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1.Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined and focused; ______ , it can impart a feeling of social worth.
(A) moreover
(B) and
(C) despite
(D) so

2._______ marriage is concerned, she is a successful woman.
(A)In terms of
(B)As far as
(C)As well as
(D)In view of

3.Susan is planning to have a party _____ her husband is on his business trip abroad.
(A) during
(B) when
(C) whenever
(D) while

4.The key to complexity is not more genes _____ more combinations and interactions generated by fewer units of codes.
(A) nor
(B) or
(C) and
(D) but

5.Don’t feel upset and depressed. ______ there is life, there is hope.
(A) Where
(B) It’s not until
(C) Once
(D) Since

6.Jamie will take a day off tomorrow______ she wants to relax herself before she becomes stressed out.
(A) but because
(B) for fear that
(C) in that
(D) so as to

7.______ taking supplements will do you good, you should make it a habit to take one pill per day.
(A) After
(B) Since
(C) However
(D) Once

8.After several visits, ______.
(A) he not only liked the girl but the family too
(B) he not only liked the girl, and liked the family too
(C) he liked not only the girl but the family too
(D) not only the girl, and the family liked him too

9.The glaciers in the Arctic are disappearing rapidly because of global warming, ______, the weather around the world has become unpredictable.
(A) hence
(B) so that
(C) moreover
(D) and as a result

10.Neither the students nor the teacher _____ ready when the principal came in.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) has been
(D) have been

11.Mrs. Dickinson didn’t invite many people to her birthday party. ______ my parents, there were only three other guests.
(A) By
(B) Except
(C) Beside
(D) Besides

12.She does not enjoy soaking herself in the hot spring for too long ______ it makes her runny.
(A) for feat that
(B) as long as
(C) as soon as
(D) lest

13.The philosophy of life of the younger generation nowadays is to party more and work less ______ Alice’s is the opposite.
(A) when
(B) while
(C) since
(D) and

14.Let’s have all these newspapers ______ on our way to the shopping mall.
(A) recycle
(B) to recycle
(C) recycled
(D) recycling

15.______ the earth is round is indisputable.
(A) What
(B) As
(C) Since
(D) That

16.It’s too late to return this hat; the shop ______ closed by the time we get there.
(A) had been
(B) will be
(C) is being

17.Ms. Yuen is going to ask the personnel office how much vacation time she ______ left.
(A) shall have
(B) will have
(C) is having
(D) has

18.For thousands of years, people _______ that no two people have the same fingerprints.
(A) knew
(B) had known
(C) know
(D) have known

19.In 1930 we laughed on average for 19 minutes each day, but by 1980 it ______ to six minutes.
(A) has been decreasing
(B) was decreasing
(C) should have decreased
(D) had decreased

20.The ginger lilies smelt so sweet that Paul _______ them when he first came into the living room.
(A) has noticed
(B) was noticing
(C) noticed
(D) had noticed

21.The terrible flood ______ bridges, houses, and crops. The town soon disappeared.
(A) washed away
(B) washed up
(C) blew away
(D) blew up

22._____ you return from the United States, you have to fill out a trip report.
(A) Since
(B) Once
(C) So that
(D) The sooner

23.The Chinese ______ umbrellas in the 11th century B.C..
(A) have had
(B) had
(C) have
(D) having

24.I am sorry to tell you that our group leader is not here right now. He _____ Japan to attend the annual meeting.
(A) has been to
(B) goes
(C) has gone to
(D) is going to

25.All that can be done ______.
(A) has been done
(B) have been done
(C) has been doing
(D) have been doing