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1.1. Upon seeing her missing beloved pet dog, Marilyn hugged it_________.
(A) tightly
(B) hastily
(C) shortly
(D) jealously

2.2. It takes great _________and faith in oneself to survive the rock bottom in life.
(A) reservation
(B) preservation
(C) conservation
(D) determination

3.3. To stop corruption inside the organization, some _________of the system will be necessary.
(A) reforms
(B) exchanges
(C) displays
(D) facilities

4.4. Victoria thought it was_________her dignity to wash clothes by hand.
(A) amid
(B) against
(C) beyond
(D) beneath

5.5. A former assistant manager for Taiwan Sports Lottery, Lin Hao-chin was_________in a prize money fraud with his position in Taipei Fubon Bank.
(A) solved
(B) resolved
(C) involved
(D) revolved

6.6. The profit of this new company increased by 3% annually over these years. The_________growth encouraged all the staff.
(A) dense
(B) steady
(C) previous
(D) stale

7.7. Taiwan ranks as the fourth most_________destination in the Asia Pacific region among holiday makers, according to a recent MasterCard International survey.
(A) reliable
(B) capable
(C) desirable
(D) recognizable

8.8. The coming typhoon forced Dorothy to_________her stay in Maldives. She is lucky to enjoy a longer vacation.
(A) extend
(B) extort
(C) expire
(D) expand

9.9. Taiwan's Yani Tseng, underlining her status as top female golfer by winning the LPGA Championship this summer, became the youngest golfer to_________four major professional titles.
(A) attain
(B) detain
(C) remain
(D) maintain

10.10. My grandmother's death after such a long and painful suffering was an_________release to all of the family members.
(A) educational
(B) emotional
(C) identical
(D) unbearable

11.11. Unable to tolerate the scorching sun, the man turned on the air conditioner_________upon entering the house.
(A) commonly
(B) regularly
(C) initially
(D) immediately

12.12. Governments around the world have included housing policy to_________affordable houses for everyone and hope that can bring down the skyrocketing realty prices.
(A) enable
(B) enlarge
(C) ensure
(D) entitle

13.13. The premiere of a Hollywood film Abduction received widespread_________at a packed screening in New York last week.
(A) acclaim
(B) benefit
(C) disciple
(D) reference

14.14. Complete Genomics granted a non-profit medicine institute permission to place 1500 complete human genomes in_________to explore the genetic basis of premature birth.
(A) size
(B) silence
(C) sequence
(D) suspension

15.15. A study on bullying conducted by CBS news found that one out of four children has been _________or forced to do what he doesn't want to at school.
(A) impressed
(B) infected
(C) inspired
(D) intimidated

16.二、綜合測驗(15%) 說明:第16至30題,每題一個空格。請依文意選出一個最適當的選項,標示在答案卡 之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得1分,該題未作答或答錯者,以零分計算。 第16至20題爲題組 What does it take to be the happiest people in the world? The answer,"wealth,u probably 16 in most people's mind at once. But such an answer, according to the research conducted by the World Database of Happiness,turns out to be 17 . The studies have been carried out on many lottery winners, inquiring them the excitement the prize can bring. And in many cases the ecstasy of abrupt fortune is reported to vanish as fast as it comes. 18 , money doesn't guarantee prolonged happiness. In fact,more respondents consider interpersonal relationships the main source of 19 life satisfaction. Family relationships 20 seem to be the key to long-term contentment. The research results suggest that happy family hours may be more rewarding than a penny earned.
(A) pops up
(B) sets off
(C) takes place
(D) brings about

(A) minor
(B) prior
(C) major
(D) superior

(A) Promptly
(B) Properly
(C) Obviously
(D) Hopefully

(A) lasting
(B) constant
(C) continual
(D) temporary

(A)at once
(B) after all
(C) in particular
(D) in succession

21.第21至25題爲題組 What recession? Even with the crazy swings in the stock market and gloomy economy, Americans still can't resist the 21 . The following products with astonishingly expensive price tags are perfect examples. Knipschildt Chocolatier's La Madeline Au Truffe uses a French Perigord truffle, 22 costs a cool grand per pound. This $250 item, enveloped in silky-smooth chocolate paste,is available on a preorder-only basis and has sold on average two per month since its 23 . Similarly, the $4,000 jigsaw puzzle produced by Stave Puzzles consumes both money and soul. The puzzle consists of many handmade wooden pieces which can fit in more than one place, 24 multiple solutions. "But only one is correct," said Richardson (the producer) grinning. Believe it or not, since announcing the limited 25 , he's already received eight pre-orders.
(A) luxury
(B) luxuriance
(C) limoricrus

(A)so that
(B) one that
(C) in which
(D)since then

(A) relief
(B) discharge
(C) publication

(A) owing to
(B) caused by
(C) leading to
(D)resulted from

(A) issue
(B) edition
(C) column

26.第26至30題爲題組 We may associate cholesterol with fatty foods; as a matter of fact, the liver produces 75% of the wax substance that circulates in our blood while 26 25% comes fi*om food. There are two main types of cholesterol in human blood: LDL cholesterol is considered the "bad" cholesterol whereas HDL cholesterol is 27 as the "good" cholesterol. At normal levels, the liver releases LDL cholesterol into the blood and also removes LDL cholesterol from the blood with active LDL receptors on the surface of its cells. However, a decreased number of LDL receptors is 28 high LDL cholesterol blood levels. Both heredity and diet have a significant influence on a person's LDL, HDL and total cholesterol levels. People with inherited disorder 29 develop atherosclerosis and heart attacks during early adulthood. 30 ’ diets that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol boost the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood.
(A) another
(B) other
(C) some
(D) the other

(A) regarded
(B) designated
(C) dubbed
(D) called

(A) free of
(B) responsible for
(C) mixed with
(D) independent of

(A) attend to
(B) tend to
(C) point to
(D) mean to

(A) Apart from that
(B) Against all odds
(C) On the other hand
(D) To make matters worse

31.第31至40題爲題組 The Chinese white dolphin along the coastline in Changhua County are ecologically and culturally unique and valuable. They used to be 31 one subpopulation under Sousa chinensis in eastern Taiwan Strait (ETS), settling near mainland China as well as Hong Kong. But Taipei's Academia Sinica has confirmed that the group dwelling in oui western shore is genetically discrete and 32 the ones in the Pearl River and Juilong River estuaries. This ETS subgroup is found to inhabit in waters less than 30 meters in depth. Therefore, the averagely 50-meter-deep Taiwan Strait 33 a natural boundary and leaves this school along the Taiwan shore independent. In addition to genetic assessment, the Chinese white dolphins feature a special nose. The distinguished pigmentation consistently 34 the Chinese white dolphin and other ETS dolphins. More than biological exclusiveness, the local white dolphins are also emotionally and culturally 3 5 the fishermen. These sea mammals win everyone's heart with their adorable appearance. The adults' pink or white skin color brings them 36 charm among inspectors. Besides, the white dolphins are nicknamed "Mazu's fish," 37 they are often spotted around the birthday of the goddess, Mazu. People can easily admire their joyful leaps offshore on the 23rd day of the third month 38 the lunar calendar. Despite the preciousness and attraction our pink sweet neighbors possess, they encounter 39 living problems. Their home is now under the threat of Kuokuang Petrochemicars proposed complex just a few miles 40 . When nature and industiy collide, we should set our priority with more caution. ( A ) away ( B ) categorized as ( C ) connected to (D ) grave ( E ) irresistible ( AB ) isolated from ( AC ) on ( AD ) serves as ( AE ) sets apart ( BC ) for

41.第41至44題爲題組 Ursula Sladek, with no formal business qualifications, is the head of the Schonau Power Supply (EWS). EWS is a citizen-owned co-operative that powers 120,000 homes across the country, using only sustainable energy supplies. In the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion, Sladek was so much concerned so much about the radiation and the infected local wildlife that this mother of five established Parents for a Nuclear Free Future一a_ regional organization aimed at promoting alternative energy. At first, Sladek tried to persuade KWR, the original local power supplier, to invest in eco-friendly energy and 南导⑴吳文 help reduce reliance on the grid. A flat refusal and duty-dodge awoke her. Sladek and her group therefore created their own power-company and launched a local petition to convince the town council and the population. In 1997 when EWS had raised enough money, it bought the contract to supply Schonau, a remote town, with non-nuclear electricity. Collectively owned by 1,000 citizens, EWS generates energy only from green sources, mainly hydropower operations, solar panels, and wind turbines. To most people's surprise, keeping a clean and green conscience doesn't cost a premium. EWS customers actually pay less thanks to the consensus all the shareholders and the company president share—EWS does not aim at making profits. After paying bills and salary, all the rest income is reinvested into either research projects or technical support to the communities longing for green energy companies. Today, following the Fukushima radiation leak accident and Germany's subsequent commitment to end its reliance on nuclear power over the next decade, EWS is enjoying rocketing demand. Sladek's vision and endeavor won her the title of European winner of the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize, often cited as the "Nobel for the environment/ in April of this year.
【題組】41. According to the above passage, what is TRUE about EWS?
(A) It provides powers for Schonau residents only.
(B) This company is owned by 1,000 Schonau residents.
(C) It was divided from KWR, another German power plant.
(D) The sources of powers EWS adopts include solar panels and gas.

42.【題組】42. From the above passage, we can know that Ursula Sladek is NOT__.
(A) a mother who has five children
(B) the founder of Schonau Power Supply (EWS)
(C) the president of Schonau Power Supply (EWS)
(D)an expert with business and electricity background CD) an expert with business and electricity background

43.【題組】43. What is the future plan of EWS?
(A) To promote replacement of nuclear power with coal power.
(B) To seek for safer and more efficient ways to generate nuclear energy.
(C) To help more communities generate clean and eco-fi*iendly energy.
(D) To make bigger profits and expand EWS business to other countries.

44.【題組】44. Which of the following is NOT a reason for EWS's increasing rise in its power sales?
(A) the cheaper price of electricity EWS provides
(B) the radiation leak in Fukushima nuclear plants
(C) Ursula Sladek's winning the Nobel Prize for Environmental Protection
(D) the German government's firm attitude toward halting nuclear power

45.第45至48題爲題組 Care for some Japanese sushi and Vietnamese pho for your next meal, or maybe just a steamy bowl of white rice to go with Thai green curry? These delicacies indicate about one out of two people in the world relies on rice as a staple food. Once the price of rice jumps, nearly half of the global population could be affected. Sadly, the global bank has detected such a trend; what's worse, chances are the price will not cease to soar. Who is to blame for this? It turns out that Thailand, the world's biggest rice exporter supplying one-third of the global demand, is a primary cause. The new Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is realizing one domestic campaign promise she made to her electoral base. She pledged to buy the commodity from the country's rural farmers at a price as much as 40% above the current market price. That certainly pushes the international price of rice. Expecting the policy will take effect October 7, both rice traders and consumers are starting to hoard. A secondary catalyst for rising rice prices is Japan. The Fukushima nuclear disaster stemming from the March 11 quake and tsunami irradiated the land. An estimated 1.5 million tons of rice was lost Japan, largely self-sufficient in past rice production, might soon scoop into the international market to compensate. Seeing more expensive rice from Thailand and more demand from Japan, Vietnam^the world's second-largest rice exporter—chose to restrict its exports. It endeavored to keep domestic prices low rather than increase exports to help boost global supply. Even though Vietnam didn't attempt to add to the problem, as of August, rice is trading at about $570 per metric ton, a 17-month high. And the price of rice is expected to keep rising.
【題組】45. Choose the best title for this passage.
(A) Asian Countries' Urgent Demand for Rice
(B) The Rising Rice Price will Slump Soon
(C) Famous Rice Delicacies Across Asian Countries
(D) The Rocketing Rice Price and the Reasons Behind

46.【題組】46. Why did the Vietnam government limit the amount of exporting rice?
(A) To assure its people of rice at stable price.
(B) To protect its farmers and people from rice shortage.
(C) To revenge Thailand for its long political oppression.
(D) To store more rice and boost the global trading price.

47.【題組】47. From the passage above, we can infer that .
(A) The Fukushima area is the largest rice production area in Japan
(B) Vietnam's policy took part of the blame for the rising global price of rice
(C) Thailand's rural farmers are the smallest part of the New Prime Mister's electoral base
(D) The new Thai Prime Minister aspired to stimulate the country's economy at home by highlighting the country's agriculture

48.【題組】48. Based on the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A) Thailand is eager to sell rice at a higher price.
(B) The end of the rising rice price is nowhere to be seen.
(C) Vietnam is greatly affected by the rising rice prize.
(D) Japan stores a lot of rice to feed the numerous victims in Fukushima nuclear disaster.

49.第49至52題爲題組 Watching Shakespeare's plays was a popular entertainment in the early seventeenth century. According to Thomas Nash's Pierce Penniless in 1592,working people attended on holidays, and women from the middle-classes and the gentry were prominent playgoers. Nowadays, with DVD at hand and hi-fi stereo at home,who will go to the theater? If you think so, you are wrong. Welcome to Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver and you will have a chance to experience Shakespeare's old plays in a new way! Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival was established in 1990 for the purpose of providing Vancouver residents and tourists with affordable Shakespearean productions of the finest quality. The Festival began with a non-profit theater company, initiated by Christopher Gaze and funded by Canada Council Explorations. Now it grows to a well-developed organization engaging thirty actors each season as well as a team of exceptional directors, designers, and technicians. The productions receive both critical and audience applauses, and it is not surprising that tickets sold out! As William Shakespeare is sometimes referred to as the Bard of Avon, Bard on the Beach borrows the name based on the location the plays are presented. The plays are staged in Vanier Park on Vancouverrs waterfront, in open-ended tents so that actors perform against a spectacular backdrop of mountains, sea and sky. It is a highlight of the unique Bard experience. The main stage tent offers two productions staged at the same time from the end of May through September. Bard on the Beach attendance has grown significantly from 6,000 patrons in 1990 to more than 90,000 patrons in 2009. The programming has expanded from one play to four, and from 34 performances to 215 two decades later. More than this, through its constant community outreach, Bard hosts the Young Shakespeareans Summer Workshops for youth and teens on site. Artistic Director and Founder Christopher Gaze continually spreads enthusiasm for Shakespeare's plays at corporate, scholastic and private events. This year Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival is celebrating its 22nd season, why not experience Shakespearean glamour yourself?
【題組】49. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) How Bard on the Beach accidentally got its name.
(B) Bard of a local Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver.
(C) Adoptions of Shakespeare's plays from the 15th century to the 21th century.
(D) History and development of a local Shakespearean Festival in Vancouver.

50.【題組】50. Which of the following statement is NOT correct concerning Bard on the Beach?
(A) Over the twenty years, their viewers have multiplied.
(B) Bard on the Beach offers Shakespeare's plays only in springtime.
(C) It was initially founded by Christopher Gaze out of his passion for Shakespearean plays.
(D) Unlike the opera house we go to,the audience watch the Shakespeare's play in the tent with openings.

51.【題組】51. What does the word "exceptional" refer to?
(A) outstanding
(B) expectant
(C) excluding
(D) of high quality

52.【題組】52. What do we learn about from the last paragraph?
(A) Bard on the Beach offer volunteers performing courses and help them put on Shakespeare's plays.
(B) Bard on the Beach is planning to release DVDs so that the public can enjoy Shakespearean plays at home.
(C) In hope of cultivating the taste for drama in the youth, Bard on the Beach provides teenagers with summer camp courses.
(D) People of all ages can take delight in Shakespeare's plays since William Shakespeare addressed human nature in an insightful way.

53.第53至56題爲題組 The past decade has given rise to life in a digital age and more and more people are spending large portions of time online. According to Dan Schawbel, the author of "5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 Years" on the Forbes blog, potential job seekers should depend on an online presence to enhance their chance for success in career. While online job hunting certainly has its advantages, it also causes some concerns. As hardcopy resumes are still accepted, Schawbel predicts within the next 10 years they will become obsolete. He further suggests job hunters should acquire their full name as the URL to allow their potential employers to find them on search engines for best results. If job seekers don't want to have an online presence, they will have fewer opportunities to get better jobs. Schawbel continues to mention that a prospective employer is reviewing your profiles to understand what kind of person you are outside the workplace. Schawbel's remarks like these indeed make us uncomfortable. As one's personal information is available for anyone to see online, it is not surprising to know a job hunter's personal life, social networking profiles or even a criminal record can be raided and scrutinized for a bank teller and bookstore manager position! One online networking site specific to job finding that Schawbel recommends is Linkedln, which both employers use to find top talent and job seekers use to leverage their network. For a monthly fee, Linkedln offers job seekers a chance to stand out from the crowd by upgrading their profiles. If you already have money to invest in your Linkedln profile, you're on the fast track to making more money! For a recent university graduate, Linkedln is definitely not good news; instead, it makes them feel like losers as they are starting a career. Perhaps the most annoying about Schawbel's advice is that individuals become commodities. By attempting to market our skills and talents, we are encouraging companies to treat us as nothing more than possessions. While it becomes a trend to promote ourselves online to get a better job, we have to reflect on whether our regression from face-to-face contact prevents our employers from giving us true appreciation and treating us as unique individuals!
【題組】53. What is Schawbel's suggestion for those who are looking for a job?
(A) They should create and update professional profiles online.
(B) They should neither turn off their computer nor unhook the Internet.
(C) They should market their talents and work experience at a good price.
(D) They should find the one who shares the same interests as them to be their boss.

54.【題組】54. Which of the following is NOT what Linkedln does for their customers?
(A) They help their customers find a better-paying job online.
(B) They train employees to meet business goals of their own company.
(C) They assist people in management to look for prominent people for a certain position.
(D) They update personal information of their customers online to keep them excelling in job finding.

55.【題組】55. According to the author, what is one disadvantage of online resumes?
(A)One doesn't have to make efforts in the workplace.
(B) You have to locate when your boss spends vacations.
(C) It takes both time and money to update personal information.
(D) Your private life and even criminal records will be revealed.

56.【題組】56. What is the author's attitude toward Schawbel's statement?
(A) The author is optimistic that our talent will be found more easily by a potential boss.
(B) The author is worried that online resumes will degrade our overall value as an individual.
(C) The auther holds a hostile attitude toward online resume in order to defend traditional paper resumes.
(D) The author doubts whether it's a fair play because the rich can always showcase their ability online. 第戴部分:非選擇題(占28分) 一、中譯英(8%) 說明:1.將下列兩句中文翻譯成適當之英文,並將答案寫在「答案卷」上。 2.請依序作答,並標明題號。每題4分,共8分。

57.1.國片賽德克•巴萊(Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale)被選爲今年威尼斯(Venice) 國際影展參賽影片之一。
58.2.電影內容是有關臺灣原住民族賽德克族(the Seediq)受到日本數十年統治並加以反抗 的歷史事件。
59.3. 二、英文作文(20%) 說明:1.依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 2.文長约120個單詞(words)左右。