cause experts have had a hard timedetermining.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) whose
(D) what

21.Reading is _____ the mind what food is _____ the body.
(A) to, to
(B) as, as
(C) by, by
(D) for, for

22.What ______ hunger and what ______ greed, the young man robbed the bank.
(A) to, to
(B) with, with
(C) by, by
(D) to, with

23.What gives away Aunt Hilda’s age _____ the wrinkles on her fingers.
(A) is
(B) does
(C) takes
(D) has

24.I requested my druggist to grind the tablets into powder ______ the little boy baby-sit can not swallow tablets or pills.
(A) in spite of the fact that
(B) with all
(C) on the ground that
(D) while

25.The people rushed out of the room _______ they heard the alarm.
(A) as long as
(B) before
(C) whatever
(D) as soon as